Characters: Path of Exile

The player characters, and important non-player characters, of Path of Exile.

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The Player



I am a warrior. I was born to fight, raised to defend my tribe. Now, I have been taken from my people, chained and exiled by cowards who fear Death.

Death is my brother. I do not fear him. I see him in the eyes of the men and beasts that I kill. I feel him travelling beside me to this new land, this Wraeclast. He will take me to meet the ancestors when I am ready, and I am not ready.

Path of Exile's pure Strength class.

  • The Big Guy: The largest of the playable characters.
  • Blood Knight
  • Mighty Glacier: As the resident tank, he's intended to be a big bruiser capable of dealing and absorbing a lot of damage.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: A member of the Karui people.
  • Religious Bruiser: The Awakening changed much of his dialogue to show that he is very devout to the Karui Way and their gods. Though he starts to question the Way after seeing how King Kaom has twisted it to fuel his delusions.


You can't own a life. Not a deer's, not a rabbit's, and not mine. Every soul has a birth-given right to live however they will...however they can. I take from the wilderness and one day it'll take me in return.

Not that the fat lords of Oriath believe in such things. They call me poacher and thief. Clap me in irons and haul me like cargo into exile. No matter. I'll make the forests and mountains of Wraeclast my new home. My freedom and my bow: that's all I need.

Path of Exile's pure Dexterity class.

  • Archer Archetype: She specializes in archery and ranged damage.
  • Ambiguously Gay: A number of comments towards female NPCs would be enough, but she's also the only character which has same-sex illusions luring her towards Merveil the Siren.
  • Does Not Like Men: She has particular disdain for men, even telling Merveil that her love for a man was the reason for her suffering.
  • Fragile Speedster: Normally dependent on Evasion-based armors and fighting from a distance, however
    • Glacier Waif: The Iron Reflexes keystone passive converts all Evasion into Armor on a one for one basis. Evasion armors and active skills give a higher value than an equal-level version for Armor due to differences in how the calculations work. Evasion also gets a bonus from Dexterity while Armor does not get a bonus from Strength. With the right gear it's quite possible for a Ranger to out-tank a Marauder.
  • The Social Darwinist: She believes in survival of the fittest and likes Wraeclast for how it forces her to be stronger.


They were right to fear me. If only they had listened to their cowardice. Had they not taken my home with fire, I would not have taken their children.

Now I am banished to Wraeclast. I've heard the dark rumours... seen the terror in other exiles' eyes. But to me one land is like any other. The elements are my allies, the dead are my servants, and fear will be my closest friend.

Path of Exile's pure Intelligence class.

  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: She's a creepy-looking brunette who in the character select menu begins floating.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: She finds Hillock and the Vaal Oversoul disgusting.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: It may just be the "witches eat babies" stereotype, but she's accused of devouring the villiager's children.
  • Lady of Black Magic: She was hated for her practice of the dark arts, leading her to become an exile.
  • The Necromancer: While all characters are capable of summoning, she's capable of having her zombies be especially powerful.
    • Part of her revenge was sending hordes of zombies against the villagers who burnt down her house.
  • Squishy Wizard: While she starts off as this, it's possible to avert this by building her as a tank.
  • Would Hurt a Child: In retaliation for burning her home down, she proceeded to hunt down their children.


He had it coming. Was I supposed to bear such insults with inaction, simply because of his high birth? That lord sang a different tune with six inches of steel in his guts. Now they call me a criminal for defending my honour. I'd do the same again to anyone who crossed me.

I care naught for riches, little for friendship. The duel is all I need. I may be an exile, but I will carve a road back to Oriath, one foe, one victory at a time. Ill fortune may have banished me to Wraeclast, but I will live to hear them scream my name in the great arenas again.

Path of Exile's Strength/Dexterity hybrid class.

