Shout Out: The Annotated Series

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    Annotated All Stars to the Rescue 

    Captain N 

    Captain Pronin 
  • In general, there are regular references to Boris and Natascha.
  • Episode 1:
    • The book at the beginning is titled "WHY I'M SO GREAT". The captioned translation "Stories of Major Pronin" changes to be about "Major Tom".
    • When Pronin gets out of bed, one annotation describes his figure as "MELTMAN! WITH THE POWER TO MELT!"
    • The thugs in the bar are compared to the Blue Meanies.
    • When the thugs attack, someone describes the music as "a deranged version of Mona Pizza."
    • The names in the phone book become "Ivan Drago", "Persik Prostituki" Translation , and "Soda Popinski".
  • Episode 2:
  • Episode 3:
    • at the beginning of the short, one of the officials mutters a D'oh.
    • The villain introduces himself with "I am Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan," referencing a gag from Back to the Future. When blown up, another annotation remarks that he was Lord Helmet all along.
    • The design of the henchmen bring multiple references to Blasternaut and Spot.
    • The red space pirate is reminiscent of Firebrand or a skinned Lord Hater.
    • The academy member looking under the floorboards found a Star Piece.

  • Episode 2: An annotator notices that Donovan Bane's voice actor is Garry Chalk, who also voices Dr. Robotnik in Sonic Underground. However, the ensuing quotes invoke the version from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, such as calling out for Scratch and Grounder.But wait! 
  • Episode 10: Donovan whirls his sword in a circle while singing, "I whip my sword back and forth", referencing the Willow Smith song "Whip My Hair".

    Donkey Kong Country 
  • Episode 4: Candy Clone quotes Rei Ayanami everytime she's on-screen.
    • When Eddie the Mean Old Yeti starts floating during his bizarre song, giant blue annotation and caption "SUDDEN DEATH" appears.

    Double Dragon 
  • Episode 1:
  • Episode 2:
    • The title gets renamed as "Titanic: The Legend of Zelda".
    • The loudspeakers at the beginning quote the opening lines to the ''Camp Lazlo" opening.
    • When a crowd of people are shown, Three are labeled as Aquaman, Peter Venkman and Oprah. Shortly thereafter one of the annotators offers another one a Devil Fruit for spotting Billy And Marian.
    • After seeing Shadow Master walk out of the Eternal Flame, Willy comments that Criss Angel did it better.
    • As Willy gets sucked into the clay mural, one annotation remarks that it's like the carbonite-freezing scene.

  • Someone says the Brand X army is made up of Ultraman fanatics from their arm movements.
  • Back to the Future references abound whenever Mr. Clipboard shows up.
  • Mr. Clipboard's voice and movements led him to be compared at one point to the Underlord of the Dark Lands.
  • Because of Brand X's enormous tower having an eagle theme a narrator gives a rough prologue explaining the Judge System.
  • Mr. Clipboard's true identity leads to Mobile Suit Human.
  • Mr. Clipboard's brutal destruction of an innocent bag of chips lead to a parody of Light's famous potato chip consumption.
  • Daredevil Dan second plane crash had a variation of that Snakes on a Plane line.

    The Hobbit 
  • After Gandalf emotionally blackmails Bilbo into going on an adventure he's called Gendo fucking Ikari.
  • Smaug being renamed to Slag causes annotators to confuse him with the Dinobot.
  • The Arkenstone looks awfully similar to the Elements of Harmony.
  • The narrator's emphasis on the word "poisonous" draws parallels to King's Quest V with Cedric's warning about the poisonous snake.

    The Legend of Zelda 

    Mega Man 
  • Season 2, Episode 9: When Guts Man throws Mega Man into the sports shed, Yoshikage Kira from Diamond Is Unbreakable is hiding under the vaulting box.
  • Season 2, Episode 10: When the Robot Masters enter the room Mega and Co. are sleeping in at Thirsty Gulch, an advertisement for Five Nights At Thirsty Gulch (Coming soon to Steam) pops up. Seconds later, Darkman throws a Kameyameya wave.
  • Season 2, Episode 11: When Guts Man in the yeti costume grabs Bobby and starts climbing up the slope, the message "How high can you get?" appears with height markers. Immediately after, when Guts Man starts skiing away, he says "Now I can eat all the skiiers!" in reference to the yeti from SkiFree.

    Sonic The Hedgehog (OVA) 

    Sonic Underground 

     Street Fighter (Season 1) 

     Street Fighter (Season 2) 

    Super Mario Bros Super Show 
  • Episode 1: Game Over Man!
  • Episode 11: The live-action dancing sequence is transformed into a round of Bust a Groove, complete with "Fever Time!" at the end.
  • Episode 14: A series of annotations simulate the panel of Dragon's Den unanimously declaring "I'm out" as the brothers' cleaning product fails to perform.
  • Episode 36: Two instances of AM's "hate" speech from I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream: the first is said by the scarecrow in the brothers' shop during the first live-action segment, and the second is attributed to the Toad effigy during the latter half of the cartoon.
  • Episode 52 had the brothers co-piloting a mech-suit, which naturally led to lots of Pacific Rim references.