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Written by Aj Wargo, (with assistance from Titania 21, Excessive-Menace, nightelf37, Sailor Venus 372, and other tropers and non-tropers) this story is a Crisis Crossover between many, many Magical Girl series- but the main one is Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

This story is set within one of the many alternative timelines created by one of Homura's jumps through time.

In this universe, the Incubators have managed to convert countless Magi into witches, and as a result, the world is currently under threat of their actions- but they hardly care, since it’s more energy for them.


Only one Magi remains in Mitakihara, the main town they have visited —- Seinaru Hikari, the Gold Puer Magi. Gifted power by Madoka, who retains her godlike powers, he has been tasked by her with trying to turn the witches back into girls.

However, he will need help —- and thus, he will go on a journey, traveling to the worlds of other Magical Girls and bringing them to the fold. It’s up to him to save the world from destruction at the hands of the Witches.

The story will be divided into several parts. You can read the first one here. Before you do so, though, it is highly advised you have a basic grasp of the series below.

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Magical Girls Unite Retransformed has examples of:

  • 20 Minutes into the Future: The story is set in the year 2033, far enough for technological advancements and a few extras, too, while still being modern enough.
  • Adaptational Expansion: Ultimaguil had more agents than they did in their home series, though by the time Seinaru visits the world of the Twintail Warriors, they’ve managed to kill nearly all of them. They did, however, leave behind a bevy of Elemeletion Crystals for Twoearle to use to expand beyond Tail Gears and make other Attribute Gears.
  • The Ageless: Puella Magi are revealed to be unable to age past twenty due to the nature of their contracts, making them biologically immortal. Their families also become this after eating ambrosia so their children won’t outlive them, with the same rule of they can age until twenty. If they’ve aged past that, they’re instantly immortal.
  • Arbitrary Headcount Limit: Counting Seinaru, the Purificators can only dispatch five Units at a time to another world or a Labyrinth, though Played With as Sets of two (Kagami and Tate), three (Relaxation Combat Team Valerian, Chacha's trio, Aeris and her converted Familiars), and four (the Color Kids) can each count as single Units, and Companions (such as pets like Joi) can be "attached" or "detached" as needed. It's a limitation of their teleportation system, though it can be expanded under dire circumstances such as when the time comes to handle the Huckebein, and teams of Magi can group together to cheat the system.
  • Arc Words: Two:
    • "Purity" and other words like it. These allude to Seinaru's desire to save everyone.
    • "Happy ending". This is what Seinaru wants to give to all the universes, which is done by averting their tragic fates, in order to achieve it.
  • Art Initiates Life: The Magical Sketchbook, just like in the show it comes from. Unlike canon, in Purity City, it's used to do more than just clothes, as demonstrated in the hands of Akko Kagami and Netsu Hono.
  • The Atoner: The Six Leading Purificators are this, seeing Itzli's destruction of a civilization of aliens which lead them to develop remorse, a unseen feeling in the Incubators. They're hoping to undo the Law of Cycles in the first place.
  • Badass Army: As the story progresses, more and more heroes come to Purity City, creating an almighty army overtime.
  • Bat Family Crossover: Virtually every Puella Magi from across the series is present in this fanfic- and a bevy of original ones, too!
  • Big Bad: Ichibey, the King of the Incubators, and the true mastermind behind the Law of Cycles.
  • Big Damn Reunion: Many, and each one gives Seinaru strength.
  • Big Good: Madoka herself, as the deity who aids Seinaru in his fight.
  • Canon Welding: It’s revealed that the Kuro encountered by Kuroe is the same one Homura encountered.
  • Cast Full of Gay: Many of the rescued Puella Magi end up in same-sex relationships.
  • Composite Character: The version of Cutey Honey seen here is based off her 70's and Flash incarnations.
  • Content Warning: Before the story starts, the reader is warned of what’s to come and advises they stop reading if they don’t want to see it.
  • Continuity Nod: The events of Little Witching Mischiefs, the Japanese localization of The Unholy War, are canon here, as Honey remembers who Akko is, and, likewise, both of them remember Sally.
  • The Corruption: Physical contact with Witches or Familiars on anything that isn't a Puella/Puer Magi can influct Soul Corrosion to whoever they attack. This is why Heart Shields are provided and manufactured for protection, though each type has to be tailor-made for each "species". Honey managed to get off lucky for a while due to her artificial origins, and Tate Chiba was similarly lucky to not suffer Soul Corrosion before he was killed (and by the time he was revived, he received a Heart Shield).