  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Remarkably arrogant about his skills and treats Wraeclast as the ultimate arena.
  • Character Development: Insofar as it is possible in a hack and slash game. At first, he keeps on thinking about his life as the Oriath celebrity prizefighter and somehow going back to it. Getting to higher levels, though, he says "I'm starting to think there's more to life than prize or perish," and "I think it's time to leave this dream of "going home," it's getting a little tight around the collar."
  • Dual Wielding: He can specialize in wielding two swords.
  • Honor Before Reason: He killed a guy who insulted him. In a theocratic regime which banishes people - those who even survive the journey - to die in a monster-ridden continent for such things as performing publicly without a licence.
  • Royal Rapier: Brandishes one in the starting screen, and is quite adept at using them.


I fought, wept and bled for God and the Order. I would have died for my Templar brothers, every single one. And how do they reward my piety, my devotion? They exile me to the land of the damned. To Wraeclast.

I know now that my brethren are merely God's tools. He has given me this path to walk, so I shall muster my strength and my power... and my faith. It is my shield against the darkness to come.

Path of Exile's Strength/Intelligence hybrid class.

  • Badass Grandpa: Despite being the oldest of the characters, he's still capable of kicking ass.
  • Badass Preacher: He sees himself as being on a Mission from God and generally lends a prayer to those he kills.
  • Cool Old Guy: The eldest of the Exiles; equally adept with melee weapons and spells.
  • Defector from Decadence: He was a former member of the Ebony Legion until something caused him to rebel and get himself exiled. His exact rank in the Legion is unknown, but his dialogue suggests it was high enough to have once been good friends with Grevicious.
  • The Southpaw: The only playable character who is left-handed


A Simple job, I was told. Silence a big mouth. Get a big payout. And no one was going to be the wiser. Tidy. Except for one loose end. Me.

I would have kept my mouth shut. Professional integrity, it's called. Unfortunately not something my employers believed in.

They raised a toast to a job well done. I drank and next thing I know I'm on this stinking crate bound for exile. It's not a complete loss, I suppose. The way I hear it, there'll be plenty of work for a man of my talents in Wraeclast.

Path of Exile's Dexterity/Intelligence hybrid class.


The youngest daughter of a respect family. Dresses, dances, suitors... a fortunate life for one fortunately born. My life... had I not been different. Had I not thought more clearly, learned more quickly, dreamed more deeply and darkly than any child should.

There seems to be no limit to what I can do, no walls containing my talents. To my parents, I was a raw nugget to be battered and moulded into a prize for admiration, for envy... for sale. That life died on a wedding bed in Theopolis.

Today, Wraeclast offers me a new life, written not by birth, nor family, nor society. This life will be written to answer but on question: Who am I?

Path of Exile's secret Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence hybrid class.

  • Healing Factor: An early-on skill tree (ie, within the first ten levels) grants passive life regen.
  • Prestige Class: A hidden character in Act 3 who can only be used in later playthroughs; and as mentioned above, is a hybrid of all 3 main stats. She also has the most powerful Minion skill-gem in the game, the Animated Guardian (a quest reward for killing Brutus).
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: Her first skill gem is this; she tosses a ghostly version of her weapon at enemies; where it strikes several times along it's path. Basically, it's the cross-boomerang from Castle Vania, but uses your equipped weapon's stats and bonuses.

Act One

    Lioneye's Watch 


An inhabitant of Lioneye's Watch, and Act One's weapon & armor vendor.


An inhabitant of Lioneye's Watch, and Act One's magic & potion vendor.


An inhabitant of Lioneye's Watch.

  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Mildly, as noted by Nessa and Tarkleigh. No one knows whether he was always like this, or the shipwreck changed him.
    • The Cuckoolander Was Right: He had his moments of clarity, such as correctly guessing that there must be a way to lower Shavronne's Barricade from the other side, as Piety would not risk herself being locked inland.
  • The Power of Legacy: He asked you to not say anything about your encounter with Fairgraves, as to not tarnish his memory.

Elreon, Loremaster

God bless you on this fine day, exile!

  • The Fundamentalist: Other masters often express disdain of Elreon's overzealousness. At the same time he is an unusually tolerant fundamentalist as he has no problem with Catarina's work and outright states that thaumaturgy is not a sin or inherently bad.
  • Escort Mission/Hold the Line: A staple of his missions. Protect the relic by killing all enemies, or protect the relic for a set period of time.

