Reviews: Aikan Muyo

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  • Comments: When people say there are no good lemons, show them this fic and tell them to stuff it. The sex scenes are superbly written (as is the rest of the fic), the characterization of every Tenchi character is as good as the actual series itself (maybe even better), and the story points out both the positives and negatives of the two potential relationships facing Tenchi; for example, it notes that while Tenchi wouldn't have to spend the rest of his life on Jurai if he settled down on Earth with Ryoko, Ayeka could actually bear Tenchi's children — which Ryoko can't. To this day, this is This Troper's all time favorite Tenchi fanfic (and his favorite fanfic period), partially because of who Tenchi ends up with at the end.
    • All of which makes it sadder that this is an Orphaned Series which has not been touched upon since 1998... and just when hints of a new adventure arc had been added!