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YMMV: The Annotated Series

  • Acceptable Targets: Overly zealous or swarmy Christians, creators/animators/writers/actors of any particularly bad work, Tim Buckley, Doug Walker, the monkeys in charge of YouTube, and Bouchedags. The Nutshack lead to some non-malicious ribbing of Filipinos in general.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Simon Belmont as a "stealth mentor" in Captain N, happily hanging back and allowing the heroes to deal with the situation themselves in order to let them learn from the experience as his own input would solve the problem too soon.
    • The young man in Annotated Daydream as a woman, making it a music video about a same-sex relationship. Also the drummer/lead singer as a laboratory escapee from an experiment to combine the DNA of Justin Bieber and Phil Collins.
    • The Genie in an early episode of Captain N as a "guest annotator."
    • King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard as a couple. The annotators are pretty convinced the writers intended it though.
    • Kevin is really a young psychopath, what with staying in Video Land over the petty fate of having to clean his room if he returns home. Along with blowing stuff up for attention. Simon tries to curb his nastier tendencies and set him on a better path.
    • The man in the black and red jumpsuit of the third Street Fighter episode was Deadpool, according to the annotators.
    • The Oracle of Delphius, the mentor of the trio from Sonic Underground, is actually the true big bad of the show. Why are they going with this? 1) Oracle has amazing powers and could have killed Robotnik in his own bedroom. 2) Oracle instead gives Robotnik the heads up about the prophecy and that is what gets Robotnik to start looking for the trio. 3) If he hadn't directed the trio in the first episode to meet at a public place then their foster parents would have been safe and not turned into robots. So the Oracle is playing Robotnik and the resistance off each other, planning to finish off whoever is left in the end. It is probably just poor writing BUT the show was cut short so it isn't impossible.
      • Interpreting Queen Aleena as either incredibly foolish or actually in on the Oracle's plan. And/or she has zero wishes to want to reunite with her own kin, or else she wants to kill off Sonic and Sonia and reunite with Manic only.
      • Episode 26 of Sonic Underground doesn't really take place in the alternate universe, but rather in the future where Sonic, Sonia, and Manic finally found their mother, and as a result became much worse than Robotnik, who in turn saw the error of his ways, and lead the new Freedom Fighters.
    • "The Harlem Globetrotters Meet Snow White" takes place not in medieval times, but in a third-world European country.
    • Not exactly character, but some annotators think Darkstalkers cartoon was meant to be a satire of video game cartoons, brief explanation here.
  • Awesome Ego: The annotators consider the Captain N version of Simon Belmont to be the best character in that show.
  • Awesome Music: Some of the annotators actually like the "surf music" used in some DiC Entertainment shows.
  • Bizarro Episode: Many of the intermissions come and go.
  • Broken Base: Sometimes there's some minor head-butting between annotators. In the past there were a few debates over whether they should strictly stick to video game adaptions/series related to video games or work with other things. Though for now the compromise has been main content: video games; intermissions: anything goes.
  • Continuity Lockout: If you watch a newer episode first, you are bound to be confused by the references and Call Backs to previous episodes (for example, the episodes on The Nutshack reference the Bouchedags episodes quite a bit).
  • Designated Hero: The annotators will spot when heroes are either doing something the villains would get reprimanded for, acting against something they preached earlier, or just general dickery. The protagonists of Sonic Underground particularly got this, especially in Episode 32.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Bouchedags was mercilessly ripped apart for its racial stereotyping, misogyny and making light of various mental and physical handicaps.
    *audience doesn't laugh*
    • A few viewers were like this when Santa started to cry in Christmas Comes To Pac-Land.
    • A lot of viewers had trouble with the more serious parts of Tricky People what with child molestation hitting a little too close for home.
    • A couple of people got rather upset by Mario's mother's abusive behavior in Super Show. They universally found "Little Marios" disturbing, in particular the ending (in which the runaway kid decided to return because he didn't want his parents to have fun with him gone, or something).
    • Rayne's "I'll clean glass out of the cat later" earned this response.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: There's almost always ONE character that the annotators actually like:
    • Cheatsy and Kooky in Super Mario Bros 3., as well as Doug the Bug (who was merely a frequent animation error).
    • BISON!!! *flames* from Street Fighter.
