Reviews: Avatar Izuku The Last Bender

Good premise, elementary school level writing

The author doesn't understand the difference between commas and periods. Consequently, he has terrible grammar and tons of run on sentences. On top of the reprehensible punctuation and grammar, the author often phrases things awkwardly and uses words that just don't make sense in context.

The writing was so bad that I couldn't get past the second paragraph. I'm a fan of both ATLA and Boku no Hero, yet I can't see myself enjoying this in a million years. The person who submitted this to tv tropes with such a glowing review is either the author or delusional.

Edit: Upon further examination, it appears that the author also switches tenses every other sentence, making for an awkward and anti-immersive reading experience. He or she is evidently a complete novice, so read at your own risk. The person who submitted the fic to this site said you'd enjoy it if you liked ATLA or Boku no Hero; personally, I'd say you'll only enjoy it if you haven't passed seventh grade.