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Ryder is just a normal kid and we're watching his imagination.
  • The pups are all his stuffed animals and the Lookout is his treehouse. Sometimes his friend Alex plays with him. When his mother buys him a new stuffed dog, the Paw Patrol gets a new member. This would explain why Adventure Bay seems to have no police force, fire department or any other government service and everyone, including the mayor, just relies on the Paw Patrol to take care of all that. It could also explain why none of the children seem to have any parents and why all adults are useless.

Paw Patrol will star in a Tomica Hero Rescue Force legacyquel.
All the animals in this show are sentient. It's just that only the dogs can speak.
  • Come on. They all act far too intelligently.
    • What if the pups were originally human kids?

Buzz droids will attack the pups' vehicles.
  • To scrape the droids off the sides, the pups brush their vehicles against walls. As for the ones on the cockpits, the pups just push the droids off. Marshall and Everest also fight off the droids with water and snow respectively.
    • ...Really?

The pups can speak because they're genetically-enhanced.
The pups were experiments to create super-dogs who could supplement emergency services and public works departments. Unfortunately, the US government shut it down over fears that animals would quickly supplant humans because animals have no idea what money is, and thus wouldn't demand monetary salaries, just food. Mayor Goodway, though, saw potential in them, and gave them to Ryder. That story about how Rubble joined the PAW Patrol? All made up to hide his true origins. Because if the PAW Patrol ever learned where they actually came from, a coup attempt against the US government would follow.

As for Everest, Tracker, and Sweetie? Everest and Tracker were also part of the experiment, but weren't discovered by Goodway. Sweetie, meanwhile, was enhanced by the technology when it was bought by the isolationist city-state of Barkingburg, with Sweetie's bitchiness being caused by the CIA to spite Barkingburg for their attempt to secede from the union.

How Mayor Humdinger stays in office.
Several theories:
  • The people of Foggy Bottom are just as horrible as he is and elected him on the platform of destroying Adventure Bay.
  • Alternatively, they just accept that he's a loon and listen to the vice-mayor.
  • Or, Humdinger uses the Kitten Catastrophe Crew as his personal Gestapo to stomp out any criticism leveled against his quasi-dictatorship, and he plays the Wounded Gazelle Gambit when the FBI investigates him and gets his critics arrested by having the KCC plant evidence of various crimes (such as child pornography, plotting to assassinate the president, or even supporting ISIS and planning an attack on a major population center).
  • Most importantly, he's not actually the mayor of Foggy Bottom. In high school, he dated and was dumped by Mayor Goodway, so he's faking being a mayor to get back at her. The real mayor of Foggy Bottom has sent the police after him (ACTUAL human police, not a police pup like Chase), whom he tangles with offscreen.
  • The way his nephew addresses him in the movie, as "Uncle Mayor" rather than by any recognizable first name, hints at a different possibility: his full name is really "Mayor Humdinger". Rather than being the actual mayor of Foggy Bottom, he's really just a spoiled brat Manchild who, once he was old enough to know what the name "Mayor" meant, he simply assumed that he really was the mayor of Foggy Bottom and has everyone in Adventure Bay convinced of the same. His purple suit and fancy top hat hint at a wealthy origin, so his parents probably never bothered to correct his pig-headed behavior. And probably bailed him out of so much trouble that he's used to it and doesn't regard any sort of authority; spending most of his time in Adventure Bay just aids in his adult antics since Adventure Bay doesn't have a police force. Not to mention the only place we've ever seen him hang out is a cave with a computer on the shore rather than any sort of residence which should come with being the actual mayor of a town.
  • He is just loyal to the right people. Those people keep him in office, no matter what Foggy Bottom citizens think, and he blindly follows their orders in return. Humdinger's ditziness makes him very dependent on his superiors: such person is very unlikely to stay in office without their help. This might also be the reason why he has so much spare time.
  • He is the ONLY person living in Foggy Bottom and is therefore mayor by default. Whenever he talks about the citizens of Foggy Bottom, he's referring to the FUTURE citizens (who will move in after he makes Adventure Bay less appealing). Any other people we see associated with Foggy Bottom are just visiting or were paid to show up. (For what it's worth, there are several towns across the globe with a population of one, respectively.)

