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References to Toy Story in other works.


Animated Films

  • It is a Pixar tradition to insert the Pizza Planet truck into their other movies.
    • A Bug's Life: The truck can be seen parked outside a trailer.
    • Monsters, Inc.: The truck can be seen parked outside a trailer that Randall ends up at in the human world, using the same setting from A Bug's Life.
      • Monsters University: The truck is parked outside the Jaws Theta Chi house during the scene where Mike and Sulley try to catch Archie the Scare Pig.
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    • Finding Nemo: During Gill's visualization of his escape plan by crossing the road in a plastic bag, the truck can be seen passing by for a split-second.
    • Cars: The truck, this time a living vehicle named Todd, is a spectator at the Piston Cup race in Los Angeles.
      • Cars 2: Todd makes a cameo on a TV set in a resturant, and later at the Radiator Springs Grand Prix near the end.
      • Cars 3: Todd appears at the demolition derby, where the rocket on his roof falls off and lands on another car.
    • Ratatouille: The truck appears in the background while Skinner is pursuing Remy through Paris. You'll have to look very hard for it here.
    • WALL•E: EVE examines a wrecked truck while inspecting the littered Earth.
    • Up: The truck can be seen parked during the sequence where Carl's house first takes flight.
    • Brave: A wooden model of the truck can be seen among the Witch's carvings.
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    • Inside Out: A memory orb with a blurred image of the truck can be seen a couple of times.
    • Coco: Near the beginning of the movie, Miguel opens a window to look outside, and the truck drives right by in front of him.
  • A Bug's Life:
    • Woody makes a cameo appearance during the blooper reel.
    • Also in the blooper reel, Flik says "To infinity and beyond!" before flying away on a dandelion seed.
  • Cars: During the credits, Mack watches car versions of Pixar films, one of which is Toy Car Story.
  • Coco: Near the beginning of the movie, as Miguel dashes through his village's market towards the central plaza, he runs past piñatas of Woody and Buzz Lightyear.
  • Finding Nemo: A Buzz Lightyear toy can be seen in the dentist's waiting room.
  • Incredibles 2: In the scene where Mr. Incredible suffers mental exhaustion from trying to take care of his children, Duke Caboom can be seen in Jack-Jack's playpen.
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  • Meet the Robinsons: During Goob's baseball game, a poster for Toy Story 2 can be seen in the baseball field.
  • Monsters, Inc.:
    • One of the backdrops Fungus pulls down while testing Randall's camouflage ability is the familiar cloud wallpaper from Andy's room.
    • When Mary (Boo) is returned to her room, she hands Sulley a Jessie doll.
    • Rex appears in the blooper reel, where he tries out for the role of Ted, the giant chicken monster.
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet: Buzz appears in Oh My Disney.
  • Up: During the sequence where Carl's house first takes flight, a Lotso doll can be seen in a little girl's room.

Asian Animation

  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Joys of Seasons episode 15 is called "Toy Story". The episode itself does not resemble the film apart from both being about Living Toys, but given that Pleasant Goat has named several of its episodes after well-known films, they most likely named the episode "Toy Story" as a shout-out to the film.

Comic Strips

  • Off the Mark:
    • This strip features the toys throwing a barbecue, and Mrs. Potato head brings the potato salad.
    • This strip features one of the aliens among the green fictional characters attending a St. Patrick's Day party.
    • This strip features Mike Wazowski, whose reaction to seeing another PIXAR character - specifically, one of the aliens from Toy Story - with THREE eyes is to say, "Now this hardly seems fair."
    • In this strip, Woody appears in the Betty Rubble Center For Recovering Toons.

Live Action Films


  • Cody from Language Arts sleeps with a threadbare Toy Story comforter.

Live-Action TV

  • In the Yes, Dear episode, "Are We There Yet?", the Warner and Hughes families go on vacation to the Grand Canyon in a run-down RV that the Hughes family rents. At one point, Kim mentions that Dominic, Logan, and Sammy planned to watch Toy Story, but decided to watch A Bug's Life instead. Not the movie, but an actual bug's life.
  • Home Improvement occasionally made Actor Allusions, since Tim Allen was Buzz's voice actor:
    • Tim's in an argument with someone else (forget who) and it turns childish, with the other side claiming something "times infinity". Tim, naturally, tries to one-up him with "times infinity and beyond!"
    • An outtake scene had Tim playing with his character's nieces, where he pulls out a Buzz Lightyear figure and compared his own voice to the toy's sound chip.
    • During Halloween, one of the trick-or-treaters was dressed as Buzz. Unfortunately, it was Randy and not Tim who answered the door, so he gave more candy to "the cute little lion."
  • In Orange Is the New Black, Morello gives a...unique interpretation of the first film's synopsis.
    Morello: Hey, did you ever see that movie? The one where there's the cowboy and he's like the king of the castle and then, this astronaut shows up, and he tries to take over and so the cowboy attempts to murder him. But instead, the astronaut is taken hostage by like, this evil psychopath and the cowboy has to rescue him and then they end up becoming really good friends.

