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A large complicated Aizen and Gin Bleach Alternate Universe Slash Fic series. A love story heavy with humor, suspense and Emotional Torque. Written by TheDrunkenWerewolf. It takes place over the course of a hundred years and is broken into five main story lines which can mostly be read in any order. It focuses on Aizen's arrangement with a hollow and his attempt to fight the ennui with a string of mind-game rife affairs. Gin brings this to an abrupt end and struggles to hold onto his damaged lover.

    Phase 0 Chessboards 

    Phase 1 Game 


    Phase 2 Can We Survive This 

  • Lie - sort of prologue to cwst. Some background/context of why Aizen does what he does.

    • I Love - the mirror piece to Lie. Gin's pov. Gin wants Aizen to see and know how he feels. Jac notwithstanding . Concurrent with Lie and later cwst.

  • Can We Survive This? - Darker and Edgier story. Aizen has an affair with Hinamori. Gin finds out, and wonders if they can survive it, and if he can forgive it. In the end, they grow back together.

    • Gravity - poetry. Gin's pov. Concurrent with events in the early chs of 'Can We Survive This?'. Heavy Emotional Torque.

    • Unlove - poetry. Gin realises that try as he might, he cannot unlove Sousuke.

    • Mistress - companion to cwst. Hinamori's side of the affair. Some overlap with events in cwst. An exploration into the darker side of Hinamori.

    • One Love, One Life - when Gin goes to sleep on the couch...and dreams. Kintsugi - the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery by filling the cracks with gold. Written by Salazar Marvolo .

    • Fxxx you - an extra cwst scene. Gin leaves the gladiolus.

    • Crystalline - Gin destroys his mementos of a lifetime with Aizen. Early/mid cwst scene.

    • Growing Back Together: Rainfall - late cwst scene. Gin decides it's time he forgave Aizen and the pair of them start growing back together, sharing a moment watching the rain together.

    Phase 3 Sanctuary 
  • this sequence is meant to be read in order

    • Cold Feet - As time ticks down until they have to leave for the hollow world, Gin tries to cope with his fear Aizen might leave him behind. Meanwhile, in hiding, Aizen is terrified Gin will back out. And Jac starts poisoning his thoughts, making him question whether he deserves Gin in his life.

    • Sanctuary - aftermath of Cold Feet. Aizen and Gin break an 8 decade long cycle of lies and Manipulation to explore something real.

    • Home Sousuke and Gin realise home is where the heart is.

    • Stand By Me - Aizen and Gin arrive in Huecco Mundo.

    • Flowering Dogwood - Sousuke attempts to use the language of flowers to express his gratitude Gin is still with him.

    Phase 4 Heir 

  • Come into the night - Sidestory taking place shortly before Heir but after the defection. Just a quiet romantic night before everything goes south. (Located in Love, War and Tea )

  • Heir -Unfortunately this is currently being rewritten - A drama about manipulation betrayal and forgiveness deconstructing and reconstructing Game . Aizen uses Orihime to give Gin the child he desires. It backfires, badly. ends Ai/Gin Ulq/Hime

    Phase X Other 

  • Love, War and Tea - A bunch of miscellaneous standalones from various times in Heir as well as some AU.

  • Vulpecula - An anthology written by TheDrunkenWerewolf and multiple collaborators to celebrate the series 10th aniversery.

  • The Sun & the Monkey - A crossover with SesshomaruFreak's fic, Healing the Moon. Set in later Game era. After watching Renji and Byakuya being more open about their relationship, Aizen, feeling envious, and feeling that level of closeness is missing in his own relationship with Gin, enlists Renji's help to change that.


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