Heartwarming: The Annotated Series

Amidst the dark comedy, the annotators really show their seriousness on occasions.

  • ReloadXPsiPlays explains why he enjoys getting pleasure of watching and mocking terrible videos along with others.
    ReloadXPsiPlays: I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and admit something. When I first came across The Annotated Series on the beeupyou channel in early 2010 I was going through a rather rough patch in my life. I shan't bore you with the details but this project basically kept my spirits lifted (and they were lifted very fucking high by this; I got a sore throat laughing so much over the course of a few days of watching CAD and SMW) at a time when there was fuck all else around to do that for me. In other words, it made me remember what I'd learned and keep smiling. So if any of you are wondering why I seem a bit obsessed and attached, and if I sometimes seem to be doing a bit more than necessary for the project what with all the weird bonus shit I do, there's your reason. Thanks everyone :)
  • Whenever Avirosb says he'll retire, it upsets people.
  • The project has included several tributes to late actors:
  • The annotators were their usual unrestrained selves for the majority of Our Annotated Friend, Martin. However, either out of respect or boredom with the material or both, Dr. King's "I've Been the Mountaintop" speech in the last part was largely uninterrupted.
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