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  • Many Neon Genesis Evangelion fics explore this concept:
    • A Crown of Stars: Shinji and Asuka love each other and are finally starting out a relationship. However Rei likes Shinji and she refuses to believe Asuka can open up to Shinji or care about him like she does because she is jealous. On the other hand Asuka does not appreciate Rei meddling with their relationship now they are finally getting their act together.
    • Advice and Trust: Asuka and Shinji liked each other, and Rei liked Shinji. At the beginning Asuka was jealous but she got over it when she and Rei became friends. However, as the bonds between the three pilots became stronger, Rei fell for both. Yet she will do nothing because she does not want to disrupt their relationship.
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    • The Child of Love: Shinji liked Asuka but he was too afraid of being rejected to confess, Asuka liked Shinji but she was too afraid of being rejected to admit it to herself, and Rei liked Shinji and she was jealous, but she did not want to interfere. After a while Shinji and Asuka got together, and Rei made Asuka jealous until Rei explained she did not intend to take Shinji away from her.
    • Children of an Elder God: During their first battles together Rei fell for Shinji. Then Asuka came along and as soon as she started to get familiar with Shinji, Rei was very, very jealous. Both girls competed over Shinji until he chose Asuka.
    • Doing It Right This Time: Subverted. Asuka and Rei love Shinji, and Shinji spends a while agonising over having to choose between them… only to be informed he does not have to make a choice because both girls like each other and him.
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    • Evangelion 303 features three:
      • Asuka and Shinji love each other. Jessika is Asuka's best friend and is secretly in love with her. However she never said anything.
      • And then you have Asuka/Jessika/Mandy. Mandy was Jessika's girlfriend and hated Asuka because she thought that Jessika had been unfaithful. However Jessika never cheated, and Asuka never knew of her friend's real feelings.
      • Rei/Kaworu/Saburo. Kaworu and Rei like spending time together, and Rei likes Kaworu but she is uncertain of what kind of relationship Kaworu wants. Saburo is Kaworu's ex-boyfriend. He broke up with Kaworu because he felt ignored and was jealous of Kaworu's relationship with Rei. He wants Kaworu back, but Kaworu wants nothing with him now; ironically, Kaworu and Rei became closer after Saburo dumped Kaworu.
    • HERZ: Asuka and Shinji love each other, and Kurumi loves Shinji. She has been chasing him since they were high-schoolers despite of having absolutely no chance.
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    • Higher Learning: Misato and Kaji liked each other even after breaking up many years ago, but they were wary about restarting their relationship. Then Misato met her pilots' new teach, Kaoru, and she liked him. He felt drawn to her and they started out a short-lived relationship.
    • Last Child of Krypton: Shinji likes Asuka, Asuka likes Kaji, Kaji likes Misato. Gradually Asuka fell for Shinji, and allowed herself open up to him after realizing her crush towards Kaji was hopeless.
    • The One I Love Is: The Asuka/Shinji/Rei love triangle drives the plot. Rei realizes she likes Shinji and he likes her... but he is falling for Asuka. Since she does not want to lose him to the other girl she starts to express her feelings openly, in turn forcing Asuka to acknowledge and display she loves Shinji openly. Meanwhile Shinji likes both girls and he is afraid of hurting either of them.
    • Scar Tissue: The Asuka/Shinji/Rei triangle is downplayed because after returning from Instrumentality, Rei decides to act like Shinji's sister, but Asuka and Rei are still jealous of each other.
    • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Shinji liked Asuka who liked Kaji who liked Misato. To hilariously complicate things further, Misato thought for a while that Shinji had a crush on her. Anyway Asuka gradually fell for Shinji and stopped to have a crush on Kaji.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Germany and Japan both love Italy. Let's just say neither was happy about the competition.
  • The Bleach fanfiction Heirverse includes one with Gin/Aizen/Momo, an Imaginary Love Triangle of Kisuke/Aizen/Gin and a variation on Psychotic Love Triangle with Aizen-Jac/Orihime/Ulq and Gin/Aizen/Orihime. In which Jac wants Orihime and so influences him and strips away his memories.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series: Andy is in love with Maria, but she's infatuated with Calvin, who doesn't really care much about romance and ends up attracting the ire of Andy.
  • In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fanfic, State Of The Meta, the protagonist, Jamie Lancaster, finds himself attracted to both Alexis Rhodes and Erin Reid, who are both attracted to him as well. A Running Gag in the story is Jamie lamenting the situation, and denying that he's a harem protagonist.
  • Racer and the Geek appears to have a formenting one between Rainbow Dash, Sunny Breeze, and Faraday. Given that the author is Kalash93, anything is possible.
  • In the Tamers Forever Series one exists between Takeru, Kari and Pauline. You'd be surprised by how many people are Takeru/Pauline shippers.
