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  • This exchange between Tobias and Marco:
    Marco: Hey, Tobias, I've been meaning to ask you, are hawks like seagulls? I mean, do they poop while they're flying?
    Tobias: <Depends on who's down below. Let me just put it this way — if you get on my nerves, you'd better buy a hat.>
  • In one of the megamorph collections, Marco is specifically the only one not invited to a pool party because of an incident in which he put a Baby Ruth in the swimming pool.
  • One of the first things Ax does upon finding dry land is acquire a human morph made up of mixing the DNA of his human rescuers. Then he discovers two things: the human tongue and taste buds. The combination is... amazing:
    Ax: Humans have very odd tastes. They think their music is beautiful. They are wrong. It is awful. All of it. And they completely ignore their greatest accomplishments: the cinnamon bun, the Snickers bar, the hot pepper, and the refreshing beverage called vinegar.
    • How about the fact that after the war ends, rich Andalites come to Earth specifically to morph human and taste our food. One thinks Ax had something to do with it and that Cinnabon is specifically mentioned.
    • Eventually, just to satisfy Andalite tourists who've returned from their trips and still want to make use of their human morphs, there's even talk of Andalites making the morphing technology (one of their most closely-guarded accomplishments) more available on Earth in exchange for Krispy Kreme expanding their business to the Andalite homeworld. You have to assume Ax is peeved Cinnabon didn't get there first.
    Jake: You know, from the point where Edelman said "maple and ginger oatmeal", I should have known this was going to end stupidly.
    Cassie: Instant maple and ginger oatmeal.
    Jake: Battles that involve oatmeal are just never going to end up being historic, you know? Gettysburg? No major oatmeal involvement. The Battle of Midway? Neither side used oatmeal. Desert Storm? No oatmeal.
    • Also, the Controller-run McDonalds where the code phrase to enter the Yeerk pool is to order a Happy Meal with extra happy.
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    • Near the beginning, they have to infiltrate an asylum. Jake makes the Obligatory Joke about leaving Marco behind, and then they morph cockroachs and hide themselves in a delivery of bananas. While they're in the bananas, one of them mentions seeing a documentary about tarantulas hitching rides in bananas...
  • Marco has dreamed of falling and landing in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Talking to King Friday.
  • Marco's "grovelling" in #24: The Suspicion, which is made all the funnier by Cassie's total failure to play along:
    Marco: (laying on his back, hands behind his head) I grovel before the mighty Helmacron captain, most mighty of the mighty, undisputed champion of the world in the dust-weight category! We grovel like the pitiful losers we are! We grovel like a guy who hasn't got a date the day before the prom and the only girl around is the head cheerleader, that's how much we grovel. Cassie, you could join in any time, you know.
    Cassie: We grovel... um, like grovelers.
    Marco: Oh, good groveling. Put some feeling into it.
    Cassie: (lamely) I grovel like, uh... like a person who is really, really groveling.
    Marco: O mighty Helmacron dead guy, we grovel like a video game addict trapped in an arcade without a quarter, that's how much we grovel. You would not believe the depths of our grovelry! We grovel like a guy with a large order of fries and the only saltshaker is at the table of the school bully.
    • Also, Marco discovering that the completely-out-of-their-gourd Helmacrons are all female.
    Marco: Oh man, now I'm really scared. It's an entire race of Rachels!
  • Marco driving Cassie's dad's pickup, managing to hit every trashcan.
    Jake: Do you hate trash cans? Is that it? Do you just HATE TRASH CANS?!!
    Marco: I can't drive with you screaming in my ear.
    Jake: You can't drive at all!

    Jake: Get off the sidewalk, you lunatic!
    • Marco's driving experience comes from playing Wipeout against Jake. Then comes a tunnel, just like in Wipeout...
    Jake: You mean the part where you always crash and burn?
    • And that time he stole an Abrams tank, threatened some guy with it, and flattened Chapman's house (he needed a parking space, dammit!) Let's face it, Marco Drives Like Crazy.
    Marco: You know Chapman's house, nice two-story?
    Jake: *sigh* How many stories is it now?
    Marco: Uh... zero?