There will be a crossover with Thunderbirds Are Go.
In the hour-long event, Adventure Bay has just built its first skyscraper. Mayor Humdinger, jealous, decides to have the Kitten Catastrophe Crew vandalize it so the tenants will come to Foggy Bottom. But the kittens screw up, and the building is set on fire. With the fire spreading out of control, Ryder declares that the job is too big, and the pups are too small.

Fortunately, he was saying this on the phone, and as a result, is heard aboard Thunderbird 5. Over the next hour, the PAW Patrol teams up with International Rescue to save the people in the skyscraper. In the end, everyone is saved, but the building collapses in a magnificent pyro display that would make Gerry Anderson proud. Furthermore, Mayor Humdinger doesn't get off scot-free, and is removed from office and arrested, while the Kitten Catastrophe Crew is separated and put up for adoption. The episode ends with the original 1965 Thunderbirds end credits.

Paw Patrol: The Movie may be a Spiritual Adaptation of Metal Gear.
And we will finally get to hear a canon "Chase? Chase? CHAAAASE!"
  • Sadly, jossed.

The PAW Patrol are funded by the princess of Barkingburg.
That's how they can afford all the vehicles, uniforms and gadgets seen throughout the series.

Ryder takes online classes.
That's why we never see him in school.

Ryder is Fred and Daphne’s kid and financially backed by Batman.
This would explain the talking dogs as related to Scooby, the parental neglect as they are out solving mysteries, Mayor Humdinger as people like him are all over the Scooby universe, and they have connections with Batman/Bruce Wayne allowing Ryder the resources he needs to act as a one town emergency service squad.

Ace and Danny are related
Red hair? Brown eyes? Youthful Freckles? Pale skin? Limited appearances? note  Loves doing potentially dangerous stunts? There has to be a connection.
  • Although in the episode where they finally interacted with each other none of them says that they are related in any shape of form.

Everyone is dead.
Adventure Bay, Foggy Bottom, Barkingburg, the desert, the jungle; these are all just different sections of Purgatory. Adventure Bay is one of the better sections (reserved for those who were less sinful in life), while Foggy Bottom is one of the lousier sections (reserved for those who were more sinful). The close proximity of the two sections serves to emphasize just how much better/worse the two sections respectively are. Everyone we see is a dead soul working off the sins they committed in life.

Some of the characters (those whose sins were especially grievous) are saddled with punishments specifically tailored to reflect the sins committed in life. Many (NOT ALL) also carry the personalities they had in life, so that they commit the same actions in death, but now with different results. The goal being to force them to recognize the wrongness of their behavior, and ultimately get them to repent for their actions.

  • Mayor Humdinger - In life: a corrupt politician and schemer. He would use all manner of dirty tricks and cheap tactics to get what he wanted, and take down anyone trying to stop him. In death: stuck as mayor of a sucky part of Purgatory, and all his schemes fail (with at least half backfiring).

  • Sweetie - In life: prideful, a manipulator. An excellent actress who specialized in taking advantage of other people’s trust. In death: all her schemes to grab power end up failing, and leave her (at least temporarily) disgraced.

  • Sid Swashbuckle - In life: avaricious. He ruined the lives of countless others by stealing anything and everything he could. In death: his obsessive need to steal anything and everything has nearly cost him his ship and his life, and he now tends to end up losing whatever he was trying to steal, and whatever else he already stole.

  • Members of the PAW Patrol - In life: committed the crime of suicide. In death: they must protect and save the lives of others, wherever they go. Each must stay as a protector until they truly understand just how precious life truly is. This is why there is no police/firefighter/EMT services, why the Pups must deal with disasters wherever they go, and why, despite leaving Adventure Bay on a semi-regular basis, the city remains fine (Purgatory is simply waiting for the Pups to get back).

The series is set in a Pokemon-like world
Have you noticed that the Pup Pad heavily resembles the Pokedex from Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire? We should make this clearer...
  • The pups are breeded from Meowth: Take it seriously. Meowth is a cat-like Pokemon that can speak perfectly in the human language and can understand what anything's saying. He evolves into Persian, who acts like a normal cat and thus cannot speak. In Paw Patrol, the dogs work in a similar manner to Meowth, and every other pet can't speak as in Persian.
  • There are other, but feel free to add them here...

