Reviews: Analogue A Hate Story

Good but...

Personally speaking I have a large Willing Suspension Of Disbelief. It's why I can enjoy Widget Series. So when I started Analogue and played through it, I could accept the Days Of Future Past and things like that. I could accept the overwhelming cynicism. I could accept a lot of things. Objectively speaking, it is an improved version of Digital A Love Story due to it's more complex plot and characters.

It's just that it tries to portray itself as realistic and fails. Hard. The themes it portrays are so feministic and overblown that it feels like it was written like a Straw Feminist. Yes, I get that oppression of women is terrible. I don't need to be reminded over and over again by Melodrama and overwhelming amounts of Domestic Abuse caused by people who live in a backwards society. There's just so much outright hatred for men that it gets annoying.

I know that as I type, societies still oppress women. Probably to a worse degree than in this Visual Novel. I have seen shit and I am not naive. However, even a Broken Bird can show a genuine smile. When a person who sits high on their ivory tower looks down around them, they assume that everyone who lives down there must be miserable and pitiable. What they can't see are those very people finding simple joys in everyday life and genuinely smiling even as they wallow in poverty and oppression.

In short, it's Good, but it had a very bad aftertaste. I can see someone who can accept the themes liking this Visual Novel, but I think that it's stupidly cynical. Love It Or Hate It Up To Eleven.

A good visual novel afflicted with a few problems.

I enjoyed reading through Analogue. A lot of things made of the plot compelling to me, and I especially liked the opposition of two narrator with conflicting views. However, I feel the plot could have been strung together much better. The game tells the story of a few families living in a ship gone back to feudal Korea. However, most of the interest I felt was in the story of the pale bride, and nearly everything else I learned felt a bit tacked on. The various stories are definitely not bad, but they don't mesh together very well. My main annoyance with the story was that there is a massive amount of korean names to learn fairly quickly.

Analogue:A hate story is an interesting visual novel, and it's plot will definetly keep your interest. Too bad it's a bit short, but then, for 10$ it's worth your time.