    • The team needs to drive into a Yeerk facility. Naturally...
    <How come Marco drives?> Rachel demanded.
    <He has experience.>
    "Oh, man, don't even mention that," Cassie said. "My dad cried over the twisted remains of that truck."
    • The other reason is that only his gorilla morph is able to drive. Please imagine a gorilla driving a cattle truck while dressed in human clothing and trying not to attract attention.
    "Anybody gotta pee? Go now, cause I'm not stopping at every Stuckey's we pass."
    • Ax's description of one driver's reaction to Marco's driving:
    "I saw a pick-up truck, with its horn blaring and its driver forming a sort of salute with one raised finger."
    • The "Marco Drives Like Crazy" Running Gag started in the first book. Jake and Marco got separated from the girls while at the Gardens acquiring their battle morphs (because security had found them and they split up). The boys found a golf cart and decided to use it to get away from the guards. Cue Marco being unable to drive without slamming into the walls — and knocking Jake out of the golf cart.
    Jake: Right!
    Naturally, Marco turned left. Jake nearly fell out.
    ...This time Marco did choose right. And Jake did fall out of the cart.
    Marco: What are you doing? Quit playing around.
    Jake: (Death Glare)
    • Later, we see Marco's mother's driving... and it turns out Marco gets his skills from her.
  • Also this:
    Tobias: I'm not nocturnal. I'm diurnal.
    Marco: Have you tried Kaopectate?
  • In Visser, when the future Visser One first finds Earth, she begins investigating by picking up some of the numerous transmissions zipping around the planet... and absolutely panics when she picks up an episode of Star Trek, not realizing that it's a TV show and thinking that humans were a lot more advanced than we actually are.
    • Visser One decides to invade Hollywood, which she concludes is obviously the most important city in the U.S., because of how often it's mentioned in broadcast media.
  • "Alive. My mother was alive. I saw Rachel giving me the fish eye from across the room. I mouthed that one word: alive. Evidently Rachel doesn't read lips. She misunderstood what I'd said and responded by mouthing two words I won't repeat."
  • In #15: "Self-destruct sequence activated. T-minus-15 minutes to self-destruct. Thank you and have a nice day!"
  • At one point, Marco pretends to be a technician. When asked where the others are, the first lie he can come up with is that Visser Three killed them. It works.
  • Early on, while the kids are raiding a Yeerk-controlled building Matrix-style, they get in an elevator in their combat morphs. And thus, a tiger, gorilla, and grizzly bear make awkward elevator small talk.
  • Say it with me, guys: Cassie skunks Visser Three.
    • And then Visser Three turns purple. Why? Because the Animorphs told him grape juice would get out the smell.
    • Before that, she got Jake's dog, Homer. Poor mutt, unlike wild animals (and humans) didn't know better.
  • "This, Cassie, is the ancient art of whittling."
  • Ax pulls out plenty of these later on in the series.
    "Yes, Marco?"
    "Put on a shirt."
    • "I would like to shuffle my artificial hooves to the music with you. But you cannot have my body. My bod. Dee. My bo. Dee." A girl who wants to dance with him quickly decides to get out of there, which makes it even funnier.
    • "I believe the smell is causing me to become deranged. I may have to run away in panic."
    • "You do not know me," he said, "but I am a juvenile delinquent. I do not trust authority figures, I probably will not graduate from high school, and statistics say my present rowdiness and vandalism will likely lead to more serious crimes. I am a dangerous fellow, and I am causing mayhem in this store." He reached behind her and pulled three jars of baby food from the top shelf. Shoved them behind a box of macaroni. Shuffled the Cheez Whiz in front of the Marshmallow Fluff. Tossed a bag of lady's shavers onto a bag of hamburger buns. "There. I have now shamelessly destroyed the symmetry of this shelf, undoing hours of labor by underpaid store employees. If you could see me, you would be frightened."
    • I have already made sure, Prince Jake. They think I am a "pokey man." I have told them I am an Andalite and am actually quite swift note , but they insist they need to train me.
    • Ax (in human morph, of course) is in Marco's house, and Marco tells Ax he can only say "Yes" and "No" to his dad (Peter). When Marco comes back, Peter thinks Marco's friend's name is "No".
