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"Let's go, to the sky we dream of!"

Hololive Japan, officially known as just hololive, is the original group of Japanese-speaking Virtual YouTubers founded by Cover Corporation.

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Tanigo Motoaki; Motoaki "YAGOO" Tanigo; YAGOO [谷郷元昭]

The CEO and founder of Cover Corp and hololive as a whole.

  • Alternate Character Reading: How he got his nickname, Subaru once mispronounced the kanji 谷 in his name as "ya" instead of supposedly "tani", coining the name "Yagoo".
  • Beleaguered Boss: Many jokes made at his expense involve his idols acting in the exact opposite that would normally be expected of them, with only a few exceptions.
  • Benevolent Boss: He garners a lot of respect for being an amicable person in his interactions with all the talent and trying to do his best by them in order to promote their works.
  • Bullet Proof Human Shield: See Weirdness Magnet below. During her botched attempt to rescue YAGOO from terrorists, Botan picks up her CEO and uses him to shield her from bullets and grenades, with YAGOO looking no worse for wear.
  • Bus Crash: In Sexy Boomer Marine's story of an alternate timeline, her explanation of his fate was this.
    Marine: Ah, well, Yagoo... You know how these things are.
  • Butt-Monkey: Most of the talent has cracked jokes at his expense, often engaging in Biting-the-Hand Humor whenever someone impersonates him to join into a multiplayer game. Haato in particular makes it a habit to build and then destroy replicas of his face in Minecraft. He also has a reputation as this among the fandom, as whenever a hololive idol does something completely against the type of a "pure and innocent" image that traditional idols try to exude, it is common to say that his idol dream is dead or he's currently in intensive care due to all the stress.
  • Catchphrase: "Omedetou!" for when the talents celebrate a milestone. When he celebrates his birthday everyone naturally greets him back with this.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": Whenever the talent refers to him, it's straight up "YAGOO" without honorifics. According to Noel, he asks to be called that way.
  • Has a Type: According to Matsuri, he prefers Joshikousei in the eromanga he reads. This led her to have a realization as to why so many of the vtuber models look like they're high school students.
  • Never Live It Down: His statement "We run an idol group like AKB48" has been taken out of context and played for laughs by both the fandom and the talent.
  • Not So Above It All: Incredibly notable for a Japanese CEO; he is not afraid of his talent or the fans making jokes at his expense and will actively go along with their more harmless gags. His nickname of "YAGOO," for example, was the result of Subaru misreading his name and instead of correcting her, just went along with it to the point where some of the subsequent talent didn't actually realize that it wasn't his name. He also has engaged with his talent as part of one-off gags, such as voicing "Hellshake YAGOO" for Kanata or congratulating Polka for her 3D(ays) anniversary.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Seen by some in fan communities as a real-life version of Kyubey as a bit of dark comedy; many of the talent have gone through personal or professional hardship at some point, and in some cases, applied to hololive out of desperation to have a career at all. As a result, the draw to hololive to "become a virtual idol" can be seen as him making Faustian contracts with the talent. This is downplayed as many talent has spoken about how hololive is a dream career and one of the best things to have happened to them, at least professionally.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: As mentioned above, "YAGOO" is not his name, but rather a misreading of the kanji for his family name "Tanigo." It's so widely used that Coco apparently didn't know it wasn't his actual name until a few months after her debut, when Marine mentioned his real name, despite having met him in person.
  • Rule 34: Lewd artwork of him exists at the request of Coco, something she really regrets saying.
  • So Proud of You: Downplayed, but it is clear he values all the things the idols have done and will congratulate them on any milestone they make. He has also mentioned in interviews that his "idol dream" was less about replicating existing agencies but rather giving aspiring talent that may not have made it as a traditional idol the opportunity to fulfill their own dreams in a new medium, something he feels he has accomplished with the agency's worldwide recognition.
  • The Unseen: In a way. While his Twitter profile is public and his face is well-known, he seldom makes any appearances at all aside from the odd interview, and his Twitter account is mainly used for promotional or congratulatory purposes.
  • Weirdness Magnet: How he is depicted in the backstories of the talents. Which isn't a surprise when you have kemomimis, magicians, eldritch creatures, gods/goddesses, and beings from alternate dimensions working for you.


Friend A; A-chan [友人A]
Birthday: February 28th
Height: 157.1 cm
Illustrator: ordan

Sora's editor, stream manager, and general go-to woman for the technical side of things. She occasionally gets drawn into the hijinx and japes that take place amongst the talents.

    Hitomi Chris 

Hitomi Chris [JP:人見クリス; CN: 人見克麗絲]
Debut date: June 3rd, 2018
Retirement: June 25th, 2018
Fanbase name: n/a
Illustrator: Tomoyuki Arima

  • Bus Crash: "Graduated" three weeks after her debut, having only streamed once.
  • Shrouded in Myth: All of her content was removed from youtube and her twitter was either made private or deleted as well. The exact backstory for her firing remain unknown other than fan-theories and gossip. Only her debut, untranslated stream remains.
  • Un-person: Hasn't been mentioned or referenced by any member of hololive or Cover Corp after her firing.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: She only ever had one stream that remains untranslated to this day before being removed entirely. As a result, little is known about her.

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