Shout Out / The Annotated Series

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    The Adventures Of The American Rabbit 

    Annotated All Stars to the Rescue 

    Archie's Weird Mysteries 
  • Episode 1: Attack of the Killer Spuds
    • One annotator mentions Sharknado and "the one where Archie dies" as the only Archie comics they've read.
    • Another questions if the uploader hasn't mistakenly put up Battletoads when they mishear Riverdale as "Ribbitdale".
    • Call Backs to Donkey Kong Countrynote  and Speed Racernote  are made towards the beginning.
    • Someone wonders whether or not Jughead turned into Gonzo during the middle of a sentence at one point.
    • Another asks the narrator, "But are they strange mixed up creatures who stopped living and became zombies?"
    • When Archie mentions a football game between Riverdale and Springfield, he adds that they'll show those yellow bastards who the real has-beens are.
      • An Annotator then points out that they (Springfield) "Whooped Arlen's ass bad".
    • On one of the "We'll be right back" cards, an annotator mistakes Betty for Roll and asks how her independent showbiz career is going.
    • During the first commercial, Jughead's Ernest and Archie's Ron Weasley
    • The Great Potato's re-imagined as the cousin of The Great Pumpkin.
    • A 1-UP pops up when Archie squashes a potato.
    • Someone calls out Jughead's Facehugger placing skills.
  • Episode 2: Driven to Distraction
    • Dr. Beaumont, the episode's (not) antagonist is mistaken for both Vincent Van Ghoul and Dr. Orpheus.
    • The moon with Dr. Beaumont's face on it is made to say "8 hours remain." à la the time cards in Majora's Mask.
    • One annotator realizes to their horror that this episode is an adaptation of [1].
      • Another realizes that it's the origin of Cars and yet another is disgusted at encountering The Little Cars.
    • When the intro for the 60's Archie cartoon comes up, one annotator wonders who turned the channel to 2000s Boomerang.
      • 60s-era Veronica is compared to Linda Belcher and Lois Lane.
      • An annotator remarks that they're waiting for a Porygon to show up during the intro. Must have been all the flashing lights.
      • During that same shot, The Archies tell [2] to "eat it".

    Are You Afraid of The Dark: The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner 

    Armor of Light 

    Bibleman series 

    Bucky O'Hare 

    Captain N 

    Captain Pronin 
  • In general, there are regular references to Boris and Natascha.
  • Episode 1:
    • The book at the beginning is titled "WHY I'M SO GREAT". The captioned translation "Stories of Major Pronin" changes to be about "Major Tom".
    • When Pronin gets out of bed, one annotation describes his figure as "MELTMAN! WITH THE POWER TO MELT!"
    • The thugs in the bar are compared to the Blue Meanies.
    • When the thugs attack, someone describes the music as "a deranged version of Mona Pizza."
    • The names in the phone book become "Ivan Drago", "Persik Prostituki" Translation , and "Soda Popinski".
  • Episode 2:
  • Episode 3:
    • Near the beginning of the short, one of the officials silently mutters a "D'oh".
    • The villain introduces himself with "I am Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan," referencing a gag from Back to the Future. When blown up, another annotation remarks that he was Lord Helmet all along.
    • The design of the henchmen bring multiple references to Blasternaut and Spot.
    • The red space pirate is reminiscent of Firebrand or a skinned Lord Hater.
    • The academy member looking under the floorboards found a Star Piece.

    Bi-Weekly Commercial compilations 

  • Episode 2: An annotator notices that Donovan Bane's voice actor is Garry Chalk, who also voices Dr. Robotnik in Sonic Underground. However, the ensuing quotes invoke the version from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, such as calling out for Scratch and Grounder. But wait! 
  • Episode 10: Donovan whirls his sword in a circle while singing, "I whip my sword back and forth", referencing the Willow Smith song "Whip My Hair".

    Donkey Kong Country 

    Double Dragon 

  • Someone says the Brand X army is made up of Ultraman fanatics from their arm movements.
  • Back to the Future references abound whenever Mr. Clipboard shows up.
  • Mr. Clipboard's voice and movements led him to be compared at one point to the Underlord of the Dark Lands.
  • Because of Brand X's enormous tower having an eagle theme a narrator gives a rough prologue explaining the Judge System.
  • Mr. Clipboard's true identity leads to Mobile Suit Human.
  • Mr. Clipboard's brutal destruction of an innocent bag of chips lead to a parody of Light's famous potato chip consumption.
  • Daredevil Dan second plane crash had a variation of that Snakes on a Plane line.