    • Ax doing a Melodramatic Pause in real life.
    • "Don't call me Prince." "Yes, Prince Jake."
    • After he and Ax are the only ones left on Leera, Jake tells Ax that next time, Ax can call him "The Jake formerly known as Prince" (a reference that goes over Ax's head). Ax dutifully does so, to Marco's horror.
  • "Excuse me. Are you planning to have a BATTLE in my NOSE?!" It... makes sense in context.
    • In an earlier part of that same book, a damaged inches-long Helmacron ship pulls a Dynamic Entry... on a commandeered Barbie RC car.
  • Ax got off to a good start during book 5, when Jake and Marco took him to the mall and he discovered taste. Aste. Tuh-aste.
    • From that same scene:
      Jake: We're on schedule. So far, so good.
      Marco: Jake, can you do me a favor? Can you not say that? Any time one of us says "so far, so good", something goes wrong.
      Ax: Suh. So far so good. So far so good-duh. So fuh-far so guh-good. Good-duh.
      Marco: Oh, man.
  • Ax's first experience with chili: "THIS IS A WONDERFUL FOOD!"
  • From #19, The Departure: "GET THAT BUTTERFLY!"
  • From #27, The Exposed: The Chee can only be reactivated from the Pemalite ship, which is at the bottom of the ocean. Suddenly, the conversation takes a turn for the Seinfeldian:
    Cassie: I thought that show was called Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
    Marco: No, that was the one where Captain Nemo fought the giant squid.
    Rachel: Who won?
  • There's also the part in #14 when Ax informs the kids that the secret alien technology hidden at Zone 91 is an Andalite toilet.
    • A primitive Andalite toilet. They've made significant advancements since it crashed.
    • When Marco, Cassie and Rachel are questioned by a soldier at Zone 91, and asked for their parents' phone numbers:
      Rachel: We have to get out of here. Fast! I gave him the phone number for Pizza Hut delivery.
      Marco: I gave him the number for the Sports Scoreboard recording.
      Cassie: I just gave him one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight!
      Marco: Eight? You gave him eight numbers? Remind me not to ever be a spy with you.
    • In the same scene, they're asked what their names are. Marco says he is Fox Mulder. Rachel says her name is Dana Scully. Cassie says her name is Cindy Crawford.
  • In "The Sickness", Marco passes the time while helping to carry an extremely sick Jake back home by listing all the ways to say 'throwing up'. It is funnier than it sounds.
    • Later on, after all the characters have gotten over the titular alien sickness, they talk about what they did while sick. After the rest of them complain about being too sick to get out of bed, throwing up all the time, having an alien inside their head, and such, Tobias reminds them that, since he's always in the form of a hawk, and that Cassie's father, a vet, tried to stick a pill up-
      • Tobias is funny in general in that one. When he first gets sick, after being the only one besides Cassie not to, Cassie's forced to put him in a cage until her dad can treat him, next to an eagle, which his hawk instincts aren't so happy with. We can tell he's not amused, the whole thing is hilarious.
  • #28: The Experiment is not a well-regarded book. There are a number of excellent reasons for that. But the scene where the kids, disguised as chimpanzees, plaster Visser Three and his evil scientists with poop, while also tricking the other chimps into doing the same is solid comic gold.
    • Also in #28, when the Animorphs are trying to work out why the Yeerks would be interested in a meatpacking plant.
      Cassie: Contaminate the food supply? Kill a lot of people?
      Ax: Nonsense, if the Yeerks wanted to kill a lot of humans they could simply use their Dracon beams to ignite the atmosphere.
      Marco: Well. There's a happy thought.
  • In The Andalite Chronicles: The mental image of Elfangor driving across the Taxxon homeworld full-speed in a YELLOW MUSTANG while DRINKING DR. PEPPER THROUGH HIS HOOF and LISTENING TO THE ROLLING STONES may well be one of the funniest things in science fiction.
  • Not to mention Ax eating popcorn (including the container) and concluding it tastes quite a bit like cigarette butts.
  • The revelation that Jake and Marco once spent several hours arguing over whether cheese tastes yellow or green.
