Stock Aesops

"If you believe in yourself, eat all your school, get 8 hours of drugs, stay in milk, drink your teeth, and don't do sleep, you can get work!"
Mr T parody, TV Funhouse

Stock Aesops are the morals that the writers and producers of TV most often love to explore. They sometimes contradict each other, but it's a clumsy writer indeed who sticks two contradictory aesops into the same script, which tends to create a Broken Aesop. When an aesop contradicts the typical beliefs of societynote , offends the Moral Guardiansnote , or promotes an "unconventional" belief note , it's a Family-Unfriendly Aesop.

Because Society Marches On, some older aesops tend to be seen as Fair For Their Day or Values Dissonance.

Many are Older Than Feudalism. And some, indeed, come straight from the original Aesops Fables.


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    On Agreement: 

    On Ambition: 

    On Appearance, Beauty, and Clothing: 

    On Authority and Government: 

    On Belief: 

     On Caution and planning: 
  • Live Dangerously and Throw Caution To The Wind.
  • Look Before You Leap.
  • He Who Hesitates Is Lost. Strike While The Iron is Hot.
  • An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard - The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men often go awry.

    On Change, Progess, and Technology: 

    On Conformity and Individuality: 

    On Curiosity and Science: 

    On Cruelty, Kindness, and Trust 

    On Destiny: 

    On Differences 

    On Effort: 

    On Entertainment: 

    On Drugs: 

    On Family: 
  • Blood is Thicker Than Water - Your Relatives Are Your Best Friends
  • Family Is A Hindrance - Show The Other Generation What You're Really Worth

    On Women: 
  • Treat Girls Nice
  • Treat Girls The Same As Guys
  • You Go Girl - Women are just as good as men.
  • Women Are Wiser - Women are totally awesome and possess unique wisdom men don't have.
  • Recognize People's Differences

    On Force: 

    On Friendship: 

    On Honesty: 

    On Honor: 

    On Immortality: 

    On Initiative: 

    On Intellectualism: 

    On Intuition and first impressions: 

    On Justice: 

    On Kinship: 

    On Literature: 
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words.
  • The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword.

    On Love: 

    On Material Possessions and Wealth: 

    On Patience: 

    On Perseverance: 

    On Principle 
  • You Have To Be Willing To Compromise
  • Stick To Your Guns

    On Relationships: 

    On Sex: 

    On Specialization 

    On Spontaneity: 
  • Don't Be Shy
  • Don't Get In Over Your Head

    On Teamwork: 

    On Time 

    On Tradition: 

    On positive and negative attitude: 

    On Pride: 

    On War 

    The Lessons of History 

    Other Aesops: 

For every proverb, there is an equal and opposite proverb.

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Stock Morals, Stock Aesop, Stock Moral