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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • Eat this!note 
  • "Clench your asshole super tight and scream [[smash]] from the bottom of your heart!!!"note 
  • Deku's rival harem.note 
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  • SHOOOOTOOOO!!!!note 
  • The Deku Headbang. (Epileptic Flashing Lights warning)note 
  • Even All For One is a better father than Endeavor.note 
  • Hugarakanote 
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  • Dad Mightnote 
  • "Those aren't just random [Insert Character/Object/Action Here] Each of those [Insert Character/Object/Action Here]... is more than 100% of his power!" note 
  • Bethesda Fallout man.note 
  • Deep Dopenote 
  • Shoto eatingExplanation 
  • Barbarian King Bakugonote 
  • Little Red Riot HoodExplanation 
  • Rat bitchExplanation 
  • Midoriya's QuirkExplanation 
    • Midoriya's MutteringExplanation 
    • Midoriya's NotetakingExplanation 
    • Quirk: Ocular GushersExplanation 
    • Fire + Attracting Objects = Attracting Hot Things.note 
  • You Say Run Goes With Everythingnote 
  • The Traitor is (blank)note 
  • PLUS ULTRAnote 
  • "Never ever go for this. Only villains do that."note 
  • Posting nude pictures of Hagakure along with comments about how lewd and inappropriate it is. In general, she's a bit of a magnet for fanservice jokes in the fandom. It's helped by her actual hero costume being literally just a pair of gloves and shoes, and that said memes are remarkably easy to do (similar to the old "There are fifty ninjas in this picture" meme).
  • (Noun) FUCKING (Verb)Snote 
  • I HAVE LEGS!Explanation 
  • Time to break my bones! Explanation 
  • Confused Bakugonote 
  • "Your finest X, please."note 
  • Season 3 of Free! looks great.note 
  • Several funny moments like Midoriya imitating All Might's face and Mitsuki slapping Katsuki is jokingly noted as their secret/extra "Quirk".
  • "I am here!"note 
  • SLURP!note 
  • IT'S LIT FAM Explanation 
  • Almost immediately, the last scene of Chapter 193 has become this because it looks highly suggestive of a certain biological teenage event in Quirk form, and has given rise to jokes about "sleepquirking" as well.
  • Frogs can't do math.Explanation 
  • Sky High 2Explanation 
  • REVELRY IN THE DARKExplanation 
  • [Insert Character Here]bowlExplanation 
  • Secret Love Child Explanation 
    • Todoroki the Conspiracy TheoristExplanation 
  • "TRY HARDER, DUDE" Explanation 
  • Aizawa's son and daughter Explanation 
  • SEVEN QUIRKS Explanation (MAJOR Spoilers) 
  • Keeping Up With Todorokis Explanation 
  • Endeavor's butt. Explanation 
  • "Hawks is a black man" Explanation 
  • I can't believe I got spoiled about Bakugo's death. Explanation 
  • Glamoroki Explanation 
  • One Whole Bird/An Entire Birdnote 
  • All girls are best girl. Explanation 
  • My Hero Acadamia: The show where everyone's the main character Explanation 
  • "Beat his ass, young Midoriya." Explanation 
  • My K-On! Academia/My Jiro AcademiaExplanation 
  • Mr. Compress the DILFExplanation 
  • Deku in the Spider-VerseExplanation (Spoiler Alert) 
  • Aoyama Breaking the Fourth Wall. Explanation 
    • "I always feel like somebody's watching me.." Explanation 
  • Deku pulling an Eren Explanation (Spoilers!) 


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