  • In #16, where the Animorphs are trying to hide in fly morph in a bathroom. While asking where everyone is, Tobias describes a very smooth surface with a pool of water below. We barely discern that it's a toilet. Then, it suddenly gets dark.
    Marco: Caution: Falling objects.
  • In #10, Marco manages to write three pages of a term paper before coming up with a topic. "A topic will... emerge. I just have to keep writing until I come up with a topic." Jake's suggestion is "The use of rhetoric to obscure a lack of content." Made even better later on in the same book, when Marco mentions offhand that he got a B on his paper.
  • The distraction in #16. They burst out of a supply closet, and Rachel (in grizzly bear morph) proceeds to... mop the floor, while Jake (in tiger morph) carries the bucket for her.
    "Is that a bear?"
    "Is it mopping the floor?"
    "Have we gone nuts?"
    "I'm not nuts. It's the bear who's nuts. That's carpeted up there."
  • In #20: The Discovery — the part where Tobias hits that window, and he starts spouting Clue quotes was absolutely hilarious.
    • Also, Jake and Marco doing the "Beakanoma" scene.
  • In #16 when Ax says he likes the word 'millions' Rachel replies: "Yeah. It's a swell sound. Sometimes I just lie in bed for six or seven hours doing nothing but saying 'million'."
  • The revelation of what happens when they morph smaller animals: the excess of their original body mass goes floating into zero-space where aliens travel:
    Jake: And it's possible some spaceship will zoom along and hit it and splatter it all over?
    Ax: No, of course not.
    Ax: The ship's shielding systems would disintegrate the mass.
  • "This is Aximili! Reassert your individual consciousness!" is hilarious for some reason. Marco seems to agree, however.
    • "Please make every effort not to drop me!"
  • When due to Phlebotinum Breakdown Marco morphs into a poodle-polar bear, he realizes that he has become a poo-bear.
    • A lot of the messed-up blended morphs from that book have funny names. At one point, a ticked-off Jake refers to a half trout, half gorilla morph as "morphing into surf and turf." At another, Marco decides that a half-spider, half-skunk morph is either a skider or a spunk.
  • The Animorphs (well, Cassie) are concerned about Amazon Cafe's use of parrots as advertisement. They come up with the solution of turning into parrots, insulting restaurant patrons and badmouthing the food.
  • The group takes Ax (in human morph) to see a Star Trek movie. Ax is very confused by the experience, claiming that the Enterprise is a stupid-looking spaceship ("I know what a real spaceship looks like!") and stating that Klingons are actually females of some species he has seen before. And then he gets distracted by the numerous "globules" (candies) littering the theater floor...and then proceeds to eat off the floor, getting to the point the group has to drag him out of the theater, and he's still trying to eat the candy off of the floor.
  • Rachel has a nightmare in which, among other things, she kills Kenny.
  • In The Separation, Erek, a member of a secret ancient, alien, pacifist android race with extremely advanced holographic technology and the appearance of large, metal bipedal dogs, who have preserved the essence of their extinct creators in domesticated dogs and participated in human society for thousands of years in secret, claims that the Animorphs are simply too weird for him.
    • From that same book, the fact that Marco PHYSICALLY CANNOT STOP making jokes about the fact that there are two Rachels hanging around, even though one of the Rachels is very violent and has already nearly killed him for it once. It's a lot of joke, cringe, joke, hide, joke, etc.
  • The Animorphs' incompetent rescue of Erek while he's paralysed and his hologram's deactivated. It involves a Bill Clinton mask, Tommy Hilfiger underwear, and a gorilla wearing a homemade sandwich board advertising King Kong vs. Gudzilla. Yes, Gudzilla.
    Erek: "No offense, but how on Earth have you people managed to avoid getting caught for this long?"
    • Rachel buys clothes to disguise Erek, leaving poor Cassie to fend off curious shoppers for twenty minutes.
    Cassie grabbed my arm and dug in her fingernails. "Where have you been? I've been sweating blood!"
    "Shopping." And before Cassie could strangle me, I added, "For Erek. He needs clothes and a disguise".
    • When Cassie demands to know why she bought him designer underwear, Rachel snaps back that they don't exactly have a Wal-Mart at the mall.