      • Burke, Rory, and Celia were also well-received in their debut episode, even leading to the annotators asking why the show isn't about them.
    • Raiden from Defenders of the Realm. Night Wolf too perhaps due to him taking a level in bad ass in the then-recent Mortal Kombat 9, so people were easier on him. And for being genuinely amicable, when everyone seemed to bicker every five seconds, and rarely being useless when he got to head out into the field. Jax and Sonya got just a little less hate near the end when they started to show a little character development.
      • Quan Chi, a recurring Mortal Kombat villain, debuted in Defenders of the Realm of all places. For that was referred to as the best Original Character ever.
    • The buzzard (not turkey!) in the Bubsy pilot.
    • Many in Captain N:
      • Simon Belmont (if his other appearances on this page didn't make that obvious).
      • Bizarrely enough, GAMEBOY of all people is one as well, aided by "trying to kill" Pit and sporting bitching sunglasses in one episode.
      • Mike. Popular enough that people wished he was the real Game Master, wished he came back for the Californialand episode, AND gave him a Fanon backstory for All Star Cartoons.
      • King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard slowly but surely came to this. One part (as disgusting as it is) shipping and one part being sympathetic and not very malicious has helped them grow onto the bulk of the crew. Annotators were even disappointed that the writers missed the chance to get the two into official couple status in the Paperboy episode.
    • Santa, from Christmas Comes To Pac-Land, wasn't really ripped on much by most annotators. Again, some even were kinda depressed when he started to cry after he realized he missed his deadline for Christmas for the first time.
    • The Little Panda Fighter just barely one-ups Ratatoing with having a very last minute dark horse: Polaris. In the last five minutes the cartoon gets 'awesomely mean spirited' and Polaris was a chess master and pulled a huge 'deal with it' poise at the end.
    • Uncle Theobold in Mouse Police barely qualified.
    • While Cypher wasn't exactly loved from their first Bibleman episode he was found more interesting for being pro-active and not quite as spouty as Bibleman. Since the new Bibleman flows way too easily into his role it was more interesting watching Cypher have to cease being a solo hero and go back to being a sidekick.
    • Sonic Underground:
      • Dingo for being such an ineffective villain as well as him wanting to be noticed by Sonia, making him seem sweet (when he doesn't have a rape-face on).
      • Bartleby.
      • 'Arhnuld' (trainer from episode 3) and Argus (episode 4) are all seen as being split reincarnations of Simon Belmont. The first as his foppy-side and the last two as his awesome side.
      • Manic and Sleet have a few fans.
      • "Agent N" from episode 6 was complimented for actually being effective as a villain.
      • "Amnesia Sonia" for being actually competent and semi-tolerable as a protagonist.
      • ART in Episode 38 was fairly well-liked, even after his inevitable Heel-Face Turn and Heroic Sacrifice.
    • In a meta sense: the openings for a show. They only get to be put up once or twice, first episode and last episode of a show/season. They are always cluttered with loads and loads of annotations.
    • Guest character Herlock Solmes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show gained the annotators' admiration for his "legendary" verbal beatdown on Koopiarty.
      • Master Misaki also has this status.
    • Mr. Clipboard from Foodfight!, due to the fact he's voiced by Christopher Lloyd and his Uncanny Valley movements being humorous rather than unsettling. Plus Mr. Clean for not having his image further tarnished by speaking.
    • Dr. Know-it-all from Club Mario for sharing the annotators' hatred of the obnoxious hosts and threatening to file a lawsuit against them after they ridiculed him.
    • Petey the Purse, a minor thug from an episode of The Savage Dragon quickly became popular amongst the annotators.
      • Basher seems to get a bit of love too.
    • Lord Raptor from the Darkstalkers animated series.
    • Dr. Wily and Pharohman from the Mega Man cartoon. The former largely due to his voice and the latter because of his (short-lived) awesomeness and effectiveness as a henchman.
    • Bluster Kong from Donkey Kong Country. At first, he was hailed as being a much better Cranky than Cranky until the characters got rerailed. Bluster developed a Simon Belmont-esque personality later on in the show, and had a few awesome moments, most notably in Booty and the Beast, Bluster The Benevolent, and the upcoming Hunka Hunka Burnin' Bluster.
      • As has Funky Kong for his laid-back, oft. stoned nature. Eddy and the Kremlings have also gained some appreciation among the Annotators.
