Film: A Talking Cat!?!

Phil: You can talk? But only once?
Duffy: I don't make the rules, Phil.

A Talking Cat!?! (yes, with that exact punctuation) is a 2013 film about... a talking cat who helps a couple families with their problems.

Duffy (Eric Roberts) is a stray cat with the ability to talk to any person once, but only once. When he comes across Phil (Johnny Whitaker), a respected programmer who's recently entered retirement, and Susan (Kristine DeBell), a caterer who's trying to keep her business and family together, he decides to help them and their families. Hilarity Ensues.

Made on a budget of $1 million, note  the film features amateurish camera, sound and special effects and Eric Roberts sounds like he's recording his lines through a crappy cellphone in a public bathroom. Nathan Rabin called it "The Room of talking animal movies starring Eric Roberts" and wondered "where the other $990,000 went". This film could also double as how NOT to make a movie.

A Talking Cat!?! provides examples of: