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  • Marshall is prone to a Funny Moment or two thanks to his Adorkable clumsiness. Be it the Running Gag of tumbling into the elevator and knocking the other pups over, or getting his head stuck in multiple items (a bucket, his food bowl, a snowman's head, a pumpkin, etc.).
  • The pups have different animations as they slide down to their vehicles, some of which are amusing. Marshall trips and skids the rest of the way down. Rocky uses that time to scratch behind his bent ear. Rubble (when he is second) claps his paws before landing; Skye, before going down the chute, does a somersault, and does one before landing in her rig. Chase (whenever he is first pick) points like a hunting dog before he lands inside of his rig. And Zuma just throws up his forepaws and laughs, like you'd expect from a kid.
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  • There's something hilarious about the Kitty Catastrophe Crew being so much a group of copycats that they don't have official namesnote  (they are instead referred to as "Cat [pup they most resemble]").


  • In "Pups Save The Space Alien" Chase looks for the alien, who hides in a watermelon patch.
    Chase: alien?!?
  • "Pups Save A Pool Day" features Marshall barreling straight into the rest of the group already waiting for him in the elevator. Marshall then asks his friends what they thought of the move.
    Marshall: How'd I do?
    The pups all hold up different signs with varying scores
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  • "Circus Pup Formers" shows the gang helping a ringleader named Raimundo set up the circus, whose performers and animals are all late because their trains needed emergency repair. After the circus tent and stands are all set up, Raimundo receives a phone call. It's from a lion, anxious about missing the show.
    Raimundo: (with a nervous smile, like he's been dreading the concept of getting this phone call all day) Hola, Leo! What's up?
    A lion roar is heard through the receiver
    Raimundo: Breathe, Leo! BREATHE!
  • In the Halloween episode, Skye comes out of the elevator wearing the mustache of Rocky's Viking costume. She has to be told by Chase before she realizes it's on her face.
    • From the same episode, Marshall crashes in the elevator and scatters the other pups like bowling pins, complete with the appropriate sound effect. He tries to joke about it, with no success.
    Marshall: {Embarrassed} Sorry. I didn't mean to bowl you over.
    A rimshot can be heard as the shot cuts to show the other pups staring at him in disapproval.
    Marshall: Uh, next time, I'll spare you the wipeout.
    Another rimshot is heard. The pups continue to stare, unimpressed with his puns.
    Marshall: {Defeated} Okay, okay, let's go.
    • A little earlier on, Rubble contemplates what trick to do:
    Rubble: Shake? Chase did that. Hind legs? Zuma. Speak? We all do that...
  • During the episode with the bat, Marshall remains determined to catch a Frisbee Ryder tossed just before they get an emergency call. He crashes into the elevator as usual, but keeps the Frisbee even after their changing sequence and when they're getting into lineup formation.
    Chase: Ready for action, Ryder, sir! {He notices Marshall still has the Frisbee in his mouth.} Ahem.
    Marshall: {Nervously} Heh, oh yeah. {He spits it out to the side.}
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  • Within Rubble's dream that makes up the plot of "Pups and the Beanstalk", the pups collect supplies to make a giant smoothie that will placate the giant Alex and keep him from wrecking everything. Chase sets off for his task and is briefly cut off when Alex picks up his cruiser and plays with it like a toy car, even making childish siren sounds. The German Shepherd pup angrily chastises Alex for messing with police property.
  • Rubble and Chase dig up both ends of a tugging toy and end up pulling each other down as they attempt to free it. Zuma joins in and Chase gets flung back before they realize they're two ends of the same toy.
  • In the episode where they're planning Chase's surprise party, Marshall is the first one to make it to the lookout tower. Unfortunately, the power's out, so the poor Dal just runs right into the sealed automatic doors. Even more unfortunate, Rubble, Skye, and Zuma also fail to realize they're sealed shut and run right into them as well.
  • When Rubble gets caught in the train tunnel after attempting to deal with the fallen rocks himself, Ryder calls upon Zuma to drive Rubble's bulldozer to the site. He awkwardly attempts to borrow Rubble's usual response to action.
    Zuma: Zuma...uh...on the double!
  • After they fix the problem with the pool, the pups and kids have a pool party to celebrate. Rocky stays atop the lifeguard chair to stay away from the water, only to get splashed anyway when Marshall dives in. The wet, annoyed pup's response is to hold up a "0" scorecard.