    • Sonic Sat AM had the best portrayal of Robotnik, according to the Annotators. The SWAT Bots taking a level in badass in Episode 4 helped them garner some appreciation.
  • Ear Worm: The surf music.
  • Eight Deadly Words: The Annotators display this reaction many, many, many times in the shows they watch, citing no care for most of the protagonists, sometimes extending to not caring what they do. Even worse when they express more care for characters they aren't supposed to care about or like.
  • Evil Is Cool: Ganon was complimented among his very first scene in The Legend of Zelda: The Annotated Series.
  • Fair for Its Day: Supervising Women Workers had some slight defenders that for all its misogyny, it was a time when women were just starting to enter the workforce while men were fighting in World War II. To be fair, the short was never saying women COULDN'T work jobs men typically had to do; but with the way it highlights that women apparently are sensitive and get jealous, things men NEVER feel, it sure is outdated these days.
  • Fanon: Michael in Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue was made out to be Mike from an early episode of Captain N: The Game Master. Despite now being enemies, he and his friends were sincerely distraught by Kevin's disappearance and turned to drugs to cope with the loss.
  • Fridge Horror: Typically pointed out in episodes but a more out of universe one was for the Armor of Light folks. It was a Christian special that talked all about victory and defeating enemies... not a single word about forgiveness (for 96 percent of the special), loving your enemies or just freaking letting God sort out who goes to heaven and who goes to Hell like He is supposed to. The fact they weren't trying to hide the 'sheep' mentality was found a tad horrifying.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In the Mario Bros. Ice Capades story the Spiney gets 'I am the S.T.M. (Master of Theology) of Spinning!' thus nodding to an Ensemble Dark Horse history towards Cheatsy Koopa and completely on a whim without watching the whole video. Thus cue Spiney being the only member of Koopa's army surviving Luigi's onslaught.
  • Growing the Beard: On the one hand, disabling collaborative annotations severely limited the number of people who could contribute. On the other hand, when anyone could contribute, there was little to no quality control.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the third Street Fighter episode, "Deadpool", in his one scene, says he's gettin' out of the series, because there's no yellow boxes he can speak into. One of the annotation colors is yellow, now.
  • Ho Yay:
  • Hype Backlash:
    • Inverted. Game Boy from Captain N was hyped up to be basically the most annoying character of all time... but aside from a couple jokes in the first two episodes of Season Two, several annotators ended up liking him (especially compared to Megaman and Kid Icarus).
    • The Annotators are currently experiencing this in regards to Sonic Sat AM, with the dull stories and Sonic's obnoxious characterization being particular turn-offs. This resulted the show to be end early, thus never finishing the second season due to a lack of enthusiasm and interest for the show.
  • I Am Not Shazam: There is no name for the actual group of people that do this, though they are often referred to as "TheAnnotatXperiment" due to the YouTube account name. Similarly, CurtDogg is CurtDogg and not beeupyou; that's just a phonetic pun of the B^U emoticon.
  • Idiot Plot: Lampshaded.
  • Jumping the Shark: They fully expected this reaction when they did the Sonic Sat AM pilot, with the video descriptions daring people to unsubscribe.
  • Magnum Opus: Varies, the first Bible Man is up there in terms of views along with Bouchedags. Foodfight was considered one of the funnest things to wail on numerous annotators admitted.
  • Memetic Loser: The SWAT-Bots and Queen Aleena from Sonic Underground.
  • Mondegreen: Frequent.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The Annotators had a lot of fun with the chicken noises coming from the robots in Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Annotated Realm.
    • Isn't that trope usually for 'good' sounds? What might be a better example is Bison's 'yesh' since everyone went wild when that awesome scene occurred. Also the music accompanying it later invoked many glorious 'yeshes!'
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Sagat in Street Fighter: The Annotated Series was made fun of for his inability to use a tank to knock down a gate.
    • Guile was consistently mocked for the fact that he boasts about Honor, Justice, and Commitment... When, at some point during season 2, he used a Sonic Boom on a guy from behind. It did not help he proceeded to do it again in later episodes. People tend to say he has some sort of compulsion to shoot them from behind with a Sonic Boom, and say something along the lines of "He had his back turned, he was asking for it!".
