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  • The Death Egg Zone track from Racing's DLC pack features an endless array of weapons, machines, and fighters all preparing to mobilize, and then you see Ristar, standing in the middle of the battle station cheerfully waving at the racers.
  • In All Stars Racing Transformed, if you go to audio options and lower the voice volume, the announcer will discourage you with remarks like "What? You're going the wrong way!" and "This is my only job!". If you increase the volume instead, he'll compliment you with remarks like "Congratulations! You've turned up the awesome!" and "I'm loving the sound of my own voice!"
  • In the promotional comic for Transformed, as Eggman announces his threats to each of the other racers (destroying Sonic, taking control of the moonstones, etc) he turns to Beat and tells him that his evil plan for Tokyo-to is... to bring order to it and keep gangs off the streets.
    • As well as turn AiAi's banana horde into smoothies for himself.
    • and as they race:
      Eggman: Hey Sonic. You're too slow!
      Sonic: Oh no he didn't.
  • Also from Transformed: Driving through electricity or lasers (or being attacked by All-Star moves that involve electricity) as Sonic or Shadow reveal that they have bones in their quills.
  • One of the DLC characters is... General Winter. Yes, a Russian general, in a battle tank, which transforms into a submarine and a plane. He was released on the 4th of July, for massive irony. It's hilarious as it is audacious.

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