Haku, Armourmaster

Talamoana, warrior.

  • Escort Mission: All his missions involve delving into a dungeon, find the lost Karui Spirit, and escort it back to the entrance.
    • That One Level: Often considered the most annoying mission, since the Karui Spirit in question often harm you by resurrecting nearby dead enemies, explode repeatedly for fire damage, summon enemies to pester you, or just plain falling rocks dealing significant damage. Once you got the Spirit, it is best to make a mad dash to the entrance using Quicksilver Flasks, as using Movement skills would dislodge the Spirit. And that's not counting the Timed Mission variant...

    Act One Story Villains 


A large walking corpse for the Enemy at the Gate quest.

Hillock is the first major obstacle the Exile comes across after washing up on the shores of Wraeclast, and must be killed before being allowed entry into Lioneye's Watch.


A cannibal for the Mercy Mission quest.

Hailrake safeguards a ship that had run aground on Tidal Island; finding a medicine chest that he decides to keep for himself.
  • The Remnant: Of the Eternal Empire, after it was destroyed by The Cataclysm.

Kadavrus the Defiler

A necromancer for the A Dirty Job quest.

Kadavrus is found at the Fetis Pool raising an army of undead warriors that are proving to be too much of a threat for the people surviving at Lioneye's watch.

The Deep Dweller

A shield crab for the Dweller of the Deep quest.

Deep Dweller makes its home in a region of the Submerged Depths, and was thought to be a major threat to the Lioneye inhabitants.

Brutus, Lord Incarcerator

A large human beast for the Caged Brute quest.

Brutus is the warden of the dreaded prison of Wraeclast who takes enjoyment in torturing those who become his prisoners.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: This guy was a master at this, and is the reason that he was near-universally feared in Wraeclast.
  • The Dreaded: Brutus was Wraeclast's Bogeyman. Mothers would get their kids to behave by telling them that Brutus was coming to see them, and men feared the prospect of a term inside with him.
  • Emergency Transformation: Brutus was turned into what he is today by Shavronne, in order to stop the Karui advance through the Prisoner's Gate.
  • Immortality Seeker: Brutus sought to extend his life using dark magic, which turned him into a monster.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: This guy's name would be intimidating as hell even without knowing his reputation.
  • Smash Mook: Brutus' bossfight basically boils down to this. His fists hit hard, and his ground smash hits hard.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: In addition to the smashing and the hook, he also summons spikes out of the ground to stab your character. He does it up to 5 times in a row, summons them directly underneath your character, and they hurt.

Merveil, the Siren

The mother of the Sirens for the Siren's Cadence quest, and the final boss of Act One.

Merveil was once a beautiful courtier who had a whirlwind romance with a swordsman named Daresso, who gifted her with his greatest treasure, the Star of Wraeclast, a ruby gotten in the jungles of Wraeclast. Unfortunately, the Star turned out to be cursed, and over time corrupted her mind and then her body, transforming her into a monster. When Daresso finally left her, unable to bear what his wife was becoming, it destroyed what remained of her sanity. She made her home in a cavern off the coast of Wraeclast; producing a large abundance of children that have haunted Wraeclast's shoreline to this very day.
  • An Ice Person: Most of Merveil's arsenal is cold-based, which can be nasty if you don't have resistance.
  • Artifact of Doom: The Star of Wraeclast, Daresso's gift to Merveil, turned out to be cursed, and over time corrupted Merveil's mind and then her body, transforming her into a monster.
  • Despair Event Horizon: When Daresso left Merveil, unable to bear what his wife was becoming, it destroyed any sanity the poor girl had left.
  • Enemy Summoner: In addition to her many ice attacks, Merveil summons statues in her first phase, larvae in her second phase, and two special minions that use Fire and Lightning in her third and final phase.
  • Fourth Date Marriage: Daresso and Merveil's romance happened remarkably quickly.
  • One-Winged Angel: After defeating her the first time, Merveil goes into her Siren form, which not only gives you more ice attacks to deal with, but has two phases where she summons larvae and then two special minions that use fire and lightning on you.
  • Tragic Villain: One cannot help but get a sense of sadness with Merveil, given the circumstances that turned her into a monster.