  • Crapsack World: The universe isn’t doing so well for Puella Magi. The various cities from throughout the series are abandoned, and Walpurgisnacht is mentioned to have razed several cities across the world.
  • Crisis Crossover: One between countless Magical Girl series, more than any other fanfic.
  • Deader than Dead: If a Soul Gem is shattered, the Magi it belongs to is permanently dead and cannot be brought back to life.
  • Deconstructed Trope: Despite going against the whole idea of Deconstruction, this fic still does do this in regards to the ethics of involving certain characters who have no business fighting or don't have the means or will to do so, as exemplified when Mr. Pierrot (the Mystery Man) intervened in their plans to meet Miho, even for a support role since the pressures of battle will still reach even the likes of them. Similarly, Momo also declined the offer to join since she doesn't have the courage to face Witches.
  • Defeat Catchphrase: Whenever a witch is purified, they will first say a cheesy pun related to their appearance before screaming "PURITY!"
  • Demographic-Dissonant Crossover: Several of the franchises don’t mix up with one another well. For example, one chapter takes place in the kid-friendly world of Sweet Valerian, while the next takes place in the heavily-adult themed Gonna Be The Twin-Tail. And linking them all together is the Cosmic Horror Story of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • Diegetic Soundtrack Usage: During the second date chapter, Seinaru and Boyfriend sing "Connect", the opening of Madoka Magica.
  • Downer Beginning: The prologue sees a failed attempt to purify Pistis, leading to Madoka deciding to give Seinaru the ability to go between worlds.
  • Everybody's Dead, Dave: By the time the story starts, every other Puella Magi from across the series has witched out or died. Seinaru is the only one alive- good thing he wished to be able to turn them back.
  • Famed in Story: Most of the other universes visited exist as stories and games within the Madokaverse. We get our first glimpse of this in McDougal's barrier, where merchandise from several works The full list  were recovered from the Son'kas, and in the chapter after that, Aeris recognizes Tail Red and calls her by name.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Religion: There’s a church dedicated towards worshiping Madoka—- naturally, the Puella Magi herself is embarrassed.
  • Fictional Currency: Purity City uses Kyubucks, which look like American dollars with an Incubator head in the center.
  • Fix Fic: Beyond the changing of the fates of the Puella and Puer Magi, Seinaru also seeks to give stories which ended tragically or were unfinished a better ending. For example, when Seinaru visits the realm of Princess Momo, he saves her from being hit by the truck and helps her find the last jewel.
  • For Happiness: The Purifacators' goal with Purity City is to ensure the Magi can be happy and able to live in peace, with all troubles taken care of.
  • Foreshadowing: Future franchises to be featured get hints before their debuts. For example, Sudachi mentions being read a book about Rainbow Brite, who winds up being recruited.
  • Ghost Town: Almost every known setting is this in the Madokaverse, though how each one became a ghost town is different.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: It's revealed that the Incubators answer to the Council of Nine, of which Kyubey is the lowest ranking member. Each of them has a direct role in the Law of Cycles itself.
  • Heel–Face Turn:
    • Sorges, Yordas, and Haidenyans, after being turned into monstrous animals, all defect from Daimao and reform. They don’t go with the heroes, and instead stay behind to help fix the castle.
    • After being rescued, Yozuru and Sudachi reform Puella Care, with the goal of empowering and training teammates. They fully abandon the idea of helping Kyubey reach his energy quota so that he will leave Earth.
    • Seinaru convinces Dark Grasper to reform after talking to her and pointing out that working with Ultimaguil isn’t accomplishing anything.
    • After being saved and getting a pep talk, Kuro fully reforms.
  • Heroes Unlimited: The general concept is uniting every major Magical Girl Warrior you can think of into one mighty army- and some you haven’t!
  • Heroism Motive Speech: Seinaru gives one after Madoka tells him about the end of the Kamihama Civil War:
    Seinaru: That’s… That’s very bittersweet. I’m sad to hear it ended that way… But I won’t let it end that way for this timeline. Out there, in that world, many Magi are suffering and in anguish. They’re in trouble, and I won’t sit idly by, Madoka. I will save every last one of them. For you, for me, and for the entire universe… I will succeed. I will purify every single one, and we’ll all form the Purity City Magia Union… And we’ll protect the multiverse for all time. That’s my promise to you, Madoka… And I will uphold it.