      Cassie: Hello! He's an android! He doesn't even need clothes, except as a disguise.
      Rachel: Oh. Maybe I'll give them to Jake.
    • Rachel and Cassie are trying to drag Erek out of the store until Marco shows up when an employee gets in their way. And then Marco shows up behind him in gorilla morph:
      Rachel: Look out, that lava lamp is about to fall and hit you in the head!
      Employee: Huh?
      Marco: <Huh?>
      Rachel: [Gives Marco a Death Glare] I said, look out, that lava lamp is about to fall and hit you in the head!
      Marco: <Oh, right.> [Tap on the Head]
    • Later on, the news report quotes the employee, who complains about the lava lamp hitting him.
    • Erek was good at pulling out the Lampshades for comedic effect:
      Erek: I have got to stop hanging out with you guys. You people are just strange.
  • Cassie's mom knows her daughter's favorite bands as: The Fudgies, Snoopy Diggity Dog, Boys Eleven Men, and Nice Is Neat. The last one comes from Cassie making up a name less likely to draw parental disapproval when she wanted to get a NIN CD.
  • The whole scene where Ax, Marco and Tobias attempt to acquire duck DNA. The ducks win.
  • An example that details the Two of Your Earth Minutes trope quite humorously (although this instance concerns distance rather than time):
    Ax: ...fifteen of your miles.
    Marco: You don't have to say 'your miles'. They are everybody's miles.
    Ax: What about the countries that use kilometers? See? I am learning!
    • Also the fact that Ax, who often comes off as overly serious when he's not in human morph, is quite obviously keeping various running gags going deliberately.
    Ax: ...and we have seventeen minutes left in morph.
    Marco: (after a pause) Seventeen minutes?
    Ax: (correcting himself) Seventeen of your Earth minutes.
    • It says a lot about his character when Ax is sick, feverish, delirious, and quite literally dying, but still has the presence of mind to specify that he has a fever < your degrees.> It also says a lot about Marco when he begins to respond, despite the dire situation, "Ax, they're everyone's degrees..."
  • #38: The Arrival has another Andalite overwhelmed by the taste of jelly beans. Tobias and Ax have to drag her out of there, only to be confronted by the brother of the girl she morphed. They run for it.
    • The same book has a weird combination of heartwarming and funny when Estrid asks Ax if cinnamon buns are what makes him care for humans. He thinks about the hosts that had made a human shield to protect the other Animorphs and all the times his friends had risked their lives for him, then sarcastically answers, "Yes. That is why I like humans. It is all about the cinnamon buns."
  • Marco pretending to be Cassie via e-mail in book 16.
    • Even better, Jake catching on and playing along.
  • Ax avoiding detection by Cassie's dad: "I am from Canada. I am Canadese."
  • "I see. And does a tornado have feet?"
  • From #12: The Reaction, in which Jeremy Jason McCole, a teen heartthrob actor intends to endorse The Sharing. At first, the boys' reaction is, "It's not as if he's Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky," until...
    Rachel: If he endorses The Sharing, it would be as if...
    Cassie: As if the entire female cast of Baywatch endorsed something.
    Rachel: Yeah. Like that.
    Jake: (losing his amused smile) This actor kid has that kind of influence?
    Marco: (in a hushed, horrified tone) He has that much power? He has Baywatch-level power?
    Tobias: <Yasmine Bleeth power?>
    Ax: <Bleeth? Is that a word?>
    • Visser Three trying to decide which Animorph to kill first. <What have I heard the human children say? Ah yes, eeny-meeny-miney-moo.>
      • Rachel's mental response: <It's MOE, you jerk. Moe, not moo.>
    • Marco taking the opportunity to mock the fact that Rachel triggered her first out-of-control morphing episode while pulling up pictures of Jeremy Jason.
    "It was l-o-o-o-v-e," Marco crowed, drawing the word out. "The deadly, dangerous emotion of puppy love. Rachel was overcome by attraction! By desire! By intense, uncontrollable Tiger Beat passion! And it—"
    He was interrupted by the fact that I tried to grab him and choke him. But he dodged behind Ax.