    Act One World Characters 

Captain Fairgraves

A lost sailor the Exile comes across in the Ship Graveyard.

Fairgraves tasks him/her to find, and return, his precious Allflame, but turns on him/her after the Exile returns the lost item.

Act Two

    Forest Encampment 


What troubles you bring now??

An inhabitant of the Forest Encampment and Act Two's weapon & armor vendor. Haughty and arrogant, he firmly believes that the Encampment does not need the help of "outsiders" to survive.


An inhabitant of the Forest Encampment and Act Two's magic & potion vendor.


An inhabitant of the Forest Encampment.


An inhabitant of the Forest Encampment.
  • The Remnant: Of the Azmeri people who founded The Eternal Empire.


A former Blackguard who becomes an inhabitant of the Forest Encampment after the Exile saves her life from Fidelitas.

Catarina, Master of the Dead

Come to me exile, let us speak of death and desire.

  • Necromancer: In tune with death and the hideout she offers is a graveyard.
    • Mad Artist: Her missions are all about helping her fix / refine her sculpture made of corpses. Subverted in that the sculpture itself seems sentient, and better statue makes her more in tune with death, making her stronger and able to offer better enchantments / items.

Tora, Master of the Hunt

Over here, exile!

  • The Archer: She offers various enchantments to your bows.

    Act Two Story Villains 

The Great White Beast

A large hulking white beast for the Great White Beast quest.

The creature is out for revenge due to torture it endured in the past from abusive humans; making its home in a nearby den east of the camp. The Exile is asked by the people of the Forest Encampment to finally put it out of its misery.

Fidelitas, the Mourning

A dastardly creature for the Intruders in Black quest.

Fidelitas safeguards one of Maligaro's two precious artifacts, the Baleful Gem, which was hidden deep within the depths of the Chamber of Sin.

The Weaver

A large broodmother spider for the Sharp and Cruel quest.

Making her webbed home in the Blackwood forest, the Exile is tasked to retrieve the second of Maligaro's artifacts, the Spike, which had been stabbed, and left behind, in the spider during a previous battle.

Captain Arteri

A Blackguard for the Way Forward quest.

Arteri is a dear lover of the Blackguard leader, Piety, who she leaves behind at the Prisoner's Gate/Western Forest passage to ensure that the only known road to travel from the coast, and inner regions of Wraeclast, remains closed from outside interruption.

Vaal Oversoul

A dangerous construct for the Shadow of the Vaal quest, and the final boss of Act Two.

During his/her journey through the Vaal Ruins, the Exile unintentionally releases an evil spirit which sets off a curse that shrouds the land of Wraeclast in eternal darkness. To end the curse, the Exile discovers that the entity can only be fought by mortal means if the Apex artifact (a combination of 3 fragment pieces from the bandit lords) is brought to the top of the Vaal Pyramid, and placed on its dark altar to summon it into the mortal world as the Vaal's guardian construct.

    Act Two World Characters 


One of three bandit lords.

Oak controls the forests north of the Forest Encampment; offering the Exile benefits if he/she helps Oak become the prime lord by killing Kraityn and Alira


One of three bandit lords.

Kraityn controls the forests east of the Forest Encampment; offering the Exile benefits if he/she helps Kraityn become the prime lord by killing Oak and Alira.


One of three bandit lords.

Alira controls the forests west of the Forest Encampment; offering the Exile benefits if he/she helps Alira become the prime lord by killing Oak and Kraityn.

Act Three

    Sarn Encampment 


Stay out of the shadows. They bite.

An inhabitant of the Sarn Encampment and Act Three's weapon & armor vendor.

  • Amazon Chaser: Noted Maramoa as 'intoxicating'.
  • Dirty Coward: Maramoa called him as 'someone who wins wars with false promises', and Grigor said that he's 'obssessed with self-preservation.'
    • Lovable Coward: Regardless of what they said, Hargan was a surrogate uncle figure for Clarissa, and even Grigor noted that his cowardice is an asset; once he considers someone as useful in keeping him alive, he will do almost anything for that person.


