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This is the main character page for the characters of Vamp (the light novel, not the '80s movie):

Warning!! The examples below may include spoilers for the light novels.

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    The Waldstein Family 

Viscount Gerhardt von Waldstein
A viscount and Lord of the island of Growerth, Gerhardt is a centuries-old vampire. In the past, he undertook a series of experiments in order to discover a way to negate vampires' weaknesses, which resulted in him becoming a pool of blood.

As of the end of volume 3, he is no longer Lord of Growerth as he passed on his title to Relic.

Ferret von Waldstein
"...Honoured Brother, that was much too merciful an act."
Relic's twin sister and the adopted daughter of Viscount Waldstein. Ferret is an unusual vampire who has no powers or weaknesses. She constantly uses formal language and insists on acting like an aristocrat, which bothers Relic greatly.

Relic von Waldstein
"If you think I'm doing something wrong, then go ahead and speak your mind. Even if it means disagreeing with me. Remember? I just want you to be yourself."
Ferret's twin brother and the adopted son of Viscount Waldstein. Relic is a powerful vampire. Unfortunately, his many abilities are accompanied my just as many crippling weaknesses.

As of the end of volume 3, Relic is the Lord of Growerth, having succeeded his father.


    Residents of Growerth 

Hilda Dietrich
Relic and Ferret's childhood friend, and the younger sister of Michael. Hilda is an ordinary human girl who does not fear vampires or other supernatural beings.

At the end of volume 5, Hilda is turned into a vampire by Dimguil.

Michael Dietrich
Relic and Ferret's childhood friend, and the older brother of Hilda. Michael is madly in love with Ferret, constantly attempting to win her heart in whatever way he can. He is loved by many non-humans on the island because of his all-accepting attitude.

  • All-Loving Hero: Deconstructed. Because he loves and trusts anyone and everyone, Michael is extremely susceptible to betrayal and manipulation.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: To Ferret.
  • Heroic Resolve: Subverted in his fight against Rudi. Michael gets back up several times in order to help Ferret, but is unable to win.
  • Magnetic Hero: Michael is friends with a large majority of the island's non-human population.
  • The Team Normal: One of the few human characters in the story who have no special powers or skills to speak of.

Watt Stalf
"Ah, I shall say, I shall say—though you may criticize my words with claims of triteness, I shall say—Fuck your face, you son of a bitch."
The mayor of the city of Rukram(and after the merge with Mozartzungen, the city of Neuberg). Watt is a Dhampyr born to a human father and a vampire mother. Although he never lets it show when he's in the role of the mayor, Watt is a petty villain who is determined to one day defeat Viscount Waldstein by any means necessary.

At the end of volume 3, Watt gets hold of Relic’s powers.

"The Jester" Pirie Mistwalker

Watt's loyal underling, Pirie is a teenaged girl who wears clownish makeup and dresses like a jester. She is talented at turning to smoke, but is weak against sunlight.

"Mage" Masashi Mamiya

A Japanese salaryman-turned-vampire with a talent for stage magic. He is assigned as Watt's underling by the Organization.

Valdred Ivanhoe

A mysterious shapeshifting vampire who has a complex about his true form. He is assigned as Watt's underling by the Organization.

As of the end of volume 3, Val's vessel is the entire island of Growerth.

Selim Vergès

A shy alraune with the form of a human girl atop a gigantic flower. Selim lives in the caverns underneath Waldstein Castle.

  • All-Loving Hero: She took on the mindset that ‘no one is truly evil’, and has lived by it for centuries.
  • Meaningful Name: The name ‘Selim Vergès’ comes from the names of two people who left a profound impact on the alraune’s life—a girl named Selim who came to water the alraune every day, and the executioner named Vergès who took over watering the alraune after Selim’s death.
  • Our Vampires Are Different
  • Plant Person: She was originally a flower, but Selim eventually developed human form.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Selim appears to be in her early teens, but she’s actually several hundred years old.
  • Rousseau Was Right: What she believes in.

"Doctor" Theodosius M. Waldstein

A vampire who lives in the laboratory underneath Waldstein Castle. Doctor is in the process of researching immortality alongside his partner Professor.


An amnesiac vampire who lives in the laboratory underneath Waldstein Castle. Because she is unable to move on her own, Professor is always inside a white coffin equipped with caterpillar tracks. She assists Doctor in his research into immortality.

    The Organization 

Caldimir Aleksandrov “The Blue Flow of Blood”

The self-proclaimed leader of the Organization, Caldimir is a Russian vampire with a grudge against Viscount Waldstein.

  • Butt-Monkey: Every conference involves Caldimir being comically lynched by the other Organization members.
  • Large Ham: Yellow describes him as a ‘third-rate actor’.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Caldimir’s powers haven’t been revealed yet, but his abilities supposedly make him a formidable opponent when fighting one-on-one.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Like many other vampires, he hasn’t aged since reaching adulthood.
  • Smug Snake

Melhilm Herzog “The Violet Sage”

Gerhardt's sworn friend and fellow researcher, Melhilm is responsible for many of the Organization's experiments.

Dorothy Nifas “Snow White”

An officer of the Organization and Gerhardt's fiancee.

Laetitia Gitarin Aztanduja “The Orange Magic Lantern”

An officer of the Organization who enjoys dressing up and acting like a soldier. Laetitia has a fondness for watching other people suffer.

Aiji Ishibashi “The I-Shadow”

An officer of the Organization. Aiji appears to be Japanese, in spite of being twins with Yellow Bridgestone. Unlike his younger brother, Aiji is calm and composed.

Yellow Bridgestone “The Yellow Bullet of Joy”

An officer of the Organization. Yellow appears to be American, in spite of being twins with Aiji Ishibashi. He is loud and Hot-Blooded, unlike his brother.

Zygmunt Kiparis “The Green Army”

An officer of the Organization who is staunchly loyal to Caldimir. Possesses the power to subjugate humans through airborne infection.

Garde Ritzberg “The Black Gravekeeper”

An officer of the Organization who has the power of necromancy. Garde is loyal to Gerhardt, which is one of the only things keeping them from unleashing all kinds of havoc.


Shizune Kijima

A Japanese Eater who arrives on Growerth alongside a group of Vampire Hunters.

Rudi Wenders

An Eater working for the Organization. In the past, Rudi’s family was murdered by a vampire, which led him to becoming an Eater in a bid for revenge.

Theresia Riefenstahl

An Eater working for the Organization. She is Rudi’s partner and childhood friend, who also lost her family to the same vampire.

Carnald Strassburg

A famous artist from Growerth’s past, Strassburg is known to humans primarily for his artistic accomplishments. Working as the court painter of Waldstein Castle, he was responsible in part for creating the coexistence between humans and vampires on Growerth by bringing vampires to the island.



The leader of the vampire exterminators who arrive on Growerth in volume I. He is a grizzled man with mercenary experience.


A mysterious young girl who arrives on Growerth for the Carnale Festival.

Elsa Wenders

Rudi’s older sister who was turned by Theodosius and went missing about a decade ago. Elsa was actually a vampire to begin with—she was the vampire Theo met and fell in love with when he was still human.

  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Elsa really, really doesn’t like being a vampire.
  • The Lost Lenore: Possibly. If she really is Professor, she might not be so lost after all.
  • Posthumous Character: It’s not known if she’s dead or alive, but Elsa’s character is developed only in flashbacks. It’s revealed in volume 3 that she was killed by Theresia several years prior to the main story, but depending on Professor’s true identity, she might not be so dead after all.

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