Ryder is a drug kingpin
No seriously, hear me out! Marijuana is legal in Canada. Where do you suppose Ryder gets the funding needed to support the PAW Patrol and its ever-expanding collection of vehicles? His family owns a nationwide network of dispensaries. He provides product to the citizens of Adventure Bay at a steep discount, keeping all the adults happy and out of his way.
  • It's as good a guess as any...

Sid's backstory
Sidney Valbaeck was a poor kid living in Canada (I headcanon that the show takes place in Canada). He was teased constantly because he couldn't afford the luxuries that other kids got to have. One day, he finally snapped. He dropped out of high school and ran away from home. He joined VILE to learn how to become a professional thief. He was the top student in his class and ended up graduating. He now works as A Pirate 400 Years Too Late called Sid Swashbuckle, whose only goal in life is to steal things that he never got to have, sometimes even from those who had wronged him in the past. But deep down, he still has a heart of gold. One day he would like to meet the Princess of Barkingburg (my Fanon name for her is Charlotte).
  • Alternatively, he was born into a family of sailors led by legendary buccaneer Molly Valbaeck, and his real name is Lucas. After the crew mysteriously disappeared, he turned to piracy as a coping mechanism that soon became an addiction.
  • Alternatively (and based on the first suggestion), Sid came from a wealthy family, however something went horribly wrong, and they lost (almost) everything. The ship Sid sails in is one of the only things he was able to keep from being repossessed (by sailing away in it). Desperate, Sid turned to piracy as a way to refill the family coffers and return his family to the lifestyle they once knew (though recently, he's kind of gone off the rails, and now just steals everything, no matter the actual monetary value).

Danny's stunting persona is a facade
Two possibilities:
  • He wants Ryder's attention. In his debut episodenote , it's outright stated that Ryder was his inspiration behind stunting. He could be just fishing for attention or wants Ryder to notice him for a different reason.
  • He runs a popular YouTube channel. Come on; someone has to be watching that near-constant camera feed.

"Pups and the Werepuppy" was not a dream
The werepuppy episode was not Rocky's dream, it just felt like a dream to him. After he smelt the flowers and went to sleep he turned back to normal, the group took him back to his sleeping bag and pretended that nothing happened.

This gave Rocky the illusion that he was dreaming because sometimes when we dream it feels like it's real, if it wasn't real then why was the bear scared of Rocky at the end? Because Rocky scared it as the werepuppy!

Captain Sid and Arrby left adventure bay
Wonder why we haven't seen Sid and arrby for a while?

I think the reason why they haven't been seen in the show since they stole the sea patroler is because they found their ship then left adventure bay so they can go steal from another town, its most likely that their nomads and don't stay at one place for too long like most pirates in stories.

They've probably stolen stuff from other town's long before they met the paw patrol,the stuff they had in their ship in their first episode were stuff they stole from other town's and have gone off to steal from another town,stay there for a few week's, leave and the cycle continues.

Sid Swashbuckl and Arrby will return
And will come back in a season final or the upcoming movie.
  • Confirmed; they returned in the Season 7 episode "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Pupmobiles".

Alex's parents were explorers who died on an adventure together, and he wants to honor them by acting like them.
This is also why he wants to be like Ryder and the PAW Patrol, because they and his parents go on adventures all the time. He doesn't remember them, but Mr.Porter would tell Alex tales about them that amazed him and thus, the adventure filled spirit lives on!

