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  • Godzilla (1954) is a very tragic one-sided example of this. You have the three characters Emiko Yamane, Hideo Ogata, and Daisuke Serizawa. Emiko and Ogata were already together when the film starts, but Serizawa knew about their relationship. In contrast, Serizawa revealed his horrible secret while Emiko's affair was hidden from her father's eyes. Then Godzilla came and destroyed Tokyo twice over, to the point Emiko felt she had no choice but to reveal his secret weapon: The Oxygen Destroyer. Another character contrast is also revealed: Ogata wanted to use the Destroyer to kill Godzilla, but Serizawa does not. After a scuffle, Serizawa knew the weight of Japan's fate is on his shoulders, and voluntarily uses it. How does it end? He gave up his own life so they can be together. But if Godzilla vs. Destoroyah is anything to go by, they didn't get married after 1954.
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  • A rather strange, and even squick-worthy one to some in The Constant Nymph, between Lewis (adult), Florence (adult), and Tessa (14 years old).
  • In this nasty little noir, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, there's two: between Sam, Martha, and Walter & between Sam, Martha, and Toni.
  • Bend It Like Beckham: Jules adores Joe who only has eyes for Jess. More triangular in that multiple supporting characters mistake Jess and the boyish Jules for a couple.
  • Flying Down to Rio: Julio is engaged to Belinha, and they love each other. Unfortunately, Belinha falls for Roger, who adores her back
  • In Last Vegas, Billy and Paddy both loved Sophie. She ended up marrying Paddy after initially choosing Billy, who told her that she belonged with Paddy. A year after her death, when the movie takes place, Billy and Paddy again end up falling for the same woman, and again, Billy tries to be selfless, but this time, Paddy won't let him and insists that Billy pursue his own happiness.
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  • Pirates of the Caribbean turns this into more of a Love Pyramid, with Will and Norrington in love with Elizabeth, and Jack attracted to Elizabeth. Elizabeth loves Will and is also attracted to Jack. Hilarity Ensues many times over.
  • The Philadelphia Story, as well as many other classic screwball comedies.
  • In the Film Noir, Road House, Jefty is in love with Lily while she’s in love with Pete. Jefty, however, won't take this lying down.
  • House of Flying Daggers with Leo, Mei, and Jin. It does NOT end well.
  • The Incredible Mr. Limpet has two mild examples: a Type 8 between Henry, Bessie, and George; and a Type 7 between Bessie, Henry, and Ladyfish. Both are resolved by the end of the film.
  • This is the premise of François Truffaut's Jules and Jim. They wound up going the Polyamory route.
  • Casablanca is a classic, with Victor loving Ilsa who still loves Rick but whose duty lies with Victor...
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  • In Pearl Harbor, we have Evelyn torn between her boyfriend Rafe, who was believed to be dead, and his best friend Danny, who befriended her after Rafe was reported to be dead.
  • The Chinese film Painted Skin is just one big love triangle pileup. With certain supernatural elements. But no, it's mostly a bunch of love triangles (pick a main character, any main character).
  • Anchors Aweigh had the triangle between Clarence, Susan, and Joe. Clarence eventually finds another girl, and Joe and Susan end up together.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Johanna is loved by Anthony Hope and Judge Turpin (though the latter is more lust than anything else). Will she chose the beautiful young man who might help her break free - or the creepy old man who has the power to hurt her if she defies him? Simple, she chooses the sailor willing to help her. After all, why would she marry some creepy old man that treated her like a prisoner and was her guardian since infancy?
  • In The Quiet Earth between Api, Joanne and Zac. They are the only known people left, so it's not surprising.
  • The Roaring Twenties (1939) has one between Eddie, Jean and Lloyd. Jean and Lloyd end up getting married during a Time Skip.
  • While this was averted for the most part in the first movie (although it implied that Sif was interested in Thor), it was advised that there would be a love triangle between Thor, Sif, and Jane in Thor: The Dark World. But Thor still clearly loves Jane, and while Sif tried to show her affections for Thor, he remains oblivious to her. Odin wants Thor and Sif together, like in the comics. The only real moment is when Sif passes Jane and glares at her, to which Jane glares a little back.
  • In Top Hat: Jerry loves Dale, who also has Alberto madly in love with her. Dale believes that Jerry is the husband of her best friend, but slowly finds herself falling for him.
  • In TRON between main character Flynn, ex-girlfriend Lora and her current boyfriend Alan, writer of the eponymous program. This carries over into the computer world with Alan and Lora's program expies, Tron and Yori (with whom Flynn shares a Last Kiss).
  • In X-Men: First Class, Raven and Hank hit it off almost instantly, but the moment he refuses to accept his mutant form (and her mutant form) drives her to attempt to seduce Magneto, who prefers her natural appearance just the way it is.
  • The Hunger Games movies play up the barely-even-there-at-all love triangle from the books into a much bigger thing, presumably to cash in on the Twilight fad. The first movie isn't so bad but the second manages to make it seem like Katniss is in a relationship with the guy she never has romantic feelings for in the book, while her relationship with the other boy is very downplayed. Suzanne Collins, who wrote the books, has stated that she didn't plan a love triangle of any kind but her publisher insisted that she add one.
  • In Two for the Road, there's a minor one, before Mark and Joanna get together, and a major one later, almost leading to divorce.
  • Prime Cut: Lee Marvin's character has two love interests, a teenage prostitute and the middle aged wife of the Big Bad.
  • I Shot Jesse James: Both Robert Ford and John Kelley have feelings toward Cynthy Waters, and work toward earning her affection. Bob's reputation as the killer of Jesse James makes the triangle even more intense. In the end, she chooses to stay with John.
  • Filibus: Leo is in love with Leonora, who is in love with the Count de Brive. When the Count turns out to be Filibus, they decide the natural course of action is for Leo and Leonora to get engaged.
  • Canyon Passage has two overlapping love triangles. Lucy Overmire is engaged to George Camrose, whose best friend is Logan Stuart. As a result of spending a prolonged length of time in each other's company, Lucy and Logan develop feeling for each other, but neither will act for fear of hurting George. Meanwhile, Logan is engaged to Caroline Marsh. Vane Blazier is in love with Caroline and, noting Logan's interest in Lucy, warns him not to do anything that would hurt Caroline. Ultimately everything is resolved when George commits murder and goes on the run before being shot by the posse chasing him. Caroline realises that she doesn't share Logan's ambitions, and releases him from him promise so he can leave to pursue his dream. Logan and Lucy ride off together to rebuild Logan's fortune, and Vane proposes to Caroline, with the two of them planning to settle down and start a farm.
  • Dead of Night: In "The Golfing Story", Potter and Parratt are both in love with Mary, who loves each of them equally. They eventually agree to break the deadlock by playing a round of golf: the winner to receive Mary's hand in marriage. Mary enthusiastically agrees to this proposal.
  • Plan B has a love triangle between Laura, her ex-boyfriend Bruno, and her new boyfriend Pablo that starts out simple enough with Bruno wanting to get back together with Laura who's willing to spend some nights with him but refuses to dump Pablo for him. But then things get a lot more complicated when Bruno starts suspecting that Pablo — who doesn't know that he's Laura's ex or that Laura is cheating on him with Bruno — may be attracted to him and decides that the best way to encourage him to dump Laura is to seduce him away from her. Long story short, Bruno and Pablo end up together after Bruno realizes that he fell in love with Pablo for real, and Laura is left in the lurch.
  • Electric Dreams goes the very 80's route with a love triangle that involves a sentient home computer.


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