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As is the case will all pages detailing Funny Moments, Spoilers Off

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    R1: Rebellion 
  • Chapter 2 has Cliffjumper and Bulkhead comment how Clovis is even more cheesy than Starscream during the prince's public address. It's also a meta joke as Clovis's English voice actor, Sam Riegel, also voiced Starscream in War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron.
  • Lloyd's reaction to seeing Bumblebee transform for the first time - Lloyd is utterly speechless for the first time in his life. When he does regain his composure, he's as giddy as a schoolgirl.
    Lloyd: Unbelievable. A Knightmare that could transform into a vehicle. I had come here hoping to find the perfect devicer for the Lancelot, not only do I succeed in that field, but I think I found something truly spectacular! I don't know what that thing was, but I want it!
  • Any time we see Cliffjumper trolling the Britannian forces.
  • Whenever Ratchet yells, "I needed that!" Usual culprits are either Bulkhead or Tamaki.
  • When Lelouch reveals his Zero costume to the Autobots in Chapter 5, they are all dumbfounded at the design of it, and criticize it, much to Lelouch's annoyance.
    Ratchet: the name of the that?
    Bulkhead: It' do I say it?
    Ironhide: What were you thinking when you designed this? Seems too flashy for my taste.
    Cliffjumper: I kinda like it. This could definitely freak out plenty of bad guys...but it makes you look like a drama queen.
    Bumblebee: [Yeah, sorry. I gotta agree with the rest of the team on this one, Lelouch. No doubt this is gonna turn some heads, going for a science-fiction Count Dracula theme or what?]
  • Chapter 6 has the Autobots looking in utter bewilderment, including Optimus. Why? C.C., in her underwear, swimming among the fish outside the Ark out of boredom. Including a wave to the Autobots before resuming! Arcee resigns herself to dragging her back inside.
    • Also in Chapter 6, Megatron has Soundwave scour the Internet for information regarding the Autobots and Zero. The surveillance chief reveals 3 million hits online. When Thundercracker asks how many of them are informational, Soundwave's answer: 0. When Skywarp asks how many of them contain the phrase, "These guys are awesome!", Soundwave's answer: 1,203,407. Skywarp laughs at the result before being shut up by Megatron's glaring face.
    • And there's Starscream's response, which is from the Transformers: Prime episode, New Recruit.
      Starscream: This is what the humans call the 'information super highway'? A trillion gigabytes of data, none of it useful!
  • Chapter 10: The fact that Rai found out that Lelouch is Zero whilst grabbing a mug of milk before midnight.
  • Chapter 11 has Bulkhead screaming at the sight of Scraplets, like in canon. And like in canon, one of the humans screams like Bulkhead did earlier at the sight of a spider. Said person? It's Tamaki.
  • Chapter 13 has this exchange between Starscream and Knock Out after Rai blows up the Energon Harvester, along with Starscream's arm.
    Starscream: You...insolent...worthless...human! You dare make a mockery of the great and mighty Starscream?!
    Knock Out: A lot of people are known to do that.
  • Chapter 15 has Knock Out get another jab in at Starscream after this exchange between Starscream and Megatron.
    Starscream: If you are suspicious of the Autobots being there, then send in our forces and flatten the mountain! We'll destroy everything in our path!
    Megatron: Without knowing the enemy's strategy or how to counter it? Such a tactic is a fool's errand.
    Knock Out: A fool's errand is the perfect way to describe virtually all of Starscream's plans.
  • During the battle of Narita, Starscream begins gloating his superiority to Todoh, only to receive a sword slice to the chest and a kick into the forest, with Todoh commenting how much Starscream loves to talk. It's another meta joke as well since the two share the same voice actor. As the author himself pointed out in his end-of-chapter notes:
    Author's note: Steve Blum vs Steve Blum LOL.
  • During the flashback in Chapter 17, after learning that Lelouch is Zero and his reasons to fight, Kallen decides to pay Lelouch back for the bathroom incident by punching him in the gut.
  • Chapter 21: Tamaki is unable to resist making a crack about how Arcee & Bulkhead along with Kallen & Rai's Knightmares being 'attracted together' due to the Polarity Gauntlet. Kallen responds by asking someone to kick Tamaki in the shin... in which a shrugging C.C. obliges. Note that this is a conversation over a comlink with Kallen and Tamaki on different ends of the connection.
    • Shirley's first day as a Black Knight has her meeting Kaguya, who pulls her away from the rest of the group for some girl-talk, leaving Shirley confused. Lelouch, knowing how eccentric Kaguya can be, can only pray that she never meets Milly. Tamaki then teases Lelouch having a harem with Kaguya and Shirley, much to his annoyance.
  • Chapter 22: After Starscream breaks free of his restraints, the ensuing scuffle between him, Arcee, and Kallen cause them to rock Optimus' trailer that is parked nearby, inside of which Lelouch is interrogating Cornelia. When he wonders aloud what is going on, Cornelia, who is under the control of his Geass, answers that something is impacting the trailer.
  • In Chapter 23, Gino briefly believes that Kallen is in the center of a reverse-harem. Kallen seriously wants to hit him, but Shirley beats her to it.
  • Chapter 24:
    • In the aftermath of the events in Nunnally Held Hostage one of the methods Lelouch and Rai took to going into hiding during the investigation at Ashford Academy was; Lelouch & Nunnally staying over at Kallen's apartment, and likewise with Rai staying with Shirley. Cliffjumper, being Cliffjumper, couldn't resist cracking a joke, resulting in four embarrassed Black Knights! Even Arcee jokingly refused Kallen's demand to punch Cliffjumper.
    • During the meeting between Lelouch, Rai, Kallen, Shirley, Kaguya, and the Autobots, the news involving Arcee and Cliffjumper saving Ashford Academy was brought up, spreading like wildfire throughout social media. Kallen wishes she could see Cornelia's face. Said princess' reaction? Royally Raging.
      Cornelia: Not only did a terrorist openly attack a school on Britannian grounds, where three Knights of the Round also attend, but the attack was thwarted not by the military, but by those god damn AUTOBOTS!
  • Chapter 26:
    • The art scene where Rivalz messes with Lelouch's posture, as in canon, but with this little internal musing:
      Lelouch: God, I am glad Cliffjumper isn't here to see this.
    • After Tamaki accidentally blows up a console with the Guren's Wave Surger projectile function, resulting in Ratchet yelling out that 'he needed that!', Katase's only response was just a slight shrug to the Four Holy Swords' surprise at the scene.
    • Turns out Rahkshata understands Bumblebee perfectly without a translator or C.C.'s powers, leaving more than a few baffled.
      • Plus her introductory line is warning the tech guys to be careful with her "children". Ratchet, Fixit and Tamaki are confused about her calling herself their mother.
    • After Kallen and Arcee blast a certain Seeker commander out of the sky, the former inwardly muses about his reaction with a smile:
      Kallen: Guess I know why they call him Starscream.
  • Chapter 27:
    • There's Euphemia's utterly savage comeback to Starscream when they first arrived on Shikinie Island. Doubles as an awesome moment:
      Starscream: So, you would be wise to remember your place.
      Euphemia: I already know my place, Commander. But I fear you may be overstepping yours.
    • When the Autobots and Black Knights start their attack on Shikinie Island, only Gino was excited. The others? Not so much.
      Gino: The Bots and BKs are here?! Awesome!
      (get elbowed by Monica and Nonette)
      Gino: Oh, I mean, that's terrible.
  • Chapter 28:
    • V.V. casually struts up to Megatron and Soundwave after having teleported Lelouch, Optimus, Suzaku, and several of their allies away, believing he has all the leverage he needs to make the Decepticon leader do as he wants. Megatron absorbs all the information of him being alive at all, let alone immortal, and having power connected to Geass... and then calmly blasts him to a smoldering corpse. He then has Soundwave call up Shockwave to let him know there's a fresh inquiry for the scientist. V.V. really punched above his weight with Megatron.
    • When V.V. tries to hide the secret of Ragnarok from Megatron, Megatron gets angry and shouts at him as if he's a parent scolding his child.
    • Then there's V.V.'s cold-blooded torture, described with all the gravitas of one reading down his/her shopping list.
    • The reaction of V.V. when Optimus destroys the Thought Elevator.
    • Cliffjumper teasing Arcee about how she was worried.
    • While everyone greets Optimus and Lelouch back, Bumblebee, feeling left out, jokingly asking if he's chopped liver.
  • Sayoko's revelation that she joined the Black Knights by filling out an application in Chapter 29. It's quite funny given that Sayoko is a Ninja Maid, and she chose a Boring, but Practical way to keep an eye on Lelouch.
  • Chapter 31 has the giant pizza land on Knock Out. He's just about ready to go on a rampage, orders or no orders.
    • Just the casual way that Milly reveals that she knows that Lelouch is Zero.
    • Just like in canon, Lelouch ropes Kallen into helping out with the festival's haunted house. In canon, she griped about it since she said that only Zero could give her orders, and she didn't know his identity. Here, since she knows about Lelouch and Zero being one and the same:
      Kallen: Just because he's Zero, doesn't mean he can make me do this crap! I swear, if he tells Cliffjumper or Arcee about this, I'm gonna kick his ass!
    • Starscream learns Zero's identity from Megatron in this chapter. When he asks how Megatron was able to figure it out, one can only imagine Megatron rolling his eyes and answering in a deadpan tone.
    • Nunnally casually reveals her Shipper on Deck status for Lelouch and Kallen, to their embarrassment and everyone else's humor. Including Bumblebee deciding to troll them by starting to play romantic music.
  • Despite how dark the chapter is, Chapter 32 has a couple of moments of levity.
    • After Ohgi and Villetta/Chigusa have a heart-to-heart about Chigusa's desire to help, Ironhide makes a crack at the two to not make any human babies when they're inside him, causing both to turn red.
