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Token Religious Teammate
There's this one guy or girl in the team that stands out from the other team members. They stand out because of their faith or their religious values. While many of the team members may be atheists or agnostics, or at least haven't given much thought to religion, this team member is devoted to their faith.

Regardless of whether they serve one god, or multiple gods, or some divine cosmic energy, their beliefs have defined the way they see the world and the way they respond to any given situation. This may manifest in a Thou Shalt Not Kill code, or they may be a violent, psychotic character who uses their faith to justify their actions. Whatever the case, this causes the character to stand out from the other characters due to their faith. If they are militant, expect them to be a Badass Preacher, or a Technical Pacifist.

If they are Christian, they will almost invariably be Catholic. Unless they're wacky or hypocritical, in which case they'll be Protestant.

Quite often the Token Good Teammate, although psychotic examples could qualify for Token Evil Teammate. May also be the Token Wholesome.

At their worst, a Token Religious Teammate is Stupid Good or Lawful Stupid.

Contrast with Secular Hero.


  • Black Lagoon:
    • Sister Eda is the only major side character who shows religious affiliation (Catholic) in an otherwise secular or atheistic Roanapur. It's subverted because not only is Eda rather irreverent, her "church" is little more than a gun cartel and an undercover CIA listening post built into a church.
    • Claude Weaver from the Greenback Jane arc is implied to be a Mormon, but he's private about his faith and also has problems with some tenets of his faith, primarily the whole "thou shalt not kill" thing.
  • Seikai, one of the Brave 10, left the Izumo temple to pursue his own brand of Buddhism.
  • Gundam AGE has Max Hartway, a pilot for Woolf's squadron who always prays to God for strength prior to battle.
  • Yukariko of the Mai-HiME anime, as she is a nun.
  • In the American official Gag Dub of Ghost Stories, Momoko becomes this.
  • For the Death Scythes in Soul Eater, Justin Law is this, though he takes it a step farther in that he thinks his boss, the Grim Reaper, is God.
  • Subverted in Gundam Wing with Duo. Although he wears Creepy Cool Crosses and a priest's collar, he's actually a Hollywood Atheist.

Comic Books

Fan Fiction

  • In Waterloo, Private Tomlinson (Oleg Vidov).
  • In Cowboys and Aliens, Meacham.
  • Major League has Eddie Harris, the stock hypocritical Protestant, and Pedro Cerrano, the voodoo practitioner, who are often in conflict.
    • In Major League 2, Cerrano converts to Buddhism, which puts him in conflict with new outfielder Isuro "Kamikazi" Tanaka, who mocks his shallow understanding of Buddhism.
  • Holly Little from Starship Troopers: Marauder. In addition to Little, Sky Marshal Omar Anoke was also revealed to be religious but he was not worshipping the same god that Little was.
  • Deacon, from Red Tails, who made a point of praying to "Black Jesus'' for protection for himself and his fellow pilots.
  • Mad Max has two highway patrolmen chasing a maniac. After a crash one starts cursing and the other says that he doesn't have to "... work with a blasphemer."
  • In Smiley's people a man is found shot in the face. A detective starts saying "Christ, Christ" and becomes sick. His superior tells him that if he has to vomit go off and do it, but no blaspheming.
  • The Avengers has Captain America make a specific reference to Christianity. This is in-character for him (having been frozen in the 1940s and still having that mindset).
  • Dr Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus.

  • Relg in the Belgariad is a fanatic who observes strict religious rites, including stopping to pray several times a day, until the rest of the party force him to stop. He also has issues with sin, especially relationships with women, that he never entirely gets over even after he's married.
  • Constable Visit-The-Infidel-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets is this for the Watch in Discworld.
  • While in the Elenium most of the main characters are Church Knights, Bevier the Cyrinic knight is the most pious, stern and religious of the bunch, almost ending up in the Lawful Stupid ground. The other Church Knights in the group tend to have a much more pragmatic approach.
  • April in Everworld.
    • Jalil is an inversion as the only explicitly atheist (and anti-religious) member of the group. This had an interesting result when the gods of Everworld-Africa ordered the team to make a sacrifice to them, as Jalil and April actually teamed up in refusing.
  • I, Robot features the experimental robot Cutie, who attempts to make sense of the world around him (really little more than a space station one mile across) by turning to religious faith.
  • Robyn Mathers from Tomorrow: When the War Began. She isn't the only Christian in the group, but she's the most devout, even having a Thou Shalt Not Kill code. She eventually breaks it.

