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  • "(It's) A Gundam!" - Many many Mooks

Mobile Suit Gundam

  • "All glory to the nation of Zeon!" Garma Zabi
  • "You have all fought splendidly! Now witness the fate that belies all true warriors!" Ramba Ral
  • "This is it. Huh!?" Crowley Hamon
  • "Mash... Ortega... I'm sorry." Gaia
  • "You won't beat me!" Sleggar Law
  • "As long as I live, you will not beat Zeon!" Dozle Zabi
  • "Deliver that antique vase to Lady Kycilia. It's very valuable." M'Quve.
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  • "Oh Amuro, I can see time itself." Lalah Sune
  • "At last I will have a peace treaty." Degwin Zabi
  • "Quit with the jokes." Gihren Zabi
  • "Is that Char?" Kycilia Zabi
  • "MOMMY!" A Zeon rookie pilot stuck fighting in the Battle of A Baoa Qu

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

  • "Like I told Jamaican, take care, Jerid! This kid is a monster!" (Final thoughts) "Well, I just called him a monster. This feeling unconsciously turns into antipathy. This is what being an Oldtype means!" Lyla Mira Lyla
  • "Amelia..." Kacricon Cacooler, thinking of his wife as he dies.
  • "Become leader of the AEUG...Char...Aznable..." Blex Forer
  • "Kamille, don't be sad! I can see you whenever I want. And I can go inside you." Four Murasame
  • "Fa, run!" Apolly Bay
  • "Scirocco! Then, you—" Jamitov Hymem
  • "Katz, get away! I can't—can't hold it!" Sarah Zabiarov
  • "Brother, I found you..." Rosamia Badam
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  • "Sarah... I'll see you again, won't I...?" Katz Kobayashi, dying right after having a vision of Sarah Zaviaroff.
  • "E-Emma...?" Henken Beckner.
  • "Don't you see, Kamille?! It's your fault that--!" Jerid Messa
  • "Emma, you should know. Men are perhaps born to fight each other. And women are perhaps fated to be their tools." Reccoa Londe
  • "You can put an end to this war. It's the Zeta's mission, Kamille Vidan! Many people are watching over you... We're all together." Emma Sheen.
  • "I won't die alone... I'll drag your soul to Hell with me... Kamille Bidan!" Paptimus Scirocco
  • "...The women?!" Paptimus Scirocco again in the Compilation Movie version.

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

  • "This is it for you!" Gottn
  • "Torres..." Cecelia
  • "Reckless?! You dare call me reckless? I chose... to wait. I planned and prepared! And you dare call that reckless?!" Desert Rommel
  • "I'm relying on you." Dido Kaltoha
  • "Dammit... not like this!" Elo Melloe
  • "I've got you!" Gadeb Jasin
  • "I-I can't believe I'm beaten! The Mindra will be in my hands once again!" August Guidan
  • "Dammit! This craft won't do what I tell it to! Is that you I hear, Katz?" Hayato Kobayashi
  • "Die, myself!" Elpeo Ple
  • "Sister... take care of the people of Moon Moon. Mr. Mondo... I..." Rasara Moon
  • "Stop it! Please stop!" Stampa Halloi
  • "Bright!" Emary Ounce
  • "You cannot kill me. Mashymre Cello will fight until the flesh is cleaved from his bones. Long live Lady Haman!" Mashymre Cello
  • "Nee, take care of Mistress Chara!" Lance Gylan
  • "How?! It's piloted by a child!" Rakan Dahkaran
  • "Y-you, Roux Louka? It was you who killed me?" Glemy Toto
  • "Mistress Chara!" Nee Gylen
  • "Who do you think you are dealing with?! I am Chara Soon! Do you hear me?! I am Chara Soon!" Chara Soon
  • "Thank goodness I returned... to meet such a nice kid..." Haman Karn
  • "Big Brother..." Ple-Two

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

  • "What? An enemy!?" Adenauer Paraya
  • "Don't worry about me!" Kayra Su
  • "Chan! STOP!" Astonaige Medoz
  • "Hathaway! WATCH OUT!" Quess Paraya
  • "HATHAWAY!" Chan Agi
  • "Lalah Sune was a young woman who may have well become a mother to me! You took away her life, so don't you dare judge me!" Char Aznable
  • "A... mother?! RRRAGH!" Amuro Ray, responding.