  • During Marshall's training for a fastest fire pup competition, he readies to "rescue" Katie's cat Cali from the tree. Cali acts in a melodramatic manner and then has an "Are you serious?" expression when Marshall breaks the upper rungs of his ladder.
    • Later in the episode, Rocky rolls out towards the place where he'll fix Marshall's ladder so he can train...which is just outside the Lookout. Nevertheless, the usual charging animation and its epic music play.
    Rocky: {As he dramatically curves around the Lookout, in a heroic tone} PAW Patrol, we're on a... {He turns and sees the tree Marshall is parked under. The usual charging music dies.} Oh, we're here. {He backs up to said tree.}
  • A moment, courtesy of Rubble from "Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe"
    Rubble: {shedding a couple Tender Tears} We have to help the poor, witty-bitty kitty! {He realizes what he just said and shakes his head.} Uh, I mean, we have to save her!
    Chase, who has been watching Rubble this whole time, regards him with a suspicious expression.
    • From the same episode, the other pups move out of the way when Marshall comes in. Marshall proceeds to run up the elevator wall and just makes it to the ceiling before he falls to the floor.
  • When the PAW Patrol is called to ensure the train delivering the sequel to Pup Pup Boogie makes it through, the mission objectives screen instead cues the first Pup Pup Boogie. Most of the pups are surprised-with the exception of Marshall, who begins to dance.
    Marshall {singing} Oh, yeah! Do the Pup Pup Boogie! {noticing the others looking at him} Can't stop the Pup Pup Boogie...Sorry, Ryder, I'm done.
    • The Dal goes for a second round.
    Marshall {singing and dancing like before} All new Pup Pup Boogie 2! I got to dance, I got to... {notices the others watching again} ...stop doing that. Okay, I'm all done, for real this time.
    • Even better, when playing the game proper, Marshall attempts to perform the tail spin move. Being Marshall, this leads to him spinning out of control all over the place and knocking over the others.
  • As they ready for another mission:
    Chase: {Wearing Skye's bathing cap for some reason} Chase is on the-
    Rocky: Is that Skye's bathing cap?
    Chase: Huh? {He looks at what's on his head.} No... {Beat.} Be right back. {He quickly vacates to change.}
    • Both times in that episode when Ryder contacts the pups, Chase can be seen wearing the same cap and admiring himself in a mirror.
  • The pups quickly leave the playground when they're called into action in "Pups and the Very Big Baby". Unfortunately, since Marshall's water cannons were still out, he gets hooked on some playground equipment and is swung around and around.
  • In "Pups Save The Circus", Eunice the elephant stick her head into Mayor Goodway's office, looking for her baby, Ellie. Mayor Goodway tells the PAW Patrol "This elephant does not have an appointment!"
  • Chase, Zuma, Skye, and Rubble run for the Lookout, only to hit Marshall in the way. They roll into a ball that collides with Rocky en route to the elevator.
    Marshall: {atop the others} And that is how we roll.
  • During "Pups and the Pirate Treasure", Marshall, Rubble, Chase, and Zuma devise a catapult as a means to ensure any basketball tosses Marshall makes lands through the hoop, and not on Rubble's head. However, they're summoned as they try it out, which results in Marshall being dropped on the catapult, and then sent flying until he lands right in the elevator.
    Skye: {amused} Hey, I'm supposed to be the flying pup around here!
    Marshall: {strained, still pressed against the glass wall of the elevator) That's fine with me.
  • "Pups Save a Dolphin Pup" features the pups flying an inflatable dolphin on the beach, and taking it with them when they're called into action. Unfortunately, Marshall bounces off the inflatable dolphin when he tries to leap into the elevator, and is left behind. The pups ascend and are dressed into their uniforms, as usual, but with the inflatable dolphin wearing Marshall's gear. Everyone's confused, until a tired Marshall climbs up the sliding pole.
  • Super Spy Chase gets into position during "Pups Save a Ghost", so as to capture a suspected ghost prowling around the Lookout. He hides among a cluster of bushes...with his wagging tail poking out.
    Rocky: Hiya, Chase! Good hiding spot!
    Chase emerges from the bushes.
    Chase: Huh? {He looks at his backside, exasperated.} Why do I always forget the tail?
    • From the same episode, the "ghost" is leaving doggie toys around, swiping treats, digging holes, and leaving the Pup Pup Boogie game on-all treated as Serious Business among the pups. The "ghost" is revealed to be Marshall, who has been sleepwalking and, rather ironically, skateboards far better in his sleep than he does while awake. Even better, the inevitable chase shows him to have better luck on a surfboard, too, until he wakes up on top of a whale in the bay.