    "It turned her into a wild animal!" Marco yapped on. "Several wild animals, actually. She became the alligator of l-o-o-o-v-e!"
    "It's crocodile," Jake said, smirking in a most un-Jake-like way.
    • "Entertainment Tonight! We've got stars, alright! We'll entertain you and drain you of all of your thoughts tonight!"
      • Cue Jake smacking him in the back of the head with a pillow.
  • In #20: The Discovery, Marco has to speak to a human who isn't in on The Masquerade, while in morph. His way of going about it?
    Greetings, Earthling! Klaatu barada nikto! I come in peace!
    • And then:
      Earthling! Your son ditched school early!
    • The above is made even better when the guy (David's father) buys it!
  • Book 21, in which the Animorphs infiltrate a secure location by morphing fleas and riding on Jake, morphed into a dragonfly.
    Cassie: Did anyone ever read the Miss Spider books? This could be Miss Spider Goes Flying.
  • Book 22, a mostly serious story, in which the side plot is that the Animorphs stop a summit meeting being targeted by the Yeerks — which they accomplish by morphing elephants and rhinos and destroying the hotel complex. Then run into a drunk Boris Yeltsin.
    [narrating] I guess if you think about it, hanging out with a bunch of politicians talking about peace must be kind of dull. After a few days of that, maybe you kind of welcome massive, enraged animals barging through your living room.
  • All Helmacron leaders must be dead, because that way they can never screw up. Marco, for once, is stunned.
  • Ax steals the "wire that humans hang from limbless trees" for his homemade satellite dish.
    Tobias: Ah. That explains the power outage in Jake's neighborhood.
    • Also, Ax is really, really, really fascinated by "These Messages" (what we call commercial breaks). Tobias is actually quite disturbed by this revelation.
  • In the book where Cassie morphs a racehorse, Marco suggests that they could bet on her and win money. At the end of the book, he brings it up again:
    Cassie: [narrating] And that was when I dumped a bucket of water on Marco's head and we all went home.
  • While the book it comes from is definitely one of the more serious ones, the scene where Rachel finally reveals the truth about what's happening to her family and tries to rescue them... only for her mom to freak out, thinking the bear ate her.
    Rachel: Get it together, Mom, I am the bear!
    • Furthermore, she unhesitatingly attacked the bear with a spice rack, proving that Rachel's fearlessness was hereditary.
  • The finale to the TV series (which was cancelled before getting into the darker parts of the series) ends with the Animorphs pairing up for a school dance - Jake with Cassie, Rachel with Tobias... and Marco with Ax. Marco insists on leading.
  • The Pemalite ship in #27. Especially when it (politely) insists they leave. Visser Three is throwing a huge screaming tantrum the entire time, but the ship is nothing but courteous, and... instead of disintegrating the ship, the Visser leaves.
    • The fact that the code for entering the Pemalite ship is 'six'. Just that, one number. Oh, and the main control console is built into a tree. Even Ax, whose species lives in the open air, finds it ridiculous.
  • The Visser's hamminess results in some hilarious-to-imagine lines, usually given to his inept underlings.
    <Did it occur to you that the Bug fighter is less than a hundred yards from here? Did it occur to you that Dracon beams travel a long way? Did it occur to you that we cannot get back to our own time without that Bug fighter? And did it occur to you that I MIGHT BE IN MORPH and that you might end up shooting me?>
    • Tobias refusing to give in: <You dare defy me! You dare resist!>
    • And then there's this particular admonishment to his underlings, in #14:
      <Fools! Idiots! lncompetents! Weeks have been wasted setting up this effort. First we lose that clumsy fool, Korin Five-Four-Seven, when he was bitten by a snake. And now we’ve lost poor Jillay Nine-Two-Six!>
      • He then motions to Jillay's host body, which he himself has just cut in half.
  • That also comes on the heels of this brilliant exchange:
    Colonel: SERGEANT! GET those HORSES out of my facility! NOW!
    Sergeant: Yes sir! Horses! About face!
    It must have surprised the poor sergeant when, amazingly, we all complied. Animorphs and Yeerks, we turned and walked away.