    He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special 

    The Hobbit 
  • After Gandalf emotionally blackmails Bilbo into going on an adventure he's called Gendo fucking Ikari.
  • Smaug being renamed to Slag causes annotators to confuse him with the Dinobot.
  • The Arkenstone looks awfully similar to the Elements of Harmony.
  • The narrator's emphasis on the word "poisonous" draws parallels to King's Quest V with Cedric's warning about the poisonous snake.

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya! 

    The Legend of Zelda 

    Mega Man 
  • Season 2, Episode 9: When Guts Man throws Mega Man into the sports shed, Yoshikage Kira from Diamond Is Unbreakable is hiding under the vaulting box.
  • Season 2, Episode 10: When the Robot Masters enter the room Mega and Co. are sleeping in at Thirsty Gulch, an advertisement for Five Nights At Thirsty Gulch (Coming soon to Steam) pops up. Seconds later, Darkman throws a Kamehameha wave.
  • Season 2, Episode 11: When Guts Man in the yeti costume grabs Bobby and starts climbing up the slope, the message "How high can you get?" appears with height markers. Immediately after, when Guts Man starts skiing away, he says "Now I can eat all the skiiers!" in reference to the yeti from SkiFree.

    Sonic The Hedgehog (OVA) 

    Sonic SatAM 
  • Season 2, Episode 11:
    • The area near Robotnik's dig site has a mountain with a face carved into it. In its first appearance, an annotation mentions Volvic's Mr. Volcano character. The second time, it's Kabu from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! saying "WARP STAR".
    • The commercial for part 2 opens with lyrics from the intro of Garfield and Friends.
    • When Robotnik orders his workers to open the receptacle, an annotation says "all they found was a box containing a frog singing show tunes." In the next shot, another annotation points out that one of the workers looks like a roboticized Melmekian.
  • Season 2 Finale:
    • A Segata Sanshiro commercial shows the character throwing someone so hard they explode twice, leading to the following exchange:
    "Have you ever thrown someone so hard they exploded... twice?"
    "Can you do that? Can you explode twice?"

    Sonic Underground 


     Speed Racer 
  • As a whole, numerous references to Mario Kart are made throughout the first few episodes.
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
    • At the beginning, an annotator decides to stick with Big Bird in order to learn the alphabet.
    • The Mach 5: "Designed and built by a kid who watched Death Race 2000 for the first time."
    • As Speed recaps the previous episode, he notes that Batmannote  was in the race too.
    • As the episode does its freeze frame bit, an annotation comes up stating "those Duke boys are sure in trouble now."
    • "Meanwhile, in the Indiana Jones Anime..."
    • One of the annotators compares Speed to Funzo during the first commercial.
    • In the second part's commercialnote , An annotation responds to a dialogue trade with "Nah, this movie's going to bomb to Iron Man".
    • When Ace Ducey declares that he has the fastest car in the world, One of the annotators says that Blurr would argue otherwise.
    • At the end, when Pops is about to go on a spiel about racing, he claims that you gotta be strong, and never bragon'.
  • Episode 3
    • The opening used this episodenote  makes one of the annotators to question some the "new" footage and whether or not it came from an episode where Speed killed Bambi's mom
      • The rival racers in the opening yell out "SEIG ZEON OR DIE!" Due to their resemblance to Char.
      • The Iron Sheik makes a cameo towards the end, declaring the sight of cars in the desert to be "FHAKIN' BULLSHEET!"
    • One of the Annotators remarks that if Speed drops below 50 miles an hour, a seagull will shit on the Mach 5.
    • One of the annotators spots Waldo in the crowd of journalists at the beginning.
    • One of the interviewers asks Racer X if he ripped off the look of Cyclops from the X-Men.
      • In episode 5, the narrator declares him as the town's resident Cyclops cosplayer.
    • When the Wiley Fixer talks to X about the Trans-Country Race, he promises that it's sponsored by The Autobots.
    • One of the racing managers trying to sway Pops into letting Speed join their teams is re-imagined into Wimpy.
    • During this episode and the next one, a couple jokes about Alpha Team being the Lego toyline/secret agent team instead are made. Accumulating in Spritle declaring BIONICLE being the better Lego franchise.
    • When Speed is about to head out to practice racing (in a storm, no less), the lyrics to Stayin' Alive pop up.
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
    • The title gets changed to "The Secret ''Revenge of The Jedi".
    • One of the annotators asks what Master Roshinote  is doing in the series.
    • Clepto's granddaughter is Rainbow Brite and Stewie Griffin's offspring.
    • Spritle does a Tarzan Yell.
    • Some of the voices (a background racer and a scene of Spritle with a slightly different voice) reminds one of the annotators of Bart and Homer Simpson.
    • When the main characters talk about free promotionexplanation  Pops says "It stinks?", complete with pose.
    • One of the annotators points out that Sure Shot Sluggem is really just Charles Manson.
  • Episode 6
  • Epsiode 7
  • Episode 12
  • Episode 13
  • Episode 14