    • One part this and one part running gag for Captain N for two. First there's Eggplant Wizard's non sequitur 'Radio Controlled Sweet Potato' and then there's Lana asking 'what about the peace treaty?' whenever Mother Brain departs from her.
    • The plant doctor from Super Mario Bros: Super Show had annotations that were 90% Heavy Weapons Guy quotes, mainly since Gary Schwartz was the same person playing the role of the plant doctor and the Heavy.
    • Thanks to episode 9 of Ctrl+Alt+Del, the sound of a slide whistle always causes Buckley's name to come up.
    • Whenever Doc Brown or any Back to the Future reference is mentioned; expect a quote from Mr. Clipboard, who was played by Christopher Lloyd.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Some of the annotations note how creepy Mother Brain is. Rebound may be a scrappy but damn are the noises he makes when he goes psycho scary as hell!
  • One-Scene Wonder: Eggplant Wizard and his peach dancers. Mike only got one episode and has earned some fanon backstory!
  • Relationship Writing Fumble: Any work which attempts to do a relationship tends to get this, with a few exceptions (such as Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo's Ho Yay in Captain N: The Game Master).
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Bully Koopa saw some love after bullying (what else?) Kootie Pie and Big-Mouth in one episode.
    • The "Surf Music" counts, too. The annotators hated it in SMB 3, but have warmed up to it since Captain N.
    • Jeffrey Scott, the writer of season 1 for Captain N. He wrote some pretty bad episodes (Simon's amnesia being a particularly hated one) but he also wrote the Mike episode and seemed to maintain some very minor consistency. Some even worse episodes of season 2 have some people wishing he came back, though he isn't the only one to write some noteworthy episodes.
  • Rooting for the Empire:
    • Characters the audience is supposed to hate tend to get the most sympathy.
    • At first averted with Captain N, but as time went on people started to sympathize with the villains. It got to the point that they said it was Tom and Jerry all over again in the Paperboy episode.
    • NME, from Armor of Light, just barely passes. Nobody likes the annoying bad guys, except maybe Dark Master's look, the Annotators just despise smarmy protagonists more. Also NME wasn't shown doing anything bad in the special so the kids came off as a bunch of Christian extremists that sabotaged corporate broadcasts and interrupted a vague band contest.
    • Brand X of FoodFight, due to the fact the protagonists barely have much character and the other mascots in the film have been annoying and creepy-looking, though some were uncomfortable about the Nazi overtones. Most of the rooting went to Mr. Clipboard, who quickly became the film's Ensemble Darkhorse.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Given that their work so far consists almost entirely of animated adaptations of works full of already established characters that are already recognisable, most original characters (insistently termed O Cs) get a lot of hate. Exceptions to the rule take the other extreme; see the Ensemble Dark Horse entry above.
    • In CAD, Ethan. One might refer to Buckley himself as such too.
    • Super Mario World had Oogtar, Yoshi and Kootie Pie. Any appearance by the latter brought in a running gag of her tolerance meter showing up on screen. It was always quick to max out, and the very last time it literally went off the scale, let out an Atomic F-Bomb and exploded.
      Kootie Pie Tolerance Level: Exceeded
      • While Oogtar and Yoshi were frequently compared to Mario 3's Toad, they went quite easy on him once they annotated that series. Maybe they realized he could've been much worse. Although by the Super Show, they grew to hate Toad more than the previous two.
      • Come Super Mario Bros. 3 they got quite sick of Big-Mouth and Bully Koopa too.
    • Nearly EVERYONE from Nutshack with a little less hate for Dickman.
    • Stryker seemed to get the most hate out of the heroes of Mortal Kombat.
    • Everyone in Bouchedags.
    • While the cast of the Bubsy pilot were generally disliked, Terri and Terry got the worst reception by far, even more so than Bubsy himself.
    • Everyone from Ratatoing. Even the VILLAINS were terrible, since they never really had any good ideas throughout the film.
      • Continuing with the Video Brinquedo hate, everyone from The Little Panda Fighter sans Polaris was hated, especially Beth, the bear bitch that shows no character development other than: "Pandas are so ridiculous and stupid. Big, muscular, and popular bears are so hot".