Sweetie feels unloved and the princess is in denial about Sweetie's crimes.
Ever notice how in both Quest for the Crown and Pups save Luke Stars, the princess introduces Sweetie as an afterthought, or how in Quest for the Crown how she is fawning over Chase as her favorite pup, right in front of her? Admittedly, it is bratty of Sweetie to demand to have the princess' exclusive attention, or she doesn’t understand she is saying that in regards to the PAW patrol pups, but the fact she is oblivious to the fact that this bothers HER dog, does not speak well of how well those two actually know each other, which in turn speaks poorly of their relationship with each other. Dogs in general need a lot of attention, so it makes sense for Sweetie to be upset about lack of attention, and being spoiled rotten makes things worse by giving her a sense of entitlement. Another example is in Pups Save the Princess' pals, when the Princess is taking Sweetie to feed the animals with her, she is completely oblivious to Sweetie being bored out of her mind. The fact she is oblivious to this shows how little attention she is paying to HER dog. Again, dogs in general need a lot of attention, and it does not seem Sweetie’s needs in this department are being met, so is it any wonder how little respect she has for her owner? This frustration, combined with her sense of entitlement accounts for why she is so mean. On the Princess' side of things, it is a wonder that at least after Royally Spooked, she is still so trusting of her. The only reasons I can see for this are either that the princess never learns, or she is refusing to admit this is what her "precious Poochie" is actually like. Further supporting this idea of denial is Sweetie's punishment. The only consequence Sweetie ever receives for her actions is being confined to her dog house. The fact Sweetie keeps attempting these coups shows that doing this is completely ineffective. The princess can't bring herself to do anything more severe than the puppy equivalent of sending her to her to her room. The irony is that if she did punish her more strictly it would show a concern for Sweetie's well being (steering her towards being good). However, the repeated use of this punishment shows a denial that it doesn't work. I know a lot of thePrincess' obliviousness can be excused on grounds of her age, but in that case I would blame the earl for either not noticing this and/or not bringing this to her attention. What Sweetie and the Princess need more than anything else is a heart to heart talk about all of this. Sweetie might also benefit from a week with Ryder.

Why does Marshall stumble every time?
The pups-assemble signal doubles as a clumsiness/retardation inducer for him. It's only when he hears the signal that his bodily control goes haywire.

The pups aren't actually as young as they seem
Considering how their voices change, they might actually be in early puberty stages.

Someone in Ryder's family works for Gizmonic Institute
How would he have all that gadgetry for him and his team of pups?

Travis is Obfuscating Stupidity for the sake of his show
Shows about men exploring new places and meeting animals are a dime a dozen, so why not shake it up and do a show about exploring while putting on a facade that you have no idea what you're doing?
  • For the love of god please let this be the case.

Wild Cat and the Copycat are littermates
There's being part of the same breed of cat, and then there's being so similar in appearance it feels like it just can't be coincidence. Wild Cat and Mr. Nibbles definately fall into the latter category. It's not uncommon for littermate kittens to be taken to different owners though, so it's possible the two really are long lost twins that are just unaware of the other's existence. Then again, maybe Wild Cat is aware that they might be related, he just doesn't like to talk about it because, y'know, Copycat is an outright supervillain.

Everest, Tracker, Robo-Pup and the Mighty Twins will cameo in the Big Damn Movie.
Perhaps they will appear during the final minutes of the movie to assist in stopping the main conflict.
  • Jossed. These four characters do not appear at any point in the movie.

Future themes the series will have are:
  • Knights: Hey if Dinosaurs and Superheroes can be retconned away from being mere dreams, why not a medieval setting complete with dragons? The pups would ride horses in armour instead of vehicles.
    • OP: Confirmed, but they ride typical vehicles instead of horses and are in the modern-day Barkingburg.
    • Semi-confirmed in Rescue Knights: Break the Ice, where the pups ride baby dragons.
  • Spaceships: The show already has aliens, and the Paw Patrol has been to space. Maybe Ryder makes a space station to deal with astronomic threats, like meteors. It could also make Skye Walker canon.
  • Cowboys, perhaps using the desert where the Wingnuts live. They could use either horse-themed vehicles or like the above bullet point actual horses. At the same time, it could introduce a new villain (whether another pup or human), which would be bandits tryng to steal things.
  • Spirits. The show already had a "ghost", and the pups' souls could use their signature colors while outside their bodies.
    • Unlikely. That would recquire the show to discuss topics like death, and this so far it has always been one to shy away from topics like it; Sesame Street this ain't.
      • Although maybe its more Ghostbusters you mean, then, maybe.
  • Magic. Skye and Everest have witch and wizard costumes respectively.
  • Monster Mash, in an Überwald setting.
  • Giant mechas.
    • One episode did feature a Voltron-style comic, and given we've seen fiction become real things in the setting, it is possible.
  • Elemental realms.
  • Human forms.
  • Ball forms. It's canon that Everest can spin dash.
  • "Arabian Nights" Days, with the pups riding dune buggies and desert-suited vehicles.
  • The land of Canidae, a science fantasy land populated by pups and no humans.
  • Ninjas.
  • Samurai.
  • Time Travel.