  • Love triangles are a favorite fanfic trope, especially with an OC coming between the two leads.
  • On the BLU team, Sniper and Spy vie for Scout's affections in the Team Fortress 2 fic Paternal. Sniper calls it quits after realizing he's too old for Scout and Spy wins, though the three remain friends.
  • Ancient Languages has two triangles, two types of Triang Relations.
    • Jared↔Lyla Jared↔Rachel, from a flashback in chapter 9. Jared and Lyla almost married, but on the wedding day, Lyla found the sexual affair between Jared and Rachel. Lyla ran away from the wedding, and decided that she no longer wanted the love of any man.
    • Lyla←Elhael Lyla←Glorfindel. Both male elves want Lyla, and Lyla likes both. Elhael and Glorfindel become rivals as they compete for access to Lyla. There is also confusion over whether each edge is a romance or just a friendship.
  • This is a major plot point in MLP fic Hands — Andrew and Twilight Sparkle end up in a relationship together, but an awkward situation with some pheromone-emitting flowers causes a mutual attraction between him and Fluttershy that only strengthens over time. One offscreen cat fight and a lot of awkwardness later, and the three of them ultimately agree to give a polygamous relationship a shot. And all things considered, it seems to be working out pretty well. And now Chrysalis is trying to get in on the act.
  • Demigod Power had a massive one which went on for approximately a year, between the resident Unwanted Harem, Ill Girl, and Knight Templar Big Bad. It was only recently resolved with the Knight Templar's death.
  • Four Deadly Secrets has two triangles, Alice-Miltia-Ruby and Miltia-Ruby-Weiss.
  • Discussed in the Contractually Obligated Chaos series. Prince Vince explains the concept of Triang Relations (even referencing This Very Wiki) to Donny, whose brother is stuck in a type 4 scenario, and remarks that he dislikes Love Triangles for being so overused in fiction.
  • In the first story of Bound Destinies Trilogy, Sheik is revealed to have fallen for Link who is already in a romantic relationship with Zelda. In the second installment, Malon has a crush on Link but again, he is in love with Zelda.
  • crawlersout: One is developing between Tom Riddle and Gellert Grindelwald with Fem!Harry Potter in the middle. That being said, no one is aware of it because Tom is currently ten and neither he nor Harry are able to comprehend the romantic undertones of their relationship yet. They're there, it's just that Tom hasn't hit puberty yet while Harry's main goal is to Raise Him Right This Time.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse) has three:
    • Barry/Iris/Eddie: Barry and Eddie are both in love with Iris, who is with Eddie but slowly becoming aware she may also have feelings for Barry. A later chapter confirms that Barry will be the one to marry Iris in the end, but it's not exactly clear how yet.
    • Oliver/Laurel/Tommy: Tommy has feelings for Laurel, while Laurel has unresolved feelings for Oliver, stemming from before the Gambit. Oliver is starting to realize he might have feelings for Laurel, but has yet to act on them.
    • Laurel/Oliver/Nyssa: Laurel and Nyssa both have feelings for Oliver, and Oliver has feelings for both, which is partially why he has yet to act on them. It's also a strange case, in that Laurel and Nyssa are unaware of each other.
  • Bride of Discord had one as a major subplot, involving Applejack who has a crush on Spike, Spike who has his long standing crush on Rarity and is blind to Applejack's attraction to him, and Rarity who doesn't take Spike's crush seriously and instead has her eyes set on Fancy Pants. Spike and Applejack eventually end up together. Also doubles as Interspecies Romance, Spike is a dragon while the others are ponies.
  • The Flower Princess and the Alchemist is an interesting case. There is a love triangle between Edward, Orihime, and Ichigo. Ichigo, in this situation, is more or less an Unknown Rival since he and Ed have never met. The love triangle starts as a Type 5 (Edward is attracted to Orihime, Orihime is in love with Ichigo, and Ichigo is just clueless about love), but soon turns into a Type 10 (Orihime is still in love with Ichigo, but she's also starting to grow feelings for Ed) as the story progresses.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has a Type 3 early on, with Misty and Iris both being attracted to Ash, with Ash only seeing them as friends (and possibly having feelings for them that he doesn't recognize yet). Of course, with Anabel joining them, it quickly ceases to be a triangle.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Brainiac 5 is in love with Supergirl, who used to love him back but has moved on and begun a relationship with fellow Legionnaire Dev-Em.
  • Ino's role in the love triangle with Sakura and Sasuke in canon is replaced with Karin in Son of the Sannin since she hates Sasuke due to her father being killed during the Uchiha Insurrection. Karin would later end up with Neji in the lead up to the Chunnin Exam finals, while Sakura and Sasuke start dating after the Time Skip.
  • The fanfic My Immortal has Ebony "Enoby" Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way / Drako/Vampire Potter


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