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Recap / The Sopranos S 5 E 13 All Due Respect

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Phil, Johnny Sack and Jimmy Petrille reclaim Billy's dead body from the morgue. Phil wants a long and slow death for Tony B. He and a henchman look for Chris as an attempt at partial satisfaction. Phil intimidates Chris' mother, who runs away crying, while his own henchman reminds him that family members of Mafiasos are off limits according to the rules. Phil then shows up at the Crazy Horse, and then uses his cane to beat Benny Fazzio to within an inch of his life in the parking lot.


The rest of the Jersey mob are becoming increasingly unhappy with Tony S. The New York mob is squeezing them financially, and they also feel that Tony S won't protect them by giving up Tony B, especially after the beating Benny suffered. Tony S struggles immensely with whether to give up Tony B, knowing that Phil likely plans to torture his cousin to death.

Carmela and Tony struggle with what to do about A.J. Carmela also begins planning the new house with Hugh. She's also curious as to why Adriana hasn't been around for a while, so she calls Chris. Chris lies to her and tells her that Adriana broke up with him and moved away. A.J. starts to show a talent for planning parties and events. Carmela and Tony latch onto it as a hope that A.J. can somehow make something of himself.

Tony S heads over to Paulie's home to confront him over perceived disloyalty. There he notices that Paulie salvaged the painting of Pie-Oh-My and Tony, with Tony repainted to wear a uniform like Napoleon. Tony berates Paulie, leaves with the painting, and then tosses it into a nearby dumpster. But then Tony ponders the details of the Napoleon retouches to the painting, and realizes that he has a responsibility to his own men.


Tony B drives to Uncle Pat's farm after shopping for groceries. Tony S ambushes his cousin and kills him with a shotgun blast, both to protect the rest of the Jersey mob from any fallout with New York, and to spare his cousin from being tortured to death by the New York mob.

Johnny Sack calls Tony S afterwards. Both Johnny and Phil are furious that Tony S gave Tony B a quick kill. Tony S tries to appease them by offering Phil a share of the profits from the casino that Tony B used to run. Tony S and Sack later meet up at the latter's residence, and manage to work out a peace agreement, one that will require the brutally violent Phil to quell his own desires for vengeance. Their reconciliation is cut short as FBI agents close in to arrest Sack. Tony S manages to escape, and throws away his handgun. He calls up his lawyer, Neil Mink, who informs him that the Brooklyn FBI weren't there for Tony as their warrant focused exclusively on Johnny Sack. Mink also informs Tony S that Jimmy Petrille had turned informer, leading to Sack's arrest.




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