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  • Adored by the Network:
    • Nickelodeon loves promoting this show and airing it a lot, to the point where it airs more times a week than SpongeBob SquarePants. Alongside SpongeBob and The Loud House, it is considered one of Nickelodeon's "Big Three".
      • This was taken Up to Eleven when the Nick Jr. block showed nothing but this show during Summer 2019, save for one episode of another show (usually Blaze and the Monster Machines) filling in the last half hour or so.
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  • Billing Displacement: Ryder has the least amount of focus of the PAW Patrol (not counting Sixth Rangers like Everest, Tracker, Tuck or Ella), but has top billing in the theme song.
    "Whenever there's a problem round Adventure Bay, Ryder and his team of pups will come and save the day!"
  • Baby Name Trend Starter: Chase and Skylar (often shortened to Skye) became popular baby names in 2016 due to the show's most popular characters having those names. Another name the show helped raise the popularity of was Rocky, which wasn't even in the top 1000 baby names the decade before, but re-entered the list when the show debuted.
  • Blooper: In "Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Pier", there are several instances where Ryder has his normal hairdo rather than the Expository Hairstyle Change he normally has in specialty episodes.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: Being that the show was created by the company Spin Master, it quickly became this. In 2016, it was the top-selling character license based on a television show.
    • The Merch: Naturally, because of the above. PAW Patrol merchandise of various types ranging from plush toys to dinnerware to shampoo is legion both in stores and online. It's gotten to the point where you can find more PAW Patrol merchandise than that of SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Children Voicing Children: All the pups and all the child characters (with the exceptions of Ace and Danny) are voiced by children. Averted in foreign dubs.
    • Ryder had four voice actors, Chase, Marshall and Zuma had three voice actors and Rocky had two voice actors.
    • Skye and Rubble kept their original voices (Kallan Holley & Devan Cohen) throughout the first five seasons. In Season 6, they got new voices by their new voice actors (Lilly Bartlam & Keegan Hedley).
  • Content Leak: Rex was revealed via an eBay listing from China selling a toy based on him.
  • Credits Pushback: All airings of the episode "The New Pup" on Nickelodeon have a bizzarre example of this. The Nickelodeon split-screen credits template, alongside a video of SpongeBob and Patrick looking confused, plays in conjunction with Nickelodeon's normal "bottom of screen" credits, making this episode the only program as of 2020 to use the old split-screen credits.
  • Crossdressing Voices:
    • Possibly to avoid Vocal Evolution, all the child male characters (Ryder included) are voiced by females in the Japanese dub.
    • The same happens in the Latin American Spanish dub, but with a bizarre twist: Ryder is voiced by a adult male voice actor (Rene Pinochet), whose voice was very notorious for years for sounding incredibly childish, as he was born prematurely, causing his vocal cords not to develop at all and sounding like a kid until he reached his 40s, when his voice suddenly began to sound more mature without warning.
  • The Danza:
    • Kingsley Marshall as Marshall.
    • Of a sort: Daniel DeSanto as Danny.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Ace and Danny are voiced by adults.
    • In stage productions based on the series, Ryder is always played by a adult despite being 10 years old in the series.
  • Disabled Character, Disabled Actor: The first voice actor of Zuma, Alex Thorne, has a speech impediment where he can't pronounce his R's properly. This helped him land the role because that coupled with his more high-pitched voice made him sound younger than he really is.
  • Distanced from Current Events:
    • Being that one of the canine protagonists is a police officer dog, the show suffered from a nasty case of this in wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers:
      • In rememberance of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers, the show's social media accounts decided to go dark for what was intented to be a five-day hiatus. However, many people complained about the post because of Chase, causing the accounts to temporarily go on hiatus.
      • The Nick Jr. website had Chase as their icon for PAW Patrol. On June 17th, 2020, it was changed to Marshall.
      • Two Ultimate Rescue episodes ("Pups Save the Royal Kitties" and "Pups Stop a Meltdown; Pups and the Mystery of the Missing Cellphones") were pulled from rotation because in the episodes, the other pups become police officers like Chase.
      • Finally, on some streaming providers, Chase was removed from promo art.
      • An example not involving Chase, but for the same reason many of these Chase-related things were changed, was when Mayor Goodway's voice was changed from Deann Degruijter to Kim Roberts in order for her voice actress to match her race, a similar method that was employed by shows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, Central Park and Big Mouth.
    • "Pups Save A Sniffle" was temporarily pulled from Nick's line-up in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic because it dealt with most of the pups coming down with an illness. However, Nickelodeon accidentally aired the episode at least twice during this period.
  • Dueling Shows:
    • It competes with two shows aired on Disney Junior that have similar themes: Puppy Dog Pals, which centers on the adventures of dogs in the city, and PJ Masks, another show starring superheroes. While Puppy Dog Pals isn't as successful as PAW Patrol, PJ Masks is just as popular as it's dueling show and even has toy sales on par with PAW Patrol, to the point where the franchise grosses more money than the Disney Princess line.
