Moe Stare

They just baked your rabbit into that waffle.

It was delicious.

So you're a male loner in high school, and you've been single for such a long time that you can only imagine a sweet Moe girl (of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl bent, of course), could save you from loneliness. Now you intend to draw her.

Well, we know what you think. There's no denying that this is your first basic idea of what she will look like:
  • she is going to cheer you up → smile
  • improve on your social skills → open mouth
  • be interested in you → wide-open eyes

That's why this vaguely coquettish facial expression is now worn by almost every female character in moe series and has become ubiquitous in series' promotional materials.

The next facial expression you will draw is going to be the Moe Squint, because she is full of wacky quirks and idiosyncrasies.

If you are looking for those other "Moe Stares" played for sympathy, see Tareme Eyes or Puppy-Dog Eyes.


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     Anime and Manga  


  • All of the covers and ads for the Yogi Bear movie have had the eponymous bear and Boo-Boo wearing this expression, though it doesn't come across as cute so much as vapid.

     Video Games  

  • For cute moogle boys in Final Fantasy Tactics A2, Hurdy may do this once (or a few times more), but his big brother Montblanc does it all the time.
  • This is the default facial expression of Flonne from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.
  • Fiona in Agarest Senki 2 is just so cute when she's staring at your screen.
  • As of 2012, the mascot of osu! (who appears for brief in-game periods) is a perfect example.
  • Pokémon Black and White 's Bianca is another character who has this as her default expression, both in the games and the anime (especially when she takes interest in a particularly adorable mon).
    • Rosa, the female player character from Pokemon Black and White 2, has this as her expression in her Sugimori art, and her in-game Trainer sprite.


     Web Original  

     Western Animation  
  • Dubois's wife in The Boondocks has this as her default expression.
  • This is also the default expression for Cornchip Girl in Recess.
    • T.J. uses this trope in "A Great State Fair" in order for Gretchen to help him.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic ...Fluttershy, anyone?
    • All of the main 6 ponies have this facial expression at some point or another, as the series' page image proves.

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl Stare