Funny: The Annotated Series

  • Captain N:
    • In S2E11, Wombatman tells Kid Icarus to "take a speech class to get rid of that -icus problem." Cue wall of annotations proclaiming Wombatman as great as Simon. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • The annotators respond to the smurfing in Captain N S3E2 by going out of their way to add to the Hurricane of Puns.
    • Season 1, Episode 11 has a lot of the questions about the mirror world, but this is probably one of the most amusing:
    So in the mirror world has the chicken or the egg debate looped around forever too or has it been solved?
    • Season 3, Episode 7 had the Prince pass out via magic potion, and had his face land right into his bowl of soup. The annotations noted that this was the only thing humorous in the third season. Than when Lana says it wasn't funny, the Annotators get mad and defend it.
  • From Ctrl-Alt-Del:
    • Ethan's Everquest character sets Lucas's on fire three times. The first two times Lucas just stands there silently. The third time he actually screams, causing someone to comment "Third time's the charm apparently".
  • Bubsy's shirt was alarmed by Solid Snake.
  • "Cthulhu was definitely a top tier Street Fighter II character."
    • A random merc in the second Street Fighter episode is declared to be Deadpool, and ends his scene by storming off because there aren't yellow annotation boxes for him to use.
  • From Food Fight.
    Mr Clipboard: Your cuh-cuh-cuh *smacks self in head to finish 'customers'.*
    Annotation: This audition for The King's Speech was doomed to fail.
    • From the same film a single annotation perfectly sums up much of the film.
    Revealed villain: All I ever wanted was you (Dax)!
    Annotation: All I ever wanted was to have sex with a dog!
    • One of the Annotators notes that Mr. Clipboard moves like a robot. When the conclusion of the film comes and this statement turns out to be correct, the same commenter throws a hissy fit over it.
  • Least I Could Do...
    Rayne: It's a real event! It has ribbons...okay I know the color is kind of ugly *holds up yellow support ribbon* Most of the good ones were taken.
    Annotation: The yellow ribbon actually represents, among other things, suicide prevention awareness, which I'm afraid is something I cannot support in this context.
  • In Sonic Underground, Robotnik's plan in Episode 35 is summed up as thus and the reaction to it:
    So let me see if I got this
    Step 2. Watch Sonic be all butthurt.
    End of Plan.
    Robotnik: Master Troll
  • In Pryde Of The X-Men Magneto spends much of the pilot abusing Lockheed. When this predictably causes Lockheed to betray and attack him one of the annotators gives Magneto a word balloon that declares "I'VE BEEN NOTHING BUT NICE TO YOU!"
  • SMB3 the Annotated Series
  • In Tricky People, an obvious child molester tries to lure the kids over by asking for help searching for his puppy. When he's rebuked, the Annotators get mad and chew out Yellow Dinosaur for not helping the guy.
    • Later when the show brings up child molesters luring kids by offering free cash, someone comments "Well hey, free cash".
  • After a villain in Mortal Kombat defies his Disney Villain Death by flying to safety, someone comments "Okay good I was about to ask why he forgot he could do that".
  • When the narrator in The Hobbit notes Bilbo's growing love for the clearly pre-teenage princess, a wall of annotations flood the screen, all simply saying "what".
  • The moral of Cartoon All-Stars is "take drugs and all your favorite cartoon characters will show up to talk to you".
  • Throughout "Felix Saves Christmas" the Annotators keep insisting that the world is ending because of the Professor accidentally freezing everything.
    Meanwhile, millions of people are dying of hypothermia, animals are going extinct, and Blue Sky Studios is currently getting ideas for the next Ice Age movie.
  • Dinosaur Adventure:
  • "This is an opinion only I have! I AM THE ULTIMATE NONCONFORMIST".
  • Due the horrendous video quality, the Annotators spend the first half of Pitfall Harry thinking that his niece is a boy and are startled when this turned out to not be the case.
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