    • When Nunnally and Sayoko meet Optimus for the first time at the start of the chapter, the latter is in awe at the Autobot leader so much that C.C. has to tell her to close her mouth since she's drooling.
  • Chapter 33:
    • Megatron's reaction to a vengeful, rampaging Cornelia is to ask her "Is there a problem?" with the demeanor of one responding to their neighbor complaining about the noise.
    • While Cecile defects from Britannia to help Suzaku and Dreadwing, Lloyd only goes along with her so he can keep working on the Lancelot.
    • C.C. teasing Lelouch after a heartfelt phone call with Suzaku before the Battle of Tokyo starts.
  • Chapter 34:
  • As tense as Chapter 36 is, there are one or two chuckle-worthy moments:
    • Lloyd and Rahkshata's reunion. The woman just won't stop rubbing in the fact she got to tinker with advanced Cybertronian technology that the Earl of Pudding couldn't, leaving him with a Twitchy Eye.
    • Ratchet can only watch in complete befuddlement on the sidelines. Looks like he, Fixit, and Cecile are in for a crazy time...

    R2: Revolution 
  • Chapter 1:
    • While the situation with Castor and Pollux Rui Britannia's capture is rather grim, let's not forget Blitzwing's dialogue, just like with his Animated self:
      Icy Blitzwing: Castor and Pollux Rui Britannia. (His purple face changes to his red one)
      Hothead Blitzwing: Your forces are torn to pieces! If you don't wish to join them, you'll keep your mouth shut! (His face changes again, this time to a black face with a chaotic expression)
      Random Blitzwing: Aw, isn't that cute? They're twins!
    • When Thunderhoof learns that the Fuji Mines have been rigged to blow, he can only manage a "Saywha?" before running for his life.
    • Suzaku tells Sideswipe to not be too cocky during the attack on Mt. Fuji, before blowing up three drills with the Lancelot Albion's VARIS rifle easily. Sideswipe's response?
      Sideswipe: Guy calls me cocky, but he's the one piloting one of the most OP Knightmares around.
  • Chapter 2:
    • During the six-month Time Skip, Milly and Kaguya have bonded together by having "harem" talks regarding Lelouch, Suzaku, Rai, and all the women they knew, much to the boys' embarrassment. It's also noted that Bumblebee, Jazz, Air Raid, Smokescreen, Bulkhead, Sideswipe, and even Cera and Nunnally have gotten a laugh out of it.
    • Both Akari Kozuki and Ohgi tease Cornelia for her feelings towards Guilford, much to Cornelia's embarrassment.
    • Milly getting grief for accidentally trapping herself, Shirley, and Rivalz in a Shadowzone when she tried to "help".
    • T-AI popping up in front of Ohgi and Cornelia without much warning, nearly giving the latter a heart attack. And judging from Ohgi's talk with her, it seems to be a habit of hers.
      Ohgi: We talked about you suddenly showing up in front of people. Just because you're an advanced A.I., doesn't mean you can't learn manners.
      T-AI: Sorry. Still learning.
    • This exchange, after Lloyd cheerfully announces himself to be a sociopath.
      Jazz: How do you put up with him?
      Cecile: I find myself asking that same question almost every day.
    • Grindcore's attempt at a 'cutesy' face when he wanted in on Milly's plan to help Suzaku was enough to send Milly, Kaguya, Rai, Shirley, Rivalz, and Euphemia into laughter.
    • When the Black Knights see Kallen, Strongarm, and Arcee held captive by Steeljaw, Airachnid, and Thunderhoof, Euphie notes that Steeljaw reminds her of Schneizel by having a way of getting to people with words alone. While this happens during a grim moment, it is funny as both Steeljaw and Schneizel are voiced by Troy Baker.
    • After Kallen and Suzaku make amends, Milly promises not to include the two in her shipping discussions... because everyone knows that Kallen is in love with Lelouch. Arcee teasingly agrees with this, leaving Kallen chasing after the two in an embarrassed rage.
      Kallen: I'll kill you!
  • Chapter 3:
  • Chapter 4:
    • Lloyd is skeptical about Dark Energon's abilities and nature. Cue him getting shocked by a Terrorcon and mocked by Cecile for being a skeptic.
    • Urabe is surprised when a Terrorcon fails to die from decapacitation, expecting them to act like zombies in movies. When Chiba points out that This Is Reality, Urabe counters with the absurdity of the situation.
    • Rai, Bulkhead, and Nonette repeatedly killing V.V.
  • Chapter 5:
    • Swindle offers to sell Knock Out something to keep the saltwater from affecting his paint job. Knock Out shoots him down hard.
      Knock Out: You're the last bot I'd buy anything from.
    • When Bruticus uses his flamethrower, Zi Dien is baffled that he can use it underwater.
    • After Sayoko helps repel the Mini-Con saboteur team that the Decepticons sent to the Ark without a Knightmare, Safeguard and Jetstorm ask her for tips, prompting Milly and Rivalz to tease them.
    • As Suzaku prepares to exit the Lancelot, Grindcore runs up and hugs the Knightmare, something he wanted to back in Chapter 3.

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