  • Hub City: Purity City is a massive city located on another planet, which is meant to be a home for the Puella Magi since the cities have all been destroyed. It has many amenities for them, such as a restaurant, a university, and a theme park.
  • Immortality Begins at Twenty: It's revealed that Puella Magi can age, but their bodies stop physically aging once they reach twenty (with the exception of certain cases).
  • Language Barrier: Shows produced in other countries have characters who don’t speak Japanese, which makes it hard for Seinaru to understand them, so an interpreter is brought along. For example, Rainbow Brite and her friends only speak English- though Rainbow can speak other languages, but only languages her show was dubbed in.
  • Lighter and Softer: Downplayed. While this is still a dark story, Seinaru seeks to make the world better by saving every Puella Magi.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Mukuro wasn’t in on the Wings of Magius' plans regarding Walpurgis, and is mortified to hear about them.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: The story comprises several characters from other universes, particularly within the Magical Girl genre.
  • Mistaken for Afterlife: More than one Purified Magi or those revived via the Pool of Souls believe that they’re in the afterlife upon being returned to life.
  • Monster of the Week: The Witches, as usual, though the story bounces between visiting other worlds and fighting them. In addition, Seinaru gets to see why the Magi who became the witch witched out, so it's also Victim of the Week.
  • Mook–Face Turn: The Purificators are defying their former superiors, the Council of Nine, in order to undo the Law of Cycles.
  • Naked on Revival:
    • Downplayed: Yonjuushibey's Pool of Souls revives people with only the barest of clothing for modesty sake. When Tate is revived, for example, he wears a pair of boxer shorts.
    • Played straight when Aeris detransforms one night at her home and finds herself naked when she’s about to go to sleep. She was not in her Magi form when she Witched Out, so her clothing was not preserved, and was revived in her Magi form when Bergler was Purified.
  • Named by the Adaptation:
    • The Mystery Man goes by Mr. Pierrot to Seinaru's party and the Purifactors.
    • While Chacha's father was never given a name in the series, here he is named as "Carlos".
    • Walpurgis' two familiars are named as "Umbra" (the spirits of the magical girls she killed) and "Hyakki Yagyo" (the creatures who parade to herald her arrival).
    • Kuro did not receive a name in Magia Record. Here, she is given the name of "Mukuro Yamada".
    • Lurky is given the last name of "Bismal".
  • No Man of Woman Born: Seinaru believes that having a team of all boys fight Isabeau, who is immune to attacks from magical girls, will work on her and defeat her.
  • Numerical Theme Naming: The vast majority of the Incubators and Purifactors have this style of name, with their names being a Japanese number and then the suffix "-bey". The Leading Six Purifactors don’t, as they changed their names to end their association with the Council of Nine.
  • Official Couple:
    • Rika and Ren become one after they get reunited.
    • Seinaru and Inori begin going on dates after he rescues her.
  • Overnight Age-Up: Besides Akko and Chacha's artifacts, the Magical Sketchbook's Pen is able to grant this. Chacha once tried it to see what she would look like if she was older (it turned her into Magical Princess appearance-wise), and Erina once borrowed it from Netsu and ended up turning her body into Tail Yellow's... in her own clothes, rendering her euphoric over her now-tight clothes. Her maid Mikoto was forced to use chloroform to knock her out to turn her back to normal.
  • One-Steve Limit: Averted. With so many works covered, it would be inevitable that there’d be people with the same name. A good example comes with the Kito family, who share the exact same names as the Tsukino family- naturally, Tuxedo Mask makes note of it.
  • Original Character: Besides Seinaru, there will be several, and not just Puella (or Puer) Magi either. There are also original characters who turn out to be witches we've seen but don't know the canon identity of.
  • Our Angels Are Different: It’s revealed that, in addition to Magi brought into Madoka’s Heaven by the Law of Cycles, she has lesser angels who carry out her tasks for her on a daily basis, with Joi being the first of them to appear. These angels can turn into animals when they’re out and about.
  • Power Creep, Power Seep: With power levels all over the place for every character, it's inevitable that some cases of this will eventually occur. Puella Care do their best to help by strengthening Magi, though.
  • Reconstruction: Of the Magical Girl Genre Deconstruction, as Seinaru makes it his goal to help fix worlds that suffer from this sort of thing. Excluding his main goal of fixing the main Madoka universe, he goes to other worlds that fall under this trope and fixes them, too:
    • For Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, Seinaru is able to help Ririka destroy Buros and prevent him from spreading the Black Vaccine all across the world in his final moments, thus preventing Ririka from sacrificing herself.