    • Look closely. The Pup Pup Boogie dog player avatar is a canine Bedsheet Ghost.
  • "Pups Save a Show" features the pups acting to ensure a play they partake in will go on. But Chase, who was set to play King Arthur, comes down with a cold and loses his voice. Marshall is to play in his stead, and his initially nervous performance leads to some funny bits. Be it flubbing his lines ("And I'm an otter!"), completely leaping over the Excalibur-esque bone, or "saving the Princess" by cushioning her fall after he causes the makeshift castle to shake.
  • After Everest digs Jake out of the snow in "The New Pup":
    Jake: Everest, you rock!
    Everest: I rock! I rock! I rock! Wait. So what kind of rock am I?
  • In the Halloween episode "Pups Saves the Trick-Or-Treaters", Mayor Humdinger's gluttonous candy-stealing robotic spider is full to the point of bursting when the deceitful mayor piloting it spies a stray candy corn, and vacuums it up... and the spider promptly explodes with candy raining down.
  • In "Pups Save A Stinky Flower", at a place where clothespins are selling fast due the plant's putrid smell, a skunk is leaving out of the place, wearing one on its nose!
    • Prior to this, Rocky is fighting Katie while she's trying to get him into the bath tub. Then the smell wafts in and both of them (plus a watching Rubble) look absolutely revolted; Rocky sheepishly admits that maybe he does need a bath, a sentiment he retains by the end of the episode.
  • In "Pups Save An Ace"; During her medical exam, Ace Sorenson tells Marshall she has a scratch on her arm. Marshall responds by putting casts on her hand and foot, and fitting her with a cone. Rocky rightfully calls him out for overdoing it.
  • In Pups Save A Wedding," Skye's excitement over the wedding.
    Skye: I love weddings. {flips} Woo-hoo! And decorating. {flips again} Whee! And dressing up. {flips again} And-
    Rocky: Flipping?
  • Mayor Goodway and Chickaleta end up sliding on ice and being trapped in her car in "Pups and the Big Freeze". While understandable, given that they are trapped in a snowbank and unable to reverse, Mayor Goodway gives out the distress call in her usual Large Ham way. Even better, she tells Chickaleta not to freak out, and requests that Ryder help them out before the chicken does. Chickaleta is sleeping the entire time.
    • As the pups race to the lookout, Marshall runs through a log, coming out trapped in a cylinder of ice, and slides all the way into the elevator, ahead of the others.
    Marshall: Hey, I made it first! Pretty cool, aren't I?
  • While Marshall's efforts in "Pups Leave Marshall Home Alone" are awesome in their own right, the episode has a number of amusing moments from just seeing him try to fill in for each of the pups. He pushes the other pups' gear around the Lookout (and subsequently has them fall onto him). And towards the episode's conclusion, he dons Skye's ill-fitting glider pack and goggles to save the last kitten, looking quite awkward as he does it. Even better, he starts zigzagging in the air, and crashes into the pups once he got the hang of it.
    • There's also Marshall's one-pup "mission briefing", where he takes on Ryder's role of running down the mission, to the point of switching places with himself and mimicking Chase and Ryder's voices.
    • Rubble briefly relates his dream of a world where cats can talk. Skye deems such an idea "weird".
      • The above Mundane Fantastic joke is even funnier after we find out that cats are as smart as the pups, just incapable of speech.
      • The joke became even more hilarious after the introduction of Mr. Nibbles, AKA The Copycat, in the Season 6 episode Mighty Pups Charged Up: Mighty Pups Versus the Copycat.note 
  • "Pups Save a Friend" has Marshall attempting to serve in the pups' volleyball game. It somehow causes the other pups to get tied up in the now-tangled net.
  • "Pups Save a Stowaway" gets some humor out of Cali being completely unable to operate Everest's snow plow when she falls into it. When she fumbles about with the controls, a sled pops out. Some penguins quickly hitch a ride.
  • For most of "Pups Save a Mer-Pup," Chase insists that Mer-Pups aren't real. When he sees that Skye has actually become one, he faints in shock.
    • When Rocky is turned into a Mer-Pup, he actually enjoys going in the water. But when he's turned back to normal, he freaks out about being wet.
  • "Pups Save an Outlaw's Loot" had quite a few, but what really stands out is when they get to the treasure and inside it is...long-johns. But there was a chest buried underneath that chest that contained the actual treasure! And the pups celebrate by running around wearing said long-johns!
