Reviews: Absence

Comment by Iaculus

Your Mileage May Vary. To me, Rei came across as something of a Psycho Lesbian, which is fine if you're trying to do that sort of thing (if a bit unfortunate), but kind of broke my Willing Suspension Of Disbelief on her and Usagi getting together and living Happily Ever After.

Comment by DOTMW

DOTMW: Before reading this fic, I was not a Sailor Moon fan. This was so well written that it convinced me to go back and actually watch the series. Seconded with a passion!

Unattributed comment

An amazing, well written, and epic story brimming with CMOAs. Sort of what Sailor Moon would've been like if Christopher Nolan directed it, and if he was a Rei/Usagi shipper. It's very angsty, romantic, touching at some moments and dark in others. And also doesn't portray Mamoru as a bad guy, and gives him a fighting chance. Completed. WARNING: This story is not only graphically violent, it contains one explicit sex scene.