Film / Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station (previously known as simply Fruitvale) is a 2013 film written and directed by Ryan Coogler about Oscar Grant (Michael B. Jordan), a 22-year-old Bay Area resident who decides to spend New Year's Eve 2008 getting a head start on his New Year's resolutions, including improving his relationships with his mother (Octavia Spencer), girlfriend (Melonie Diaz), and daughter (Ariana Neal). As he crosses paths with friends and strangers over the course of the day, everything comes to a head with a fateful encounter with the police on the Fruitvale BART station.

Based on a True Story, the movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival before moving on to the Cannes Film Festival, playing to great reviews in both venues, with much of the praise given to Michael B. Jordan's performance in the lead role. It was given a limited release in theatres on July 12, 2013.

The trailer can be seen here.

Tropes Applying to Fruitvale Station include:

  • Blood from the Mouth: Blood starts coming out of Oscar's mouth shortly after he's shot, and internal bleeding is what eventually kills him.
  • Crime of Self-Defense: Oscar is placed under arrest (and shot) after the fight he had with his ex-prison enemy on the train, despite the fact that he was the one to assault Oscar. His friends also spent several hours at the police station despite not breaking any laws at all.
  • Disaster Dominoes: A supermarket customer Oscar helped recognizing on the train leads to a former inmate also recognizing him, which leads to the brawl that later gets him shot.
  • Extremely Short Timespan: The entire movie (aside from a brief flashback to when Oscar was in prison) takes place over one day.
  • Foregone Conclusion: As it's based off the infamous real life shooting (shown at the beginning via camera phone footage), you know Oscar's going to die at the end.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Oscar's death is similar in many ways to the dog that died earlier in the day. They both were killed by people who were callous and careless, both had done nothing wrong, hadn't seen the attack coming, both even bled from the mouth. They were also comforted by strangers on the scene, the dog by Oscar and Oscar by the police supervisor.
    • Tatiana worries about guns and her father's safety, and he reassures her that everything will be fine. He's wrong.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: After being released from prison, Oscar tries to get his life together, only to be killed afterwards.
  • The Hero Dies: The main character at any rate. Oscar dies at the end of the movie.
  • Karma Houdini: The ex-con who inadvertently gets Oscar shot, and his friends arrested isn't even pulled off the train by the police even though HE is the one who assaulted Oscar.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: The cop's reaction after shooting Oscar. Also, the supervisor goes from trading threats and racial epithets with Oscar to trying to comfort him until help arrives.
  • Pop-Up Texting: Oscar's texts and various other cellphone functions (like searching his address book) are displayed in pop-ups.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: When the girl who Oscar helped in the store spots him on the train, she cheerfully calls out to him...and draws the attention of Oscar's nemesis, who initiates a fight with him, which sets the tragic events of the evening in motion.