Mobile Suit Gundam F91

  • "Is he a demon!?" Carozzo "Iron Mask" Ronah

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

  • "I didn't install one." Kelley Layzner. The thing he didn't install? An ejection pod.
  • "Their objective is — dear God!" South Burning
  • "Nina...I know you have to...get Unit 3..." Lucette Auduvie
  • "Sieg Zeon." Admiral Aguille Delaz
  • "What?!" Cima Gaharu before being shot point-blank
  • "Understand - even if one man breaks through, head for the Axis Fleet so that all future generations will know the truth of the battle being fought." Anavel Gato

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

  • "I won't let you do as you wish!" Helen Jackson
  • "Now, I'll finish you!" Mahelia Merril
  • "Run, Usso! RUN!" Peggy Lee
  • "I already told you! I won't let you reach the Earth!" Oliver Inoue
  • "Right behind you! Usso!" Mueller Migeru.
  • "Tassilo, you'll have to deal with things on your own now! Metchet, I'm coming to see you..." Fuala Griffon
  • "Kill both Tassilo and myself!" Queen Maria Armonia, first to Tassilo Vago and then to Usso Ebin
  • "This is all because you resisted me! You haven't got what it takes still!" Tassilo Vago
  • "Boy, you shouldn't just stay there! Hurry up and go inside the ring!" Juca Meirash
  • "Our defense against the mobile suits..." Mubarak
  • "Hey, are you thinking of defecting...? WHA...?" Francesca "Franny" O'Hara.
  • "You killed Franny!" Miriella Katan.
  • "You shouldn't underestimate us old-timers!" Romero Marval.
  • "Look there!" Leonid Almodovar
  • "You're too late!" Robert Gomez, before the Reinforce Jr. slams into the Adrastea and takes it with itself.
  • "T-that bastard? It's a woman? (...) That voice, I hear a woman's voice!" Connie Francis
  • "What's wrong with me? Mother, are you praising me? Father, you always hated me... but you didn't detest me back then? Really?" Odelo Henrik
  • "Sister Maria... Save me... Sister Maria!" Chronicle Asher
  • "You're laughing at me, Maria!" Fonse Kagatie

Mobile Fighting Legend G Gundam

  • "We're counting on you, Domon Kasshu!" The previous Shuffle Alliance
  • "Aren't they afraid to lose their lives?!" Michelo Chariot
  • "Look! The East is burning red!" Master Asia, as Hot-Blooded as it may sound, his last moments are among the most tear jerking in all of Gundam.
  • "Thank you... Domon..." Kyouji Kasshu, right before he and his clone Schwarz Bruder merged into one so Domon can kill them/him and release them/him from the Devil Gundam's clutches. Snifff.
  • "Hey, old friend... Can you see me? Are you laughing at me, deep down? It seems I couldn't win against you, right until the very end..." Dr. Mikamura, speaking to the still cryogenized Dr. Kasshu before he dies and releases Kasshu's capsule so he can be rescued.
  • "In any case, you guys are finished! The Devil Gundam's desire to eliminate humanity is still alive!" Wong Yunfat
  • "It's useless... Rain will never return to you." Ulube Ishikawa