     Street Fighter (Season 1) 

     Street Fighter (Season 2) 

    Super Mario Bros Super Show 
  • Episode 1: Game Over Man!
  • Episode 4: The appearance of a Tweeter prompts the appearance of a "DR. DONEZ!" annotation.
  • Episode 11: The live-action dancing sequence is transformed into a round of Bust a Groove, complete with "Fever Time!" at the end.
  • Episode 14: A series of annotations simulate the panel of Dragon's Den unanimously declaring "I'm out" as the brothers' cleaning product fails to perform.
  • Episode 36: Two instances of AM's "hate" speech from I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream: the first is said by the scarecrow in the brothers' shop during the first live-action segment, and the second is attributed to the Toad effigy during the latter half of the cartoon.
  • Episode 52 had the brothers co-piloting a mech-suit, which naturally led to lots of Pacific Rim references.

    That Guy With The Glasses Material 

From "The Review Must go on":

From "Melvin: Brother of the Joker":

From the first anniversary crossover:

    We Wish You a Turtles Christmas 

    Other Shows and media 

    Shout-Outs that are also Running Gags 
  • When a full moon appears in a shot, it will often be given a face to resemble the moon from Majora's Mask, with an accompanying caption like "Dawn of the Final Day, 24 Hours Remain".
    • Around the time Darkstalkers and Savage Dragon finished, this changed to characters or the moon itself remarking "the moon is high."
  • Exclamation quotes and other HUD elements from the Metal Gear franchise are borrowed wherever a stealth attempt is thwarted. Iconic quotes from the series are also common.
    • Also inverted; the prominent appearance of an exclamation mark may prompt something along the lines of "BUBSY ALERT." note 
  • When a character complains, annotators might append "And the prom's tomorrow!" from the Harry Partridge short "The American Akira".
  • "DIS IS IT, LUIGI" from the Hotel Mario cutscenes often appears at the start of the final episode of a series.
  • When a cartoon shows a man with a white dress shirt and brown hair as an extra, annotators put in a profanity-laced rant in the vein of the Angry Video Game Nerd.
  • "THIS HOLE, IT WAS MADE FOR ME!" whenever a conveniently sized hole is used by characters.
  • "I WARNED YOU ABOUT STAIRS BRO" is always quoted whenever stairs figure into an action scene.
  • "DOI SHOU" (with vowels elongated to varying lengths) is one of the more popular nonsense sounds made by Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, used when any version of Robotnik shows frustration.
  • "It was me Barry!", for major plot twists about a villain's identity.
  • Whenever someone says "We had a deal!", someone else says I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further.
  • Numerous nods to Getter Robo, Mazinger Z, Gundam, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and other Humongous Mecha.
  • 'What's wrong with your FACE!?' whenever a character has a weird face.
  • On occasion, someone will have a character say "A(n) [X]! I'll steal it! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!"
  • Rick and Morty pop up in annotations, be it the characters themselves or references to their series.
  • Most videos in the later half of 2015 have an increased usage of The Simpsons references in them. To the point where the first commercial compilation even made fun of a promo of the show.
  • When someone (usually the villain) is being swung around in circles, an annotation says "So long, gay [villain]!" referencing Mario's fights with Bowser in Super Mario 64.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 references, and shout outs to the movies they mock, pop up sometimes.