Reviews: Angel Densetsu

Funniest manga I've ever read

The whole series is based on misunderstanding each other, it's not realistic whatsoever and it's really funny. I've read hundreds of manga now so before I even read this one I've read some that were similar to this one.

But I think Angel is much better than the others. It doesn't forget what it is, even if it's fifteen volumes long it doesn't feel that long because you read it fast, partly because the art is bad so there's nothing to look at which would usually drag a manga down but I think Angel works better because of it.

Art to me is really important to me, I can't even read certain manga like One Piece because the art sucks. So the art sucks in Angel too but I think it's only funnier because of it. Allow me to explain what I mean.

Most of the jokes are based on how everyone else perceive the protagonist, he looks like a delinquent but isn't. This works really well for a few reasons.

In the manga they all take it seriously and most of the characters are delinquents also, good at fighting for example. Because of this the story itself doesn't go anywhere it doesn't have to. Other characters show up that wants to fight him but in-universe it makes sense if he's supposed to be the best fighter. In other words the story doesn't go anywhere it doesn't have to. A lot of manga I've read take a wrong turn somewhere and it's obvious the mangaka couldn't come up with any good idea before the deadline.

Anyway. I think Angel is really enjoyable, it's not just that the timing is good and the jokes are delivered well, even the characters are likeable. Highly recommended.

A different opinion

Angel Densetsu is one of those rare series which simply makes you feel good for having read it.

Kitano isn't a typical hero, he's just a really nice guy who happens to have a really ugly face. Unlike similar "nice" guys in other works though, where the use of the word is rather questionable, we get a chance to see what he's thinking and the way he acts, and he is sincerely and truly one of the kindest and most optimistic people you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

After having read and seen far too many anime and manga where the main character is a bishonen, angsty 'badass' in a world half-empty, its a breath of fresh air to read about someone who biggest act of violence is a really strong shove, who's biggest problem is how to avoid hurting the feelings of others inadverdently, and who's face would disturb a blobfish. Kitano is like a more extreme version of Vash from Trigun, if Vash lived in a better world and was more oblivious to the shortcomings of those around him, and got hit in the face by a forest of ugly trees.

"Angel Densetsu" is a comedy on the idealistic side of things, so don't expect hyper-realism. If you can enjoy a plot that uses misunderstandings for much of its comedy, then this manga is a great read. For a non-manga example, if you liked "What about Bob" or "The Man Who Knew Too Little", then this sorta comedy might appeal to you. If you can't, but you really like the idea of a different sort of protagonist, then its still worth a try, the series is rather short, especially the anime.

I'd highly recommend this series to just about anyone. Its one that I still remember fondly, though it will never be a major series, its nice just the way it is. Much like Kitaro himself.

I really do not like this series.

Disclaimer: I've only read the first about six chapters. I couldn't stand any more. "But if you read more then..." nothing.

Second disclaimer: This review contains opinions. Grow up and deal with it.

Angel Densetsu, is was about a boy who has the heart of an angel but the face of a terrifying gang leader. Interesting enough premise - setting up a nice little story about the value of not judging on appearance. It then rams the premise into the ground by making every single moment hinge on one joke - Kitano does something, gets misunderstood, and ultimately mistaken for being terrifying. It's a little funny the first time. It got boring the second, and was infuriating the third, fourth, fifth and sixth times.

Basically, everyone is stupid. To quote the Idiot Plot article, "Angel Densetsu raises the Idiot Plot to an art form". I couldn't agree more. Literally every moment is one of three things: It's either Kitano being a Nice Guy on his own; Kitano trying (using the word loosely) to be a Nice Guy but being somehow horribly mistaken; or Kitano mistaking others' baffling terror of him to be kindness. Nothing else ever happens. For example, the main character thinks someone may be in trouble. How does he try and help this poor soul? He throws his arms up in the air, begins screeching and runs at full pelt towards them. That cannot ever by anything but fucking terrifying. Seriously, who does that?!

Even without the infuriating misunderstandings, Kitano is the most annoying Purity Sue. Every action he tries to take is what any small child would think a hero is - one-note and kind to a fault. His entire character arc is "why doesn't anyone like meeeeee?!" And, on an unrelated note, after you see about ten panels of his gormless face, the "fearsome visage" becomes Dull Surprise, since it's the only way that the artist can draw him.

It's a shame that I didn't enjoy this manga, then, since I quite enjoyed the three volumes of Claymore I own, which is written by the same author.