Reviews: A Memoryofa Ghost

  • NGD
  • 4th Jul 11
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A Short Piece that Sticks Out

Probably about as strange a concept as could be imagined, the reason this fic appeals is purely because unlike most crosses it's not done purely to have the two worlds clash in some dumb way in which nothing important plot wise is changed despite significant reasons why it shouldn't be, but is instead preformed purely to take a deeper look into the characters and the interactions between each other with the situations created. It's because of this that it sticks out in my mind most of all, the fact that it focuses on Lupin only makes it all the more appealing. Throw in a few more concepts that intrigued me, like Hitsugaya previously being Vice Captain under Kyoraku and the use of residual memories as the driving force of the fic and I find it hard to recommend it less.

If this was somehow taken out of one shot status and turned into a full fic covering the memories Lupin lost and whatever required Kyoraku to infiltrate Hogwards, needless to say I'd be all bloody over it before you could say 'SOLD!'