Reviews: Assassins Creed Unity

Honestly? A lot of fun.

I bought this game long after the many bugs were worked out of it. This gave me the pleasure of playing the game as it should have been released.

It's a blast.

The parkour is wonderfully fluid, the stealth feels so much more natural and although the combat system has been changed, I personally think it was for the best. So far there's been no more arbitrary fail state for being seen. The problem is now everyone is trying to cut you down.

Many people criticize the story for demonizing the revolution. It does, but I really don't mind, given that despite how much I loved Black Flag and Rogue, this is the first AC game in a long time to feel like an AC game. (Actually it kinda reminded me of Deus Ex too, with all the silly conspiracies being true, like finding the Cult of Baphomet.)

Plus it's 'old' now, so I was able to buy it for $10 AU at a sale.