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  • In Racing Transformed's promotional comic, Vyse parries Robotnik's missiles with his cutlasses.
  • Only a background event, but still awesome; in Rogue's Landing, one Blue Rogue ship manages to sink a Valuan Armada airship into the lake section of the track, with a single shot from behind!
    • Whoever is in first on this track gets one on the beginning of the third lap, as they get to fly behind the Delphinus as it flies between battling Valuan and Blue Rogue ships to take on the Hydra.
    • Hell, the entire track design is a Moment of Awesome for Sumo Digital. Apparently, the original producer of Skies Of Arcadia was moved close to tears by their faithful recreation of the game.
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  • Rather than leave the Dummied Out Football Manager and Shogun as they were, in the PC version of Transformed, they are fully playable exclusives.
  • In the promotional comic for Transformed, Eggman actually manages to burn Sonic:
    Eggman: Hey Sonic. You're too slow!
    Sonic: Oh no he didn't.
  • In Sega Superstars Tennis, there's Sonic saving Amigo from falling into a pit followed quickly by him running across the the cliffside of Green Hill in order to return a shot from Eggman that nobody else was able to catch.
  • In spite of the controversy created by it, the Yogscast charity DLC raised enough money to work some real magic in at least one person's life. Meet Elliot.


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