Reviews: A Little Light Reading

Fix fic, but don't hold that against it

an odd mix of snarky and unfortunately realistic interpretation regarding how a child would actually react if someone other than dumbledore had checked in on Harry, in this case the sarcastic and ever snarky professor snape

Good Read

Severus Snape and Slytherins in general seem a little to saintly in this but otherwise it's a wonderful read. Set just short of the end of Harry's first year, Professor Snape finds that every book he owns has become "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." Being the Deadpan Snarker that he is, Snape proceeds to mostly mock and chide throughout each chapter pointing out a lot of the things that likely rubbed most readers the wrong way. Through it all, Snape never breaks character and you, dare I say it, humanity peak out from behind all the sarcasm and contempt.

Ultimately it's a fix fic but it's one you can hardly hate. The characters are too well done and, in a first for me, there isn't any bashing. The situations don't have easy fixes and everyone is just doing their best to sort things out.

A crackfic with a sudden dash of seriousness

So the characterisation isn't perfect, and neither is the grammar. And because of the format in which the fic has been posted, it's sometimes a little confusing to tell the difference between the parts taking place in the book and the parts taking place in the actual fic. It's a very amusing read despite all its faults and I'd definitely recommend it to anybody who needed a good laugh. The way Snape eventually begins to feel concern and care for Harry while reading is handled well enough and the dash of seriousness to go along with the cracky commentary is great. Pity it was never finished, I would have loved to see more of some of the dangling plot threads, especially about Scabber's true identity coming out by accident.