An inhabitant of the Sarn Encampment and Act Three's magic & potion vendor. Clarissa is not at the encampment upon the Exile's first visit, but is brought back by said Exile after finding Clarissa in the City of Sarn just outside the Vaal Apex.
  • The Woobie: Her lover, Tolman, was captured and tortured (or experimented upon) to death by Piety, and she would tell stories how she used to be better off back in Theopolis, even dining with General Gravicious.


An inhabitant of the Sarn Encampment.
  • Boobs of Steel: Quite busty, and there were accounts of her braving the ruins of Sarn and coming back unscathed.


An Ezomyte who had an unfortunate encounter with Piety and escaped, now inhabitant of the Sarn Encampment.
  • Body Horror: Just look at him!
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!:
    Grigor: Clarissa troubles me with pity once again. There is only so much flowers, so much broth, that a man can take.
  • Warrior Poet: Like all Ezomytes. While the Warrior part is debatable (the implication that he braved the Sarn ruins before his run-in with Piety), he was undeniably a poet.


An inhabitant of the Sarn Encampment who was captured, and tortured to death, by Piety in the depths of Sarn's crematorium.

Vagan, Weaponmaster

You there! let me bend your ear a moment.

  • Always Accurate Attack: His signature mod makes your hits cannot be evaded (although it can still be Dodged or Blocked).
  • Arrogant Kungfu Guy:
    Vagan: "So here's how this works. You take a crack at me. Your very best shot. I win. You die. You win and... I'm not actually sure, to tell the truth. Doesn't happen very often."
  • Blood Knight: His quests are either fighting him, fighting him with his flunkies, or a Body-Count Competition.
  • Body-Count Competition: With training dummies.
  • Hope Spot: It's not unusual for him to drink potion that would recover his health to full during his duel missions.
  • Multi-Melee Master/Walking Armory: His weapons / skills are randomized every time you fight him. He might even use bows instead of melee weapons.
  • No Guy Wants an Amazon: Compare these 2 quotes:
    Tora: "The way he moves, the way he gets all sweaty and glowy when he fights... I'd not complain were Vagan to find his way into my den."
    Vagan: "As fine as she is feral. That's Tora. Nice to watch from afar. Up close? I'm not a fan of claw marks on my arse."

Vorici, Master Assassin

''You there. A moment of your time."

Zana, Master Cartographer

This way, exile!

    Act Three Story Villains 

General Gravicius

A deadly Blackguard for the Sever the Right Hand quest.

Gravicius sets up his base of operations within Sarn's Ebony Barracks, and not only poses a serious threat to those in the Sarn Encampment, but acts as a powerful barrier against Piety and Dominus' enemies.


A dark thaumaturgy practitioner, the leader of the Blackguards, and Dominus' most loyal subject, for the Piety's Pets quest.

In a special turn of events, Piety is actually an adversary that the Exile comes across on multiple occasions. Her first appearance is in Act One where the Exile comes across her reading Shavronne's necromantic writings at Brutus' prison, but loses her after she forces up a barrier to the inner forest regions of Wraeclast.

In Act Two, the Exile catches up to her in the depths of the Chamber of Sin where she gets held up trying to take the Baleful Gem from its guardian, Fidelitas, in time to further impede the Exile's progress through Wraeclast. She flees once the Exile enters the scene.

In Act Three, the Exile catches up to her again in the Sarn Crematorium only to discover that Piety had finished torturing the man the Exile had come searching for. The two engage in combat, but Piety again escapes the Exile's grasp, and returns to her laboratories deep within the Lunaris Temple not only to continue with her thaumaturgy experiments, but to also ready herself for the eventual rematch with the Exile.


Wraeclast's high templar for the Sceptre of God quest, and the final boss of Act Three.

From the top of Sarn's tower, the Sceptre of God, Dominus rules over the land of Wraeclast, and stays in the shadow to allow for his subjects, such as Piety, to do his dirty work to force the people to do his bidding.

