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    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing 

    Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed 
  • The various tracks are displayed on floating islands.
  • The Mii's All Star Move is based on Find Mii/Street Pass Quest.
  • All Star themes sources:
    • Sonic: The version of "Reach for the Stars" used for Super Sonic in Sonic Colors (Wii version).
    • Shadow: An extended version of the song which plays during his transformation into Super Shadow in Shadow the Hedgehog, which is itself a medley of "I Am All of Me", "Live and Learn", and "Digital Circuit".
    • Knuckles and Amy: Their theme songs from Sonic Adventure.
    • Tails: The invincibility theme from Sonic Adventure.
    • Dr. Eggman: His theme song from Sonic Adventure 2, "E.G.G.M.A.N."
    • Vyse: "Sudden Storm", the theme that plays whenever Rhaknam is encountered.
    • Beat: A portion of "Grace and Glory".
    • Gum: A portion of "Let Mom Sleep".
    • NiGHTS: A portion of "Message from Nightopia".
    • Reala: A portion of Wizeman's theme, "D'Force Master".
    • B.D. Joe: An instrumental remix of The Offspring's "All I Want", which played in the title screen of Crazy Taxi.
    • Avatar: A jingle heard in the Avatar marketplace as of the November 2010 dashboard update.
    • Metal Sonic: His boss theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.
    • Ralph: The 0:25-0:40 part of "Life in the Arcade", the track playing during Ralph's Opening Narration in Wreck-It Ralph.
    • Amigo: The Minigame theme from Sambade Amigo on Wii.
    • AiAi: The Placed Well music used in the side-modes in Super Monkey Ball 3D.
    • MeeMee: The bonus stage music from Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll, specifically its remix from Super Monkey Ball 3D.
    • Gilius: The showdown theme from Golden Axe's Genesis port.
    • Alex Kidd: The main theme from Alex Kidd in Miracle World.
    • Team Fortress: The main theme from Team Fortress 2.
    • Joe Musashi: "Shinobi", the opening theme from the PS2 Shinobi game.
    • AGES: The "City 202" music from After Burner.
    • Shogun: A portion of "Good Death", one of the battle themes in Total War: Shogun 2.
    • Ulala: A portion of "The Reporter from Space Channel 5".
    • Pudding: A portion of "Guitar Showdown" from Space Channel 5: Part 2.
    • General Winter: The Ominous Russian Chanting of "Don't Weep, That Time Has Passed" from Company of Heroes 2 (and we mean only the chanting, which was extracted seperately from the original source music for this game).
    • Yogscast: "Gay Activity", stock music that serves as the channel's intro theme.
    • Ryo Hazuki: "Earth and Sea" from Shenmue.
    • Mii: This very game's matchmaking music, for some reason.
    • Danica Patrick and Football Manager: Original music, because Danica is a real-life person and Football Manager has literally no music to speak of.
  • Shadow's car is emablazoned with the GUN logo.
  • Word of God confirmed Tails' vehicle is based on his Sonic Drift 2 car.
  • AGES takes three forms: the Hornet race car from Daytona USA, the F-14 Tomcat from After Burner, and a speedboat that resembles a Dreamcast controller.
  • Stickers named for Sega games;
  • Stickers named after something within other Sega games:
    • Spin Dash Explanation 
    • Team Sonic Explanation 
    • Buzz Bomber Explanation 
    • Newtron Explanation 
    • Tornado Explanation 
    • Speed Shoes Explanation 
    • Chao Down, Chao GardenerExplanation 
    • Scrap BrainExplanation 
    • Super Sonic Racer Explanation 
    • Drift More Explanation 
    • Triple A Explanation 
    • Welcome To Victory Lane Explanation 
    • The King of Speed Explanation 
    • Vyse The Legend Explanation 
    • Pirate's Wrath Explanation 
    • De Rol Le Credits Explanation 
    • You Got The Horn Explanation 
    • Justice Shot Explanation 
    • Link Chain Explanation 
    • Dream DelightExplanation 
    • Super ParalooperExplanation 
    • Race Leader Explanation 
    • Time Extension Explanation 
    • Parts Shop Explanation 
    • Arrow of Light Explanation 
    • Sega Saturn Shiro Explanation 
    • Monkey TargetExplanation 
    • Fall Out! Explanation 
    • Humming the BasslineExplanation 
    • Like a ButterflyExplanation 
    • Rise From Your GraveExplanation 
    • Ax Battler Explanation 
    • Edelweiss Explanation 
    • Glide Wing Explanation 
    • Legend of the Streets Explanation 
    • Meteor Strike Explanation 
    • You're Doing Great! Explanation 
    • Welcome To The Fantasy Zone Explanation 
    • Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Explanation 
  • Stickers named after miscellaneous Sega concepts:
    • Mega Jet Explanation 
    • Nomad Explanation 
    • Genesis Explanation 
    • To Be This Good, Takes AGES Explanation 
    • Blast Processing Explanation 
    • System Master Explanation 
    • Menacer Explanation 
  • Stickers named after non-Sega concepts:
    • SUMO Wrestled Explanation 
    • Yokozuna Explanation 
    • Zui Quan Explanation 
    • Miles Per Hour note 
    • Pioneer Explanation 

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