The Mayor Humdinger we all know isn't the real Humdinger
In his earliest appearances he was morely a gloating blowhard as opposed to the evil bumbler he was. But perhaps that is becuse not of Took a Level in Jerkass, but the S1 Humdinger (Henry?) had an Evil Twin (Horace?) who captured and overthrew him, and uses all of Foggy Bottom's resources for his schemes.

Eventually, Henry Humdinger will escape from wherever he's held, reach Adventure Bay, and enlist the PAW Patrol in taking back his rightful place and stopping his brother.

Danny has ADHD/is otherwise neurodivergent
  • He hyperfixates on something (in his case, doing stunts).
  • He has endless energy.
  • He gets distracted by exciting things easily.
  • In episodes such as "Pups Stop an Xtreme Shark", he acts out his words while talking.
    • Similarly, Traveling Travis is actually Obfuscating Stupidity because he knows it'll boost ratings for his show. He didn't want to make a generic explorer show, he figured that if he acted like the dumbest explorer alive, people would tune in to see whatever mishap he gets himself into that episode.
      • He's not actually that dumb, he gets himself lost on purpose, so the Paw Patrol will come and save him. Having the pups on his show means more people will tune in to watch as well.

The show is an alternate universe to Adventure Time.
It's a universe where the great mushroom war never happened but stuff like magic is still around which explains the talking dogs, dragons and merpups.
  • Ryder is an alternate Finn as they both like helping others and live with dog's
  • Rubble is an alternate Jake as they both are bulldogs with big appetites
  • Katie is an alternate Fionna with her cat "Callie" being Cake the cat

Mayor Humdinger is hypercompensating for a lack of a meaningful relationship.
His role as mayor of Foggy Bottom isolates him from finding a partner. All he has are his kitties (Who aren't sentient enough to fruitfully communicate and don't like him) and his extended family (Who also don't like him.) Everything he does, every plan he makes and every hair brained scheme is just a ploy at getting attention so that he can finally find a partner who will love him and enjoy being around him. Unfortunately he's too self absorbed to realize that people would like him more if he got that stick out of his butt and kept his nose out of other people's affairs. The moment he gets laid will be the end of his tenure as an antagonist.

All animals in this show are capable of human speech and/or learning of it.
Wild, Rory, Shade and Leo can talk despite other cats not being able to do (sans Copycat who is able to speak thanks to meteorite), while Mr. McTurtle from Rubble & Crew can talk despite no other turtles shown in the main series being capable of speech. Notice that it could also tie into above mentioned WMG about all animals in the show being sentient. Of course, this also opens a can of worms...

In the future episode Ryder will be transformed into pup.
In order for this episode to work (without implications that Ryder will remain a dog for the rest of his life), there are two options:
  • Dream Episode: In "Pups and the Werepuppy" Rocky dreamed that he transformed into titular creature, while Chase in "Pups Save a Freaky Pup-Day" dreamed that he switched bodies with Chickaletta, so it could be possible that Ryder could have a dream where he turns into pup, and goes through similar challenges over adapting to his new body, like Rocky and Chase did in their respective dreams. This theory works since Ryder hadn't yet had a Dream Episode (of course excluding Skye, Zuma, Everest, Tuck and Ella, Wild Cat, Rex, Liberty, Al, Wild, Rory, Shade, Leo and Coral who also didn't have theirs) while "Pups Save a Flying Farmhouse" had Farmer Al (human secondary character) have his own Dream Episode, so chances of Ryder getting his are possible.
  • Magical artifact: "Pups Save Monkey-dinger" features the magical mask that causes it's wearer to behave like a monkey, while "Jungle Pups: Pups Save a Golden Sweetie" has the golden orb that turns everything into gold. With existence of those two artifact, who's to say that a artifact that transforms humans into dogs (and vice versa, as a nod to above mentioned human forms for pups and to assure that Ryder will not remain dog forever) exists in Paw Patrol world?

To explain Julia's Sudden Name Change after season 1, her full name is Justina Julia Goodway.
The other characters refer to her as Julia because it's shorter name than Justina and/or she prefers being called Julia.

The show is a parallel universe to Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
Ryder is Jimmy's alternate counterpart, both are genius boy's that make inventions.

Robo-dog is Goddard's counterpart, both are robot digs made by the main protagonist.

Daring Danny X is Sheen's counterpart, both are wreckless kids that are kinda dumb.

Mayor Humdinger is Dr. Calamitous's counterpart due to them both being the main antagonist that have inventions of their own.