  • A God Am I: The official trailer reveals that he intends to use the power of the Nightmare to ascend to godhood.
  • Bald of Evil
  • Big Bad: Not only is he the one responsible for all the exiles to Wraeclast, but his desire to harness Malachai's Nightmare in order to become a god is what kickstarts and drives the plot.
  • The Emperor: Of the Empire of Oriath.
  • Ground Pound: One of his deadliest attacks.
  • One-Winged Angel: Upon seemingly being defeated the first time, the Nightmare transforms him into a grotesque centipede monster.

    Act Three World Characters 

The Gemling Queen, aka Lady Dialla.

A maiden of the late emperor that was directly responsible for the immense chaos Wraeclast has been suffering.

The Gemling Queen is met by the Exile in the lowest level of the Solaris Temple; providing him/her with objectives to help overthrow Dominus' reign over Wraeclast.

  • Apocalypse Maiden: Directly responsible for the cataclysm that tore through Wraeclast by defying Heroic Sacrifice.
    But I didn't want me dead! Malachai begged: for him, for the Empire. I chose me... selfish me. The Empire died, and I live. I live, and live, and live, and live.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: She was the Emperor's favorite until she asked one too many such questions.
    I talked too much, asked too many difficult questions. I was gifted to Malachai. My dear, troubled Malachai.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Near the end of Act 4, she sacrifices her Gemling powers to fuel the Rapture Device and open a passage to the Beast, stripping her of her magic, her youth, and reverting her to a withered crone who needs a cane to support herself.
  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: She refuse to let the Exile pity her once they see her state after being Brought Down to Normal.
  • The Remnant: Of the Eternal Empire.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Implied.
    Now they are my ribbons forever more. Forever more... I hate forever. I could tear 'happy ever after' from bards' bleeding tongues!
  • Woman Scorned: She never forgave Malachai for manipulating and betraying her, and her desire for revenge is what motivates her to help the Exile destroy the Beast.

Captain Fairgraves

A wayward ghost the Exile comes across exploring the Sarn docks. The ghost turns out to be Fairgraves; having regained his form thanks to the Allflame.

Fairgraves asked the player to collect certain items that would kill him, in hopes that the Allflame would fully resurrect him to his living, corporeal form. Unfortunately, that did not succeed either.

  • And I Must Scream: When you meet Fairgraves again in Act 3, he's stuck on his ship's anchor.
    This current form comes with rather frustrating restrictions. It's a small improvement upon my last incarnation, but I'm a man who used to poke his sticky beak into the farthest corner of the world. Now i can barely cross the road. It was no mean feat getting here from Siren's Cove, I can tell you!
  • Bonus Boss: His attempt to bring himself to life failed, and he's supposedly Killed Of For Real. But if you use the Mao Kun Reefs Unique map, there's a boss named 'Fairgraves, Never Dying'.
  • Easily Forgiven: You meet with Fairgraves again in The Docks of Act 3. All it takes was him to 'deeply apologize' for his moment of weakness, and you're on good terms again.


  • Ancient Keeper: He's been in the Library for a long time.
  • And I Must Scream: His Soul Jar portrait allowed him to survive the Cataclysm, but it also meant he had a front row seat to watch his friends and family slaughtered by Undying or turned into monsters themselves.
  • Magic Librarian
  • Soul Jar: Sort of. His painting now becomes the conduit for his soul.

Act Four



Kira is a Manakethe warrior of Highgate. She is intensely, almost fanatically obsessed with following the laws of her people to the letter, which causes her to chafe under Oyun's progressive reforms.

  • The Fundamentalist: She believes that the Manakethe laws must be followed to the letter. Naturally, this causes tension between her and the much more open minded Oyun.
  • Jerkass: Much like Greust, she is incredibly dismissive towards the Exile. Unlike Greust, however, she's able to show some semblance of gratitude towards the Exile as they accomplish great deeds.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: She is openly critical of Oyun going against the Manakethe's customs by allowing Exiles and former Blackguards into Highgate, but still obediently follows her due to The Chains of Commanding.

Petarus and Vanja

Vanja was an Exile condemned to Piety's operating table until Petarus, a Blackguard, fell in love with her. Choosing to defect from the Ebony Legion, Petarus freed Vanja and the two of them fled to Highgate.