  • Recruitment by Rescue: Applies to all the Puella Magi who are recruited after being tuned back to normal.
  • Redshirt Army: CARDINAL's Crimson Blouse (CB) Units, who are Hard Light constructs made by the AI to serve as general defenders of the city if ever there are attacks.
  • Released to Elsewhere: Kako is fearful that Purity City secretly does this to its inhabitants, and Seinaru, illiterate as he is, is informed about the Trope Namer by Joi. She is told that no such thing occurs.
  • Riddle for the Ages: Idano outright says the fate of the timeline where the Holy Quintet and the TSAB fought Walpurgis is this. This is because, outside of the universe, the story where this happens is a doujinshi named Madoka X Nanoha that is most likely a Dead Fic, having stopped creating issues since 2013.note 
  • Rousseau Was Right: Seinaru operates by the logic that no Magi is truly evil, and that they can all be made to reform. He uses this logic to find something the Magi truly cares about and exploit it to reform them.
  • Sailor Earth: Par for the course for this fic.
    • One such character from the universe of the Trope Namer is Netsu Hono aka Sailor Sun, a girl who enjoys tinkering on things.
    • There’s also Cure Determination, a godly Pretty Cure who watches over the Pretty Cure multiverse. She is mentioned to have six other teammates who have yet to appear.
    • The visit to New Townsville garners counterparts of Bunny and Bliss.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Right before any boss battle against a Witch, the words "Purification in progress..." are seen.
      • In keeping with the OFF references, whenever Seinaru defeats a witch, he will say "You've been defeated, (witch name here), Witch of (witch's trait here). This soul is now pure."
    • The Witch Adonis is based off of Claire's father from OPAL.
    • The ARK P2OSG-L42 that CENTRAL checks for a while is a reference to the ending of SOMA. Given that that satellite wasn't going to last long out there, it can be also considered a weird case of Belated Happy Ending for the cast there.
    • Parts of Tate's new shield has petals from a place called the Bladewood Grove, though the Purifactors can only acquire petals since getting the trees is impossible with their resources.
    • The Akazukin Chacha chapter starts with a pair of trolls named Harold and Marvin.
    • In the Sailor Sun chapter, before Inori first uses Judgement Day to kill Jake, she says what Jack says prior to hurling his blade at Aku in the closing moments of their first fight in episode 1.
  • Something Only They Would Say: For Sakaki to be convinced that Akiko was indeed Back from the Dead, he asks her a certain question.
    Sakaki: During our plans for the second operation since we discovered your secret, what was your role?
    Akiko:You called me the bear trap. I still don't get why you called me that of all things.
    Sakaki's face turned into a wide grin and makes a tighter embrace.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Many of the deceased characters' tragic fates in the canon will be averted by Seinaru. By default, every Witch ever slain in canon will be Purified back into their Puella Magi selves and allowed to live.
  • Start of Darkness: Every time Seinaru purifies a Magi, he sees their final moments before they became a witch.
  • Stress Vomit: Seinaru throws up after brutally killing Dikku to his horror.
  • The Power of Friendship: When two characters who are friends or family members reunite, Seinaru gets a boost in power.
  • Took a Level in Idealism: The more cynical Magi will gradually get their sense of faith after reuniting with their friends if they have one.
  • Turning Back Human: Seinaru can use his magic to turn Witches back into Puella Magi.
  • Undead Tax Exemption: It's Gojubey's task to justify this trope whenever Seinaru's party enter another universe.
  • Utopia: Purity City is designed to be this, an idillic and pleasant world where nothing ever goes wrong and the suffering of the Magi is eased, and everyone gets exactly what they want in life.
  • Vengeance Feels Empty: Even after she kills the two leaders of Panther Claw, Cutey Honey does not feel satisfied on her quest for revenge. Seinaru is able to pick her feelings up, though.
  • Wham Line: An offhand comment about Helen Keller when Seinaru watches the footage of Kagami fighting Akiko’s Witch (which is named Keller) causes Nijurokubey to say, "Did you know she was also a Puella Magi?"
  • You Are Not Alone: The closing lines of Madoka Magica are used as a creed by the Church of Madoka, reflecting that those who follow her will never be alone. Madoka finds the lines familiar when Seinaru tells her it, saying that she once said them to Homura.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: The ghost town natures of the various cities across Japan make it impossible for the Magi to return home. Instead, they must live in Purity City with their freinds.

Enjoy your new life here, and if you are ever desire anything, contact us and we shall give it to you!"