  • In "Pups Save the Pop-Up Penguins," during the briefing, Ryder tells that some stowaway penguins ate up an entire train car full of fish that was meant for Mr. Porter. The pups' response?
    Pups (all at the same time): YAY! PENGUINS!!
  • In "Pups Save a Hoedown," Marshall (In a rare moment, mind you) makes it to the elevator ahead of the other pups. When the others jump in, Marshall is comically popped out.
    Marshall: Now I'm last. {The pups laugh as he slowly walks into the elevator}
  • In "Pups Bark with Dinosaurs," the town gets a surprise visit by Pterodactyls, a Utahraptor, and who knows what else! Ryder quickly calls the pups, and they...probably haven't seen Jurassic Park, judging from this reaction.
    Ryder: We have a serious situation! I need all paws on deck. Dinosaurs are taking over Adventure Bay.
    Pups (all at the same time): YAY!!!
  • Chase messing up his greeting to the Princess of Barkingburg in "Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown".
    Chase: Good evening, your royalnessess... ess... ess?
    • And again when she apologises for doubting him.
    Princess: I'm sorry I doubted you, Chase. You'll always be my favorite pup.
    Chase: Thanks, your princessness... ess... ess...
  • When Chase and Sweetie first meet, Sweetie gives Chase a condescending smile... then turns away and sticks out her tongue.
  • The "haunted" suits of armor in "Mission PAW: Royally Spooked" come off as more amusing than scary, due to their habit of dancing.
  • "Pup-Fu!"; Humdinger steals Farmer - I mean, Sensei Yumi's priceless martial arts scroll, and Ryder, Chase, and Marshall learn kittens are involved. They roll over to Foggy Bottom, and ask Humdinger, who acts innocent. Poorly. There are two lovely reaction shots of Chase and Marshall looking more doubtful than Cole Phelps and Phoenix Wright combined. At the 3rd Annual National Liar Convention. Somehow, Humdinger doesn't notice. Turns out Ryder didn't buy it either. He's just a better actor.
  • "Sea Patrol: Pups Save A Shark": Mayor Humdinger exclaims that he's "Being attacked! By an umbrella..." His exasperated tone makes it brilliantly hilarious.
  • Marshall thinks the other pups don't like him, and runs away in his fire truck. He has an adorable little Bindle Stick, and the handkerchief has his signature red-and-gold flame pattern. And a teddy bear. Later on, we see his tent...which also has the flame pattern.
  • "Pups Save a Heady Humdinger": The Kitty Catastrophe Crew bulldozer is headed towards Rubble's own bulldozer. The bulldog braces for impact - only for the bulldozer to not only miss him, but it turns out to be the size of a toy, small enough for Ryder to stop it just by using his foot.
  • "Sea Patrol: Pups Save Their Pirated Sea Patroller" - The Sea Patroller is taken by Sid. Chase not knowing that asks Ryder where Robodog is taking their ship. Unfortunately he doesn't enunciate clearly enough and it sounds like he said something else, resulting in quite a shock at what sounds like an uncensored swear coming out of a kids' show.
  • Also from "Sea Patrol: Pups Save Their Pirated Sea Patroller", Arrby hitting Sid in the butt with a mop. Even better is that his movements and tone of voice after the fact make it seem like he deliberately did it.
  • Much of "Pups Save Monkey-Dinger", but special mention goes to the hypnotized Mayor Humdinger pelting bananas at Ryder. His face really says it all.
  • "Pups Party With Bats": DJ Rubble uses his kit to play a techno version of the show's theme song.
  • "Pups Save Tiny Marshall": Marshall, having been reduced to the size of an ant by a shrink ray (in his dream) joins the other Pups in the elevator but they can't see nor hear him. He laments, "worst elevator entrance ever."
  • In "Pups Save a Goldrush", after Mayor Goodway introduced Ryder to Uncle Otis...
    Uncle Otis: "Spider?! Where?"
    • "Thank you kindly, Spider!"
  • In "Pups Save a Space Rock", Everest delivers a hilarious "Why am I putting up with these two?" expression during one of the Turbots' arguments.
  • "Pups Save a Tower of Pizza": The entire premise of the episode is so that the show could make a So Bad, It's Good Leaning Tower of Pisa pun.
  • "Pups Save the Squirrels" features Danny trying to ride two skateboards at once, leading to Rocky, Marshall and Rubble giving a gasp. When he announces he's going to do it backwards, the pups give hilariously over-the-top bigger gasps of shock.


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