The leader of the Manakethe settlement of Highgate. Recognizing the threat the Beast and its Nightmare poses to Wraeclast, she has cast aside her people's rigid customs and welcomes the Exile with open arms, hoping that they can slay the Beast once and for all.


Tasuni was born with a strange ailment that left him on the border between life and death. For this, he was to be sacrificed to the gods, but the gods refused to kill him. Now, he serves as Highgate's spiritual advisor, and manages the new Destiny Card system.

     Act Four Story Villains 

Daresso, King of Swords

Centuries ago, Daresso was a legendary Oriathan swordsman famous for his unmatched strength and agility. However, this all changed when his lover, Merveil, was driven mad by the Star of Wraeclast. Desperate to save his beloved, Daresso ventured to Wraeclast, only to meet his end there and be transformed into a champion for the Nightmare. He guards the Eye of Desire, one of the items necessary to power the Rapture Device.

  • Blood Knight: Claims that all he cares about now is battle, glory and victory.
  • An Ice Person: Attacks primarily with ice.
  • Tragic Monster: Unlike Kaom, who willingly allowed the Nightmare to corrupt him in order to fuel his delusions, Daresso was a genuinely noble man who just wanted to save his beloved, only to fall under the Nightmare's thrall.
  • Rags to Riches: The plagues that litter the Grand Arena describe him as going from a teenage hunter, to a pit fighter, and finally an arena champion.

The Beast

The Beast, Nightmare, the Darkness...this creature has many names, but one thing is for certain: It is the source of Wraeclast's horrors. Born from the hatred and malevolence of Vaal Queen Aztiri's Virtue Gem experiments, the Beast has existed for eons, spreading its Corruption to anyone who dares venture into Wraeclast. Now, Lady Diala has devised a plan to slay the Beast for good, but unbeknownst to anyone, the Beast itself has become enslaved to a far darker threat...

     Act Four World Characters 

Posthumous Lore Characters

You never get to meet these characters in person at least, not all of them..., but they were instrumental in the history of Wraeclast. Much of the information here is gathered from the various lore bits you find in-game and the flavor text of Unique items.

    The Vaals 

The original inhabitants of Wraeclast, some even call them as the very first civilization.

  • Human Sacrifice: Although they practice this, the Vaals were otherwise noted as a peaceful civilization.
  • Precursor: They were the first to utilize Virtue Gems, and had such mastery over their use that the Eternal Empire's methods were largely rediscovering these ancient techniques a thousand years later.
    • Benevolent Precursors: They helped the fledgling Azmeri civilization to develop and prosper.
    • Neglectful Precursor: Presumably, they were the ones who created the Vaal Oversoul. Their ruins are also full of still-functioning and murderous constructs.
    • Abusive Precursors: When Queen Atziri took the throne.
  • Transhuman: They were the first ones to implant the Virtue Gems into humans with successful results.

Atziri, Queen of The Vaal

  • Bigger Bad: Your beef is with Dominus and his Blackguard legion, but she was a pivotal figure in making Wraeclast what it is now.
  • Bonus Boss
  • God Save Us from the Queen!
  • Pride: She "wished to see her likeness reflected in the still waters of history". That did not end well.


    The Eternal Empire 
The second civilization on Wraeclast, The Eternal Empire was founded approximately 400 years after the fall of the Vaal by the Azmeri people.

  • The Empire: Obviously.
  • Transhuman: Researches on the Virtue Gems and rediscovering the Vaal's techniques led to these 'Gemlings'.
    • The Ageless: Gemlings can live for very long time. Most of the monsters in act 3, The Undying, were the Gemlings from so long ago. Lady Dialla, The Gemling Queen, was unique in that she did not (fully) lose her mind or became feral, in contrast to the other Gemlings.
    • Super Soldier: The Empire fielded Gemling Legions in its heyday. They were noted to be extremely powerful, able to curbstomp any who dared to face them in direct combat. Much effort were required to defeat them; one legion fell to No Man of Woman Born Death from Above, another fell to Batman Gambit for Hostile Weather, and another fell to Zerg Rush full of Determinators.