    • Puff, a One-Shot Character from Captain N, was a baby dragon that knew how to say "Mama!" and how to scream. And that was it. Also from Captain N are Kid Icarus, and to a lesser extent Megaman, due to their voices and verbal tics. Gameboy was played up to be this, but has since ended up ignored (and sometimes even appreciated) for the most part.
    • The Pause Annotation is becoming this because somebody/ies really likes using it for every slightly off face.
    • Owandt, an Annotator from the Beeupyou days, had a habit of forcing anti-Republican and technology-related jokes while annotating episodes of Super Mario Bros. 3. A lot of the other Annotators found it irritating, to say the least.
    • None of the main trio of Sonic Underground is particularly liked, but the annotators' vitriol for Sonia is so strong that she once exceeded their tolerance meter just by showing up.
    • The Wacky Protester/Rotten Guy from Bibleman is hated for being a rather obnoxious and annoying villain with a subplot revolving around him having a mid-life crisis. It doesn't help that his plan involves kidnapping children and trapping them in a surreal world to brainwash them into becoming Atheists, which was seen as bad taste by the Annotaters.
    • Daredevil Dan, the Frog and Cheasel from Foodfight annoyed many. Cheasel redeemed himself to some when he defeated one of the Brand X generals with a Running Gag in the film that he was subjected to consistently but some took it back when they found out Cheasel was voiced by the 'director' who added a lot of the more vulgar gags.
    • The penguin, voiced by Chris Kattan, also isn't very well-liked, though for some, his limited amount of screen time cancels it out.
    • Tommy Treehugger and Co-MC from the Club Mario segment for SMBSS episode 31 are loathed for their Totally Radical dialogue, being Replacement Scrappies for Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells, and their abysmal brand of humor. Fortunately, their appearance is a one-off.
    • Out of all the members of Savage Dragon's Rogues Gallery, Horde has a habit of annoying the annotators whenever he gets an appearance.
      • Mako gets a bit of ire due to the fact that he's a largely incompetent second-in-command to Overlord who, unlike the other characters in his category, doesn't seem intended to be funny or sympathetic, to the point that people think that Basher, Overlord's Dumb Muscle, should be the second-in-command instead.
    • Diddy Kong from Donkey Kong Country has received a fair bit of hate due to his obnoxious singing voice.
    • Rayne in the Least I Could Do pilot.
  • Sequelitis: Dr. Rabbit hurt these people hard.
    • So did the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, after doing the entire animated segments for a year, with the remaining live action bits being tacked on to their next series (Darkstalkers).
  • So Bad, It's Good: What their targets often are.
  • So Bad, It's Horrible: Bouchedags and The Nutshack, which are both widely agreed upon to be the absolute worst things annotated so far. You know something's bad when annotators were willing to watch whatever Irrelevant wanted just so that he wouldn't upload these things.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The general reaction to Beauty and Warrior was that while it wasn't good in any sense of the word, it was mainly tedious and confusing rather than hilariously stupid. Then came Jay's Life Episode 4 which was just to stop Irrelevant from putting up more Nutshack and it was more lazy than offensive.
  • Squick: Simon Belmont tearing off Donkey Kong's toenail.
    • The main girl character from Tricky People...and the short skirt of her costume. BRAIN BLEACH!
    • King Koopa having his feet licked in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show by two minions, and he isn't going to live it down.
    • Dex and Sunshine's relationship in Foodfight, for two reasons: One, because Dex is voiced by Charlie Sheen and Sunshine is voiced by Hilary Duff from 2003, and two because of how much more humanoid Sunshine is compared to Dex.
  • They Just Didn't Care: Often parodied, but aside from that, this is by and far their biggest complaint about particular shows. Sonic Underground was accused of this the most, being regularly criticized for its inconsistent tone, glaring Plot Holes and Series Continuity Errors, and increasingly lazy animation.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Often encountered in some of the more unsavory works annotated and almost always called out. Bouchedags was notable for managing to be offensive towards everyone; there was racism, sexism, mocking of mentally challenged people (including a scene where a guy has a mentally retarded woman give him a blowjob after emotionally abusing her all night), and glorifying of stereotypes and abuse.
  • Ugly Cute: Annotators were touched when Eggplant Wizard helped King Hippo escape from the trap protecting the Triforce in the 9th episode of season 2. Those little round dragons from Captain N had a few 'awwws.'
  • Wangst: People often accused Blanka of this in Street Fighter.

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