  • Book #34 opens with Cassie and Rachel breaking into a teacher's house for something Cassie insists is a matter of life and death. It's a doodle. Featuring a heart, a cupid, and the words "Cassie loves Jake".
  • Marco's summation of the team's Dysfunction Junction state in Book #35 (concerning his morphing poodle-polar bears or lobster-ospreys or gorilla-trout due to the stress of seeing his dad remarry when Marco knows his mom is still alive).
  • This exchange from #44, after Cassie gets back from Australia:
    "Talk?" Rachel rolled her eyes. "Puh-leez. He wants to give you a big, fat, sloppy kiss. You should've seen him. He was a total zombie the whole time you were gone."
    I smiled at Jake. "A zombie? Really?"
    Jake shot Rachel a dirty look, then stared down at his French fries. "Depends on your definition of a zombie."
    "How's this for a definition?" Tobias said. "Somebody who can't eat, can't sleep, spends every minute of the night and day searching the airport and all other known Yeerk hangouts, and can only utter one intelligible sentence: 'I have to FIND HER.'"
  • #43, Tobias has to meet with Taylor in a public place. He does it by acquiring her as a morph.
  • The entire exchange in #14 when the kids are caught in a stall with Ax and pretend that he's their horse.
  • Rachel and Cassie overhear a girl asking Jake to the school dance. Rachel intervenes, informing Jake that he will be taking Cassie to the dance, her tone making it clear that this is not up for debate. Marco, ever the gentleman, immediately tells Rachel that he'll clear some room in his social calendar so he can take Rachel out.
  • Cassie gets a new swimsuit with guidance from Rachel.
    "He thinks I look dumpy," I muttered to Rachel under my breath.
    "Cassie, you are so hopeless. What you know about guys could fit on the head of a pin. Good grief. That is not a 'she looks dumpy' look. That's a 'whoa, she looks hot, but I better not show any reaction or she'll get offended' look."
  • Rachel decides Cassie needs a makeover and makes her wear her new clothes so Cassie can see how attractive she is. First a random guy says hi (who doesn't even remember Cassie's name, but then he'd never spoken to them before), another guy who gets her name wrong despite having just heard it ("He gave you a definite look. So what if he's not good at remembering names?"), a guy Cassie actually knows (who does remember her name, but thinks she's gained weight), Jake (who just smiles and says she looks good, giving Cassie a fuzzy feeling and disappointing Rachel, who wanted a more histrionic demonstration), and then there's Marco.
    "No! No! It can't be!"
    Marco's voice. He usually sits two rows over. But now he leaped clear over one row of seats and slithered into an empty desk next to mine. He stared at me, eyes wide with wonder. Way too much wonder.
    "Who is this vision of loveliness? Who is this fantasy come true? Excuse me, but are you Tyra Banks? No, no you can't be any mortal girl. So much perfection could never be achieved by a mere human. You're an angel descended from heaven! I mean, they say clothes make the man, but these clothes make you an angel."
    I took out my homework and placed it on my desk. "Are you done?" I asked Marco.
    He thought for a moment, then nodded. "Yeah. That should be about enough."
    "What did Rachel pay you?"
    He grinned. "Two bucks. Girls are such idiots sometimes. I'd have done it for a dollar."
  • Rachel's reaction to encountering a subset of the Iskoort species whose entire function in their culture is shopping.
    Rachel: My people! At last I have a true homeland!
    Jake: They shop? That's it? They shop?
    Guide: <Someone must buy what is created in the great factories and small craftworks.>
    Rachel: Exactly.
    Guide: <The economy cannot function without people to buy things.>
    Rachel: Guide, you are finally making sense.
  • Exactly three seconds after Jake and Cassie's first kiss:
    Marco: (holds out arms to Jake) What, no kiss for me?
    • So he turns to Rachel.
  • There's a fleeting mention in book 43, The Test, that the Andalite word for being unable to control a morph is notallssith.
  • After he, Cassie and Tobias are returned to their normal size after being shot with a Helmacron shrink ray, Marco expresses regret that there won't be an Adam and Eve Plot.
  • In the second Megamorphs, Marco learns that broccoli was actually brought to Earth by aliens.

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