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Hololive English is the English-speaking branch of hololive, the group of Virtual YouTubers founded by Cover Corporation.

hololive English generations/groups


Other members

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ENMa-chan; Manager-san
ENMa-chan. Click to see full concept art. 

First Appearance: October 29, 2020
Illustrator: Ina'nis Ninomae

Stream manager of Gura, Amelia and Ina of Hololive Myth. She made an appearance filling in an open team slot during the Left 4 Dead 2 collaboration stream between Gura, Amelia and Ina.



The stream manager for Kiara, she was mentioned several times in passing before Kiara decided to draw a semi-official design for her during a members-only stream.
  • Foil: In terms of design, she serves as one to EnMa. EnMa has black hair with red-highlights, JEnMa has blonde hair with purple-highlights. EnMa is almost always drawn as stoic bordering on tired, JEnMa is almost always portrayed as smiling. EnMa shares her name with a Buddhist God of Hell, JEnMa is an angel.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: She has only ever been refered to as either "my manager" or "JEnMa", an abbreviation of "(An as of yet unknown J word) English Manager". Kiara has confirmed that the J doesn't stand for Japanese.
  • Our Angels Are Different: This one is a stream manager for a phoenix.
  • Unseen No More: For a while she remained The Ghost who was only mentioned in stories told by Kiara as well as her drawing. She would finally appear on stream (albeit off-camera) during Kiara's chocolate making stream.


Unofficial (self-declared) members

Originating as a joke after the debut of hololive English Generation One, it has since become something of an Ascended Meme. See RunningGag/hololive for more detail.

    Haato Akai (Haachama) 
Being the first-ever hololive member to semi-frequently do serious English-only streams, the debut of Hololive English in Autumn 2020 inspired her to rant about her status as the resident English speaker being under threat, resulting in her officially declaring herself as an unoffical member of hololive English on the 19th of November, 2020. She has since made frequent collaborations with almost all of the Hololive English members under this title note , and has expressed an ambition to make her status fully official one day.

For her full list of tropes see Haato Ch..

    Coco Kiryu 
Being a native English speaker with a significant western fanbase, Coco was one of the key players who pushed for the creation of Hololive English, and also took part in the selection of candidates for hololive English Generation 1. After a discussion with Haachama during a collaboration about the fact that they were the 'original' English members, she also officially-unoffically declared the two of them as "hololive English Generation 0" on the 19th of November, 2020.

For her full list of tropes see hololive Japan - Generation 4.

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