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Literature / No Man's Land: Tales from the Weird Wars

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From comes a series that is sure to tantalize. It begins in the 1918, World War I is in its endgame, and the German Empire is desperately grasping at straws for anything that might turn the tide. Enter Oliver Haddo, a mysterious occultist who offers his skills to the German military command, from there, well let's just say all hell breaks loose. It can be found at and also


The story itself follows the world from the End of World War I, as humans adapt to the new world around them.

Updates typically come in one of Three styles:

1: Story. continues the main storyline from 1918. it leaps around the world, and slowly crawls along, while providing build up.

2: World Building. Comes in the style of "Famous people", "the Supernatural Encyclopedia", "Files from S.H.I.E.L.D.", and others. They usually flesh out the world more, revealing background events, and events to come.

3: Sub-chapters: Taking place in the modern day, they follow various different stories, that paint a picture of the current world.

The series ended in March 2012.



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