Emperor Chitus


Emperor Chitus' right hand man and a powerful thaumatergist. After the Purity Rebellion, Voll spared him, and he fled into hiding.


  • Boss Banter: He's the only member of the Godless Three who has retained the ability to speak, and he takes full advantage of this during his fight.
  • Depraved Homosexual: Fidelitas, a miniboss in Act 2, was his lover in life.
  • Mad Scientist


  • Karmic Death: Her first death was at the hands of Brutus, her own creation.
  • Shock and Awe: As one of the Godless Three, she fights primarily with lightning.

Marceus Lioneye

  • Last Stand: After his Super Soldier legion was decimated, he made his last stand in Lioneye's Watch. Didn't save him, but King Kaom respected his bravery.
  • No Man of Woman Born: What brought his downfall. Marceus Lioneye pursued the retreating Karui warriors not out of recklessness, but from experience and knowledge that Karui warriors are forbidden to use any projectile-based weapon. What he failed to take into account was this sacred prohibition did not extend to women...
  • Off with His Head!: His ultimate fate against King Kaom.
    • Worthy Opponent: From that day onward, King Kaom wore Lioneye's head on his belt as a sign of honor.

Hector Titucius

Gaius Sentari

  • Batman Gambit: After his defeat against Thane Rigwald, he retreated and came back with a much larger force drawn from other places, weakening their defense. Which was exactly what Voll wanted...

Lady Dialla, aka The Gemling Queen.

Once Emperor Chitus' favorite consort, but fell out of favor. For more information, look up her entry above under 'The Gemling Queen'.

    The Purity Rebellion 

High Templar Voll of Thebrus

  • High Turnover Rate: He won the rebellion, but his rule lasted for only 5 years. That wasn't his fault though; the Eternal Empire had been declining, and The Cataclysm sealed its fate.
  • Rebel Leader: Instigator of The Purity Rebellion.
  • Tragic Monster: Voll and his legions were among the countless lives lost in the Cataclysm. In the present day, the Nightmare has risen him and his legion as deformed skeletons.

Victario, the People's Poet

Lord Mayor Ondar of Sarn

Archbishop Geofri of Phrecia

Governor Kastov of Stridevolf

Commander Adus of Highgate

King Kaom of the Karui

An ancient leader of the Karui. His tribe allied with Voll during the Rebellion, but he and his people were forced to flee when the horrors of Wraeclast became too much for them to handle.

  • Broken Pedestal: The Marauder is increasingly horrified as he learns about the increasingly insane lengths Kaom went to in order to secure his "Kingdom" in Wraeclast. Doubly so when he discovers that Kaom has become a minion of the Nightmare..
  • Fallen Hero: The Weathered Carvings reveal that his obsession with maintaining a "Kingdom of the Karui" in Wraeclast drove him to betray everything the Karui stood for, and ultimately died in disgrace. And then Malachai resurrects him as his minion.
  • No Man of Woman Born: Combined with Defensive Feint Trap, his army ambushed and obliterated Lioneye's Gemling Legion.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy

Thane Rigwald of Ezomyr

  • Determinator: His Ezomyte army faced Gaius Sentari's Gemling Legion. Even with the Gemlings inflicting a 1:3 casualty to his men, he ultimately won the battle through 'sheer fury-driven courage'.
    • Zerg Rush: Account of the battle implied that his army at least outnumber the enemy three to one.
  • Warrior Poet: It took Victario the Poet to rouse him into action instead of a politician.

Sekhema Deshret of Maraketh

  • And I Must Scream: Her spirit has been imprisoned by the Beast ever since the Cataclysm. Tasuni tasks the Exile with freeing her.
  • Genuine Human Hide: Turned Hector Titucius into her Rhoa saddle.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Rather than slay the Beast when she had the chance, she chose to have it sealed away in Highgate's mines, allowing it to grow in power and leading to the current crisis.
  • The Sneaky Girl: Her people had long lived on and mastered their desert home. Their ability to predict incoming sandstorms and fighting under its cover were instrumental in decimating Hector Titucius' Gemling Legion.