    • There's also competition from Thomas the Tank Engine, another preschool show featuring vehicles as the focus. What doesn't help is the Fandom Rivalry (well, to be more exact, Fandom Jealousy as very few PAW Patrol fans notice the flaming from the Thomas fans).
    • Oddly enough, despite being aimed at a different demographic, Cartoon Network seems to consider this show to be a rival to Teen Titans Go!, as both shows contain heroes who save their town and often get similar Nielsen ratings. note  It's gotten to the point where if PAW Patrol is having a new episode on a holiday that kids have off from school, Cartoon Network will compete with it by airing a Teen Titans Go! marathon at the same time the new episode is broadcast. At one point in time, both shows used Fridays as an excuse to hold all-day marathons, which only PAW Patrol has now as of 2020.
  • Fan Nickname: If there's one thing the fans can never agree on, it's Ryder's surname. Some fans have given him one like Daniels or Carlton in their fanfiction. Others believe that Ryder is his surname, and his full name is Zach Ryder Jr.
  • He Also Did: Keith Chapman, the creator of the show, also created Bob the Builder.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Zuma shares his name with Jacob Zuma, the current President of South Africa, the video game Zuma and Blake Shelton's son.
    • Skye has the same name as the protagonist of Darkened Skye, as well as one of the protagonists of The Puzzle Place, although the latter Skye was a boy.
    • Ryder shares his name with a truck rental company. No, seriously.
  • No Export for You:
    • A strange case happened with the DVDs of the show. In the show's origin country of Canada, the DVDs are made by Kaboom, and those releases often comprise of entire seasons in a random ordernote , while in the US, Nickelodeon makes them, and their DVDs often contain episodes that were released on previous DVDs.
    • Despite being released theatrically in virtually every other major English-speaking country as well as in Poland and Japan (for the latter film), PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups and Ready, Race, Rescue! have not seen any theatrical releases in the United States, not even as an event cinema release.
  • One-Book Author:
    • This show provides Deann Degruijter's only acting role as a major character (Mayor Goodway), as her only other roles were all minor characters, not counting a recurring role in Franklin and Friends.
    • This is the only animated work Hiromi Okuyama, the first voice of Farmer Yumi, has worked on, as she more frequently appears in short films.
    • Owen Mason's only major role on a TV show was Ryder in Season 1.
    • Rex's voice actor, Luxton Handspiker, had his only TV role in this show. Like Hiromi Okuyama, he mostly does short films.
    • Haruka Sugita, the Japanese voice of Everest, had her only TV role in this show. She mainly does video games and TV commercials.
  • Only So Many Canadian Actors: Not as extreme as other Canadian shows, but many of the child voice actors have worked on many recent children's TV shows where the voice actors were Canadian, such as Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, PJ Masks, Creative Galaxy and the Rick Siggelkow-produced version of Little People, as well as some alumni from Arthur. This also applies to an extent to some of the adult cast, many of whom were in other Canadian works, as listed under Playing Against Type.
  • The Other Darrin: The show sees a lot of actor changes as previous ones get too old to do the job anymore. Get ready, it's a long list:
    • Season Two
      • Drew Davis replaces Gage Munroe as the voice of Marshall.
      • Max Calinescu replaces Tristan Samuel as the voice of Chase.
      • Elijha Hammill replaces Owen Mason as the voice of Rydernote .
      • Stephany Seki replaces Hiromi Okuyama as the voice of Farmer Yumi.
    • Season Three
      • Samuel Faraci replaces Stuart Ralston as the voice of Rocky.
      • Jaxon Mercey replaces Elijha Hammill as the voice of Rydernote .
      • Megan Fahlenbrook replaces Julianna Paul as the voice of Ace Sorensen.
    • Season Four
      • Carter Thorne (Alex Thorne's younger brother) replaces Alex Thorne as the voice of Zuma.
    • Season Five
      • Justin Kelly replaces Max Calinescu as the voice of Chase.
      • Holly Gorski replaces Addison Holley (Kallan Holley, voice of Skye's older sister) as the voice of Julia Goodway.
      • Wyatt White replaces Christian Distefano as the voice of Alex Porternote .
      • Jonathan Malen replaces Daniel DeSantos as the voice of Daring Danny Xnote .
      • Rosemary Dunsmore replaces Ellen-Ray Hennesy as the voice of Ms. Marjorie.
    • Season Six
      • Lukas Engel replaces Drew Davis as the voice of Marshall.
      • Keegan Hedley replaces Devan Cohen as the voice of Rubble.
      • Lilly Bartlam replaces Kallan Holley as the voice of Skye.
      • Shayle Simons replaces Carter Thorne as the voice of Zuma.
      • Joey Nijem replaces Jaxon Mercey as the voice of Rydernote .
    • Season Seven
      • Kim Roberts replaced Deann Degruijter as the voice of Mayor Goodway.