Video Games

  • The Darkside Detective: The action figures in the toy store include an astronaut that looks like Buzz and a cowboy that looks like Woody.
  • In Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, a throw-away sign in the Slappy Valley hub area says, Troy Story.
  • In the The Incredibles Licensed Game, among the vehicles that can be seen in the "Late For School" level are the Pizza Planet truck and the Eggman Movers van.
  • In LEGO Marvel Superheroes, the achievement earned for skydiving from the Helicarrier for the first time is called "Falling... with Style".
  • In LEGO The Incredibles, Woody is an unlockable character, unlocked by building Pizza Planet in the Municiberg town district. Woody can ride Bullseye and use his pull-string like a grappling hook.
  • In Blazblue, Rachel Alucard says the 'You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity' line to Ragna in the English dub.
  • In Exponential Idle, you get the "To Infinity And Beyond!" achievement for gaining ee195 dollars.

Web Animation

  • How It Should Have Ended
    • One episode provides an alternate ending to Toy Story 3. In the prologue, Lotso undergoes a Heel–Face Turn when he realizes that the only reason why he got replaced is because Daisy loved him so much. Also in the episode, after playing with Bonnie, Andy ultimately changes his mind, keeps his toys for himself, and takes them to college, upsetting Bonnie. On his way to college, Woody reveals to Andy that he and the other toys have been alive the entire time, shocking Andy and causing him to crash his car.
    • In The Stinger for "How Ant-Man Should Have Ended", Ant-Man meets the toys from Toy Story, who mistake him for another spaceman toy until he grows giant.

Web Original

  • The Angry Video Game Nerd:
    • In his review of Tiger Electronic Handheld Games, one of the games shown in a Tiger Electronics catalog the Nerd flips through is based on the movie.
    • In his review of Shrek: Fairy Tale Freakdown, when the Nerd is captured by the leader of the Shrek Cult, he says that he loves Shrek, and sings "You've Got a Friend in Me", before he realizes that that song was from Toy Story.
  • In an episode of Console Wars, Greg tries to write a script for a movie called "Instrument Story", but Dan points out that the plot is very similar to Toy Story, and decides to help him rewrite it. Along the way, the two decide to see whether the SNES or the Sega Genesis had the better licensed game based on the movie. In the end, Greg and Dan decide that the movie should be about video game characters who live in an arcade.
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • At the beginning of his review of Congo, the Critic sings his own version of the opening chant for Circle of Life, with these lyrics:
    Nyaaaaaaaaa, this movie suuuuuuucks
    You should get a refund
    (Go see Toy Story next time)
    It's in the theater next door
    • In his review of Felix the Cat: The Movie, the Critic calls Pim "Stinky Pete".
    • In his review of Small Soldiers, the Critic compares several scenes from the film to similar ones from Toy Story, such as the toys thinking they're real, one of them being chased by a dog while holding onto a moving vehicle, one of them watching ironic television, and one of them being launched by a rocket.
    Critic (as Archer): To plagiarize and beyond!
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • In the early videos, a puppet of Hamm that was given out at Burger King was used for the character of Mr. Pig.
    • Woody is a recurring character, wherein he spends a lot of his time hunting Shrimpos and drinking beer.
    • In "Jeffy's Birthday!", Mario takes Jeffy to Chuck E. Cheese's in an attempt to pass it off as Disney World. At one point, Brooklyn T. Guy dresses up like Buzz Lightyear.
    • In "Chef Pee Pee's Bucket List", when Dr. Brooklyn T. Guy gives Chef Pee Pee a blood test, Brooklyn tells Chef Pee Pee that he's going to give his blood to Buzz Lightyear, so he can take it up into space to the intergalactic blood tester.
    • In "Jeffy's Foster Home!", when Mario gets 20 happy meals for Jeffy (and one for Officer Brooklyn T. Guy), every single happy meal has the toy of Forky.
    • In "Jeffy Goes to Disney World!", Mario takes Jeffy on the Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin ride.
    • In "Bowser Junior's Wings!", Bowser Junior sues Red Bull for false advertising and uses the money from his lawsuit to buy a Buzz Lightyear action figure in the the hopes that it will teach him how to fly. He then tries to fly with the Buzz figure's wings on his back, only to fall to the ground. When Brooklyn T. Guy hears about this, he reminds Junior that Buzz's arm broke off when he tried to fly in the first movie. Junior then ties himself to a rocket in an attempt to fly like Buzz (the idea given to him by Mr. Goodman), resulting in the rocket exploding and Junior ending up in pieces.

