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Video Game: Eternal Fighter Zero

Eternal Fighter Zero is a Doujin Soft Fighting Game made by Twilight Frontier, who are known for other doujin games such as Higurashi Daybreak and Immaterial and Missing Power. Eternal Fighter Zero stars characters from various visual novels made by Key Visual Arts (and Tactics, before Key Visual Arts split off from them). The original version featured characters from ONE ~To the Radiant Season~ and Kanon. Later versions added characters from Moon and AIR, for a total of 23 unique characters.

The gameplay is based largely off of other popular 2-D fighters, including Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, and The King of Fighters. Several of the characters' stances and attacks can be traced to characters from these games, along with many Shout Outs. This game is also known for its many in-jokes and references to the original visual novels.

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