Live-Action TV
  • Lourdes from Falling Skies.
  • Zhaan from Farscape was a Delvian Pa'u or priest(ess). At one point she committed acts of violence so repugnant to her own sense of morality that she renounced her status and spent about half a season reattaining it. She was the spiritual heart of the show up until her death in early Season 3. Stark and Noranti were similarly spiritual characters.
  • Shepherd Derrial Book from Firefly.
  • In M*A*S*H, Father Mulcahy.
  • Star Trek:
  • Hershel from The Walking Dead. He seems to be the only character on the show so far with any serious religiosity.
  • Shirley from Community.
  • SeaQuest DSV has Communications Officer Lt. Tim O'Neill, whose devout Catholicism is singled out as a plot point in a few episodes.
  • In Bones Arastoo is the only member of the Squints to voice a religious belief (Islam). While he never tries to hide this aspect of himself, he did attempt to put on a fake accent in hopes of making the others think that he was newly immigrated to the country and would thus not give him a hard time about it. Angela is the only other Squint that shows spiritual leanings, although she seems more spiritual than religious about the matter. The only other character to emphasize a religious preference is Booth, who rarely lets an episode pass without reminding everyone that he is Catholic.
  • In the BBC's The Musketeers, Catholicism is the national religion, but (somewhat ironically) the Chivalrous Pervert Aramis is the only one amongst the Musketeers who seems to embrace it.

  • Surprisingly for an RPG on a board that usually frowns on religious discussion, Dino Attack RPG got two spiritual characters. The first was Commander Pharisee, who believes he has a divinely-inspired right to impart justice on others. The second is Dr. Noomi Shaw, who despite being a capable surgeon tries to use prayer as a source of comfort.

Tabletop Games
  • In D&D, there is a general trend for the party's Cleric or Paladin to be the lone religious, pious member of the party.

Video Games

  • Chirinide and her protector Shan'naal from Drow Tales. Notably the other members of the "team" mostly just find her annoying or ignore her.
  • Fletcher Emerson (AKA Pardus) is the only overtly religious member of Panthera.
  • Reverend Theo Fobius in Schlock Mercenary is a multi-disciplinary chaplain for a company of mercenaries, most of whom actively avoid anything regarding religion as much as possible.
  • Kurloz Makara, to the Pre-Scratch Trolls, in Homestuck. His particular Religion of Evil worships Big Bad Lord English and the Cherub species in general.
  • In The Order of the Stick, every team needs some sort of cleric to balance to balance out their stats. Durkon holds this role for the Order, Redcloak for Team Evil, Malack for the Empire of Blood and whoever-Durkon's-Evil Counterpart-is-this-time for the Linear Guild.

Web Original
  • Phase of Team Kimba, and Loophole of the Whitman Lit Chix. They even have a talk about their faith in a Loophole story, with Phase revealing that he is having a crisis of faith since he has lost everything: his family, his old friends, his wealth and power and protection, his long-held anti-mutant beliefs, his identity, and even his gender.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons:
    • Mentioned in "Lemons of Troy", when Bart is assigning identities to his squad. Todd Flanders is "the religious guy who goes crazy."
    • Marge Simpson is clearly more involved in the church than the rest of the family. And while for example "Homer the Heretic" focuses on Homer's dwindling faith, it's obvious on several occasions that the kids wouldn't go to church unless Marge made them.
    • In the thirteenth-season episode "She Of Little Faith," Lisa converts to Buddhism and seems at least as serious about it as Marge is about Christianity... when the writers remember to reference it, anyway.
  • On South Park, both Kyle (Jewish) or Butters (Christian) get played this way in some episodes, though not as heavily as most examples.
  • Tim in The Cleveland Show.
  • Beyal in Mon Suno.

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