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"...I wanna live with ya', an' die with ya', an' everthin' with ya'."
Gin, Heirverse, "Cold Feet"

"Those are the wrong words."
Gin, Heirverse, "Say it" and "Heir" in flashback

"How do you escape this without a scratch on you?"
Hinamori, Heirverse, "Mistress"

"She wanted to know at which point she actually became all those things Ichimaru said she was."
Hinamori, Heirverse, "Mistress"

"I thought—believed...You'd only come back ta me when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the rivers ran dry ...and the mountains blew in the wind like leaves."
Gin, Heirverse, "Heir Ch.73"

"Because if just one thing had been different...even one single thing...Aizen Sousuke would not be the man he love. And they would not be sitting here today, Finally enjoying the closeness and emotional intimacy they'd always lacked. Even if it took them Eight decades to get there."
Gin's internal monologue, Heirverse, "Sanctuary"

"I can't unlove you."
Gin, Heirverse, "Unlove"

"I don't want you, I don't need you."
'Aizen, Heirverse, "Lie"

Aizen: "I won't, Promise."
Heirverse, "Flowering Dogwood"

"And with the numbing hurt of a heart that knows no other, wants no one but the object of my stability, my center of gravity...I know this: I still love you, Sousuke."
Gin's internal monologue, Heirverse, "Gravity"

"I broke two hearts that day."
'Aizen's internal monologue, Heirverse, "Lethal Lunacy"

Aizen: "Or maybe I refused to enter the afterlife without you. Did you think of that? Perhaps I told Death to go and fuck himself and came back here to wait for you."
Gin: "Yeh, that sounds like you"
Heirverse, "Can't be in there with you" and "Heir"

"That you're pushing me away again. Locking me inside a glass box so you don't have to listen to me scream wordlessly for you."
Gin's internal Monologue, Heirverse, "Alignment"

"I wished for Aizen-Sama to be happy.I wished for us to be together forever."
Gin's thoughts, Heirverse, "I love"

"Aizen-sama, you're burning your bacon."
Kyouka, Heirverse, "Game"

"I don't know who it was that decimated your self-belief, but if I ever find them I will make them pay dearly for doing so. For making you believe no-one could ever love you. Pot-kettle-black, I know. But still. Ruining a fine instrument like that...It's criminal."
Aizen's internal Monologue, Heirverse, "Things you don't see"

"You? Ask fer advice? You don' even ask me fer advice."
Gin, Heirverse, "The Sun and The Monkey."

"I want you, deeply need you, you're my sanctuary"
Aizen's thoughts, Heirverse, "Sanctuary"

"Well, because you wouldn't be you. And I wouldn't be me. You always did say our experiences make us who we are...and if things hadn't played out how they did, you wouldn't love me the way you do right now. And you wouldn't be the man I love. You'd be somebody different."
Gin, Heirverse, "Sanctuary"

"Every time the man looked at anyone else, Gin had to fight an urge to climb him like a tree and screech at anyone who came too close to piss off."
Gin's thoughts, Heirverse, "Game Ch. 17"

"And like YOU weren't reminiscing about it...bitch please"
Kyouka, Heirverse, "Say it Again"

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