Reviews: Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart


Very good. Also provides some closure and backstory for We'll Meet Again, another USUK fic set in the same universe, and the characters from both fics do interact. Spoiler: We'll Meet Again left me worrying about Feliciano and Ludwig's fate, and I'm really glad to see that they got a good ending here!

Comment by Anonymous

Thirded. Pretty much my favorite Hetalia fanfiction ever.

Comment by Anonymous

Seconded like you can't believe. It's wonderful in so many ways, and the characterization makes me want to squeal while holding a pillow to my chest and rolling around on my bed. Which I then proceed to do. Jokes aside, this really made me cry, you have no clue. In the most recent chapter, where Ludwig finds out about Feliciano being part of the resistance, I just sat there, staring at the screen with tears rolling down. I then started screaming into my pillow and whatnot, but that's besides the point. Also, the Spain/Romano is just heartbreaking. Just... read this. Seriously.

Comment by Nani

The whole story is filled to the brim with emotion, and you'll feel it with every line you read. It's well-written, well thought out, and just beautiful in general.