      • Diego Rieger replaced Jaiden Cannatelli as the voice of Carlos.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • You wouldn't expect Ryder (Jaxon Mercey) to share a voice actor with Prince Wednesday, but he does.
    • Rubble (Devan Cohen), who plays Daniel Tiger in the same show. Starting 2018, Rubble's voice actor also plays the Night Ninja, a villain instead of a hero.
    • Likewise, Zuma's old voice actor (Alex Thorne) plays a villain on the same aforementioned show, as Romeo.
    • May we also mention that Danny (Daniel DeSantos) shares a voice with Carlos?
      • As of Season Five, he shares his new voice (Jonathan Malen) with Jimmy Z.
    • One of the penguins in "Pups Save the Jungle Penguins" is voiced by Sonja Ball. Couldn't you imagine a minor role penguin having the same voice actress as Polly Esther, Sagwa's Nai-Nai, Wimzie and Arthur's mother?
    • Christian Destefano, Alex's first voice, was one of the many voices of D.W. Read from Arthur, who is known for being a Bratty Half-Pint who is Wise Beyond Their Years compared to Alex's naiive nature.
    • Another minor role, Otis Goodway, was voiced by James Rankin, who played Mr. Owl and 10 different characters on The Noddy Shop.
  • Production Posse: Daniel DeSanto, Christian Destefano, Devan Cohen, Berkley Silverman, Drew Davis, Samuel Faraci, Julie Lemieux, Juan Chioran, Peter Cugno and Sonja Ball all played roles on Arthur.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: This is why Ryder has a Dub Name Change to Kent in the Japanese dub: Takara Tomy licenses the PAW Patrol toyline in Japan, but their rival Bandai copyrighted the Japanese spelling of Ryder, "raida", for their Kamen Rider toys.
  • Sending Stuff to Save the Show: A rare non-cancellation example involved posting images of merchandise without the girls to ask for merchandise with all the pups on it, lead by an organization called Let Toys Be Toys. It worked for the North American merchandise, but merchandise sold outside of that region generally has the same problem.
  • Sequel First: Japan got Ready, Race Rescue! before Mighty Pups. This might be because the latter movie contains a spoiler for later in the series, with said spoiler being the introduction of Robo-Pup.
  • Short Run in Peru:
    • Despite being a Canadian show produced for TV Ontario's children's block, PAW Patrol first aired in the United States two weeks before its home country showed it. In fact, a majority of the episodes of the show aired in the U.S. first before Canada got them, with the exception of several holiday-themed episodes, which Nick decided to hold back. However, Nick did air "Pups Save Christmas" before TV Ontario did (they aired it on Christmas Eve)
    • "Pups Save A Pool Day" and "Circus Pup Formers" aired in Canada first due to Nickelodeon taking a hiatus in between new episodes.
    • Starting with Season 6, Canada began showing episodes before Nickelodeon did. Most notably, the episode introducing Rex aired on TV Ontario first and re-aired on their subchannel Knowledge Network several hours later, as evidenced by screenshots that surfaced several hours after these airings. Apparently, Nickelodeon found out about this, and bumped their airing of this episode to June 26th, 2020 (it was originally intended to air in July).
    • "Pups Save Old Trusty" and "Pups Save A Pony" aired in Finland a month before it aired in the United States and seven months before Canada did.
  • Talking to Himself: Cap'n Turbot, Mayor Humdinger, and Farmer Al are all voiced by Ron Pardo.
  • Unisex Series, Gendered Merchandise: Likely because the show features Cool Cars and Transforming Mechas which are traditionally thought of as "boy things", most of the merchandise is aimed at boys. The exception is merchandise featuring the two girls, Skye and Everest, that rarely features the boys on it (and when they do feature one of them, it's Marshall).
  • What Could Have Been: The show was originally going to be very different:
    • The show was originally concieved as a spin-off of Bakugan aimed at preschoolers.
    • The original title of the show was Raffi and the Rescue Dogs. Ryder was also going to be named Roddy or Robbie.
    • The dogs originally looked more realistic rather than cartoony. Another prototype design had super-deformed designs where the dogs stood on their feet and had Raffi look very similar to Bob the Builder, the protagonist of Keith Chapman's first TV series.
    • Ryder was going to build the team by rescuing various pups himself instead of having them all from the start, but this was ditched due to a Canadian TV requirement for preschool shows produced there to have pro-social themes. The episode "Pups Get A Rubble" gives a glimpse into what these early episodes could have been like.
    • This image promoting Mission PAW has Ryder wearing a rather spy-esque outift consisting of a black shirt, gray pants and shoes, and a headset. He doesn't wear this gear in any actual Mission PAW episode.
    • This piece of concept art shows what some designs of what Katie was originally gonna be like before becoming a blond, with some showing her with brown, red and even purple hair, along with one that has glasses.
    • The official Mighty Tracker toy proves that Tracker was at least considered to appear in the "Mighty Pups" sub-series, enough to have his own costume and his own vehicle — and judging by his pup-tag, his own superpower — if he ever did.
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