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  • Fridge Horror: Metal Sonic has a skeleton. At first, it doesn't make sense, but when you realise what Eggman originally put in his robots to power them...
  • Fridge Brilliance: Technical reasons aside... why is Sonic driving a car? Well, being the fastest thing alive, he would be disqualified if he were on foot. Plus, considering the nature of the races in the sequel, he would not be able to keep up on water or above ground.
    • Sonic Lampshades this in Sonic Universe #45 after being asked why he has to drive; he finishes the race in a millisecond on foot, answering that question.
    • Similarly, Beat, being that he can apparently skate as fast as his car, would probably also be disqualified for being on foot if he didn't save his skates for his All-Star, and that he probably can't skate in the air or the water for Transformed.
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    • Additionally, it's been established that Sonic likes to play fair and will ratchet himself back a bit or abide by the rules in the name of sportsmanship. He stuck to Extreme Gear for the Ex-World Grand Prix, of course he'd hop in a car for this.
    • Also, it's very hard to drift on foot.
      • And, for Transformed, Sonic cannot swim or fly. He needs that shifting car to remain in the races. Opa-Opa is perhaps the only protagonist of a SEGA game able to travel in all three ways without a vehicle to help. Which is what makes Opa-Opa's removal in Transformed itself mindboggling.
    • I'd also imagine his legs getting tired from running everywhere.
    • This also accounts for Metal Sonic's using a vehicle, as he's shown to want to beat Sonic on more-or-less even terms...while giving himself a slight boost such as enhanced moves or skills, a move copier or the threat of imminent doom.
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  • Mii's All-Star Move in Transformed surrounds him or her around shields and attacks with swords. This may seem out of place, but if you own a 3DS and remember Find Mii...
  • Why would Wreck-It Ralph choose to be in something so simple as a racing game rather than, say, an action game? Because in this game, there's no death or health for him to worry about, so he doesn't have to worry about dying outside his own game.

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