Western Animation

  • In the 101 Dalmatians: The Series episode, "Mall Pups", a Woody doll makes a cameo appearance in the toy store at the Stiffle Mall.
  • An episode of American Dad! is entitled, "Toy Whorey".
  • In the prologue to the Arthur episode, "D.W.'s Time Trouble", Arthur is sent to take D.W. to the movie theater to see Doll Story 2. Arthur ends up seeing Slappy Blackhead's Way Cool Journey Through Time instead, which gets him in trouble with his parents.
  • Duckman: In "Where No Duckman Has Gone Before", a spoof of Star Trek, Captain Duckman tries to say "To infinity and beyond!" before Cornfed tells him "Wrong franchise, sir."
  • Family Guy
    • In "Chris Cross". Stewie mentions that Buzz Lightyear failed to show up to his Anne Murray "concert", and the scene cuts to Buzz trying to hit on women at a bar.
    • In "The Finer Strings", Stewie responds to Brian's statement that he and Carter are friends by saying "That's what Woody thought about Buzz Lightyear", which leads to a cutaway where Woody catches Buzz making out with Bo Peep.
    Woody: Bo Peep?! What's going on here?!
    • In "Throw It Away", Peter tries to catch if Woody and Buzz Lightyear will come alive when his back is turned. When Lois calls up to him, the toys manage to escape. Later on, Woody and Buzz are hiding on the ceiling.
  • House of Mouse: In "House Ghosts", Donald dresses up as Woody, Buzz and an LGM for Halloween.
  • An episode of Phineas and Ferb is entitled, "Troy Story".
  • An episode of Quack Pack is entitled, "Koi Story", and the title card resembles the Toy Story logo.
  • Robot Chicken
    • A sketch from "Kramer vs. Showgirls" features the toys preparing for Andy's spring break. Andy ends up "lobotomizing" Buzz by using him as a bong, and Woody ends up putting him to sleep.
    • A sketch from "Butchered in Burbank" features Buzz shouting "To infinity and beyond!" and flying endlessly through space.
    Title card: Buzz Lightyear didn't know that it is, by definition, impossible to reach infinity. He kept flying forever and was never seen again.
    • A sketch from "Rebel Appliance" features the toys returning home from their latest adventure, only to find that Andy bought duplicates of them off of eBay in the meantime. Andy ends up deciding to sell the originals.
    Buzz: WHAT?!
    Andy: I never heard the voice chip say that before?
    Buzz: Yeah, I'm a rare variant. Fuck you, traitor!
    • A sketch from "Secret of the Flushed Footlong" features the toys meeting Pinko, a wooden toy that embodies the stereotypes of the new-age, politically-correct, nonconformist crowd.
    • A sketch from "Molly Lucero in: Your Friend's Boob" has the toys do battle against an Xbox.
    • A sketch from "Snoopy Camino Lindo in: Quick and Dirty Squirrel Shot" has the Buzz Lightyear cup with a suggestively placed straw as one of the inhabitants of The Island of Recalled Toys.
  • The Simpsons
    • In "The Color Yellow", Ralph does a presentation for Black History Month where he says "Martin Luther King had a dream. Dreams are where Elmo and Toy Story had a party, and I went there."
    • In "Angry Dad: The Movie", Bart meets people from Mixar at the Oscars, and don't take kindly to the competition; Randy Newman proceeds to sing a verse of "You've Got an Enemy" and Bart is confronted by various costumed characters, including Mr. Carrot Head. Later, we see Mixar's nominated short Condiments, which is a parody of Toy Story.
    • In "Loan-a-Lisa", in the Itchy and Scratchy episode that parodies the beginning of Up, Scratchy and his girlfriend watch clouds resembling Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski, and WALL•E.
    • In "Treehouse of Horror XXXI", the first segment, "Toy Gory", is a spoof of the film. In the segment, Bart's toys seek revenge on him for the ways he mistreated them.

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