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The man who changed the face of Telecom, even more than Hayao Miyazaki.

Born in 1960, Toshihiko Masuda is one of the major directors at Telecom Animation Film. He joined with Telecom in 1980 as a in-between animator and became a director in 1983, taking over Hayao Miyazaki's unit after he left to go work at Topcraft to do Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Masuda is known for his wacky and fluid animation, and is the one who set the style in Telecom's western productions in the '80s and '90s.

In more recent years, he's broken off into being a freelancer; not only working with TMS/Telecom from time to time, but also with TMS's partner studios Studio Hibari and Magic Bus among other companies.

Productions worked on by Toshihiko Masuda:

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    80's work 
    90's work 
     2000's work 
Side Note: Due to other studios outsourcing varying amounts of work to Telecom by this time, not everything will be listed from here on. For a slightly more extensive list, click here.

    2010's work 
    2020's work