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing

  • "Are we under attack?" nameless OZ soldier who is cut down moments later by Gundam Deathscythe Yes. Yes you are.
  • "M-milady... I really wanted to go into space...!" the nameless Oz cadet who dies in Noin's arms when Wufei bombs the barracks.
  • "Long live King Zechs!" Otto, Zechs's loyal Oz subordinate
  • "Milliardo, I will be waiting on the other side." Treize Khushrenada
  • "No... don't do that, young man..." Admiral Noventa, before Heero cuts his plane down
  • ·Duo... May you have God's blessings..." Sister Helen, to Duo Maxwell. From Duo's Episode Zero manga episode.
  • "I wanted to be the mother of your child!" Quatre's mother, Quatrina Winner, before her Death by Childbirth. From Quatre's Episode Zero manga episode.
  • "Listen..don't forget what I told you...before we left. It's the last lesson...this old fool can give you. Th-the last few years...we spent together...w-weren't so...bad... " Hitman with a Heart Odin Lowe. From Heero's Episode Zero
  • "You... you're strong..." Wufei's wife Meiran, before dying in his arms. From Wufei's Episode Zero

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

  • "GINEAS!" Yuri Kellarny
  • "Heh. Life can be real funny sometimes...but I won't be stopped! Victory is mine!" Norris Packard (dub)
  • "Now do you see the vision? This is what I wanted!" Ginias Sahalin
  • "...there's no time for that." Isen Ryer

Mobile New Century Gundam X

  • "What?!" Rike Anto
  • "I almost had it!" Vedoba Morte
  • "Once the interlopers are gone, I can solve the riddle of Newtype powers at my leisure.” Von Alternative
  • "What?!" Doctor Dorat aka Mayor Nomoa Long
  • "Damn, is this the end?!" Dorza Baroy
  • "Hey wait! You're just going to leave us here?!" Marcus Guy
  • "It's fine. It made me happy that I got to see you all grown up. Goodbye, Jamil." Lutil Liliant
  • "The war, the Gundams... Those are all things from before you were born. Don’t let them rule your life. Do what you want. But don’t forget this one thing... Don’t make the same mistakes we did... See you around..." Katokk Alzamille
  • "Y-you planned all of this! You non-Newtypes have forgotten what you owe me as your patron! Stinking Category F’s!" Aimzat Kartral
  • "What?!" Demar Griffe
  • "I lost... I actually lost..." Duett Langraph's evil personality
  • "I figured this would happen one day. But I don't blame you. Because you're me. I think this will finally let us become one. Oh, hey... I wonder if that puppy is doing well." Duett Langraph's good personality
  • "Glory to my people!" General Lee
  • "There's someone on the Freeden, right? Someone you love... Roabea, I'm sorry..." Yurina Sonohara
  • "I'll give you a way out. Remember how we fought here!" Tessa
  • "This is it! This is the moment I've been--" Milra Draid
  • "Wh-Why? Isn't your mission to locate Newtypes?" Abel Bauer
  • "Stop this nonsense!" Caron Latt
  • "Garrod. Tiffa. And the rest of you. The old era ends here." D.O.M.E.
  • "Filthy Oldtypes!" Seidel Russo
  • "They-they wouldn't!" Fixx Bloodman

∀ Gundam

  • "We negotiated for two years. We said we wish to return to what was our homeworld 2,000 years ago. I won't let you pretend that we have never spoken-" Captain Audi
  • "Young Lord... You cannot be allowed to die..." Elder Iru
  • "It's stopped firing!" Will Game III
  • "You were chosen to be in the vanguard of the Earthfall operation! You may be lower class, but you are still one of the elite!" Teteth Halleh
  • "If there is a war in which nuclear weapons are used, a new Dark History will be written..." Lt. Zenoa
  • "Then you will truly be the new king." King Quautol
  • "I will accompany you." Mayarit
  • "Midgard..." Agrippa Maintainer
  • "A SUMO... Lt. Harry is a royal guardsman..." Meam Midgard
  • "Is this any way for a general to act?!" Sweatson Stero
  • "Even the Turn A should be able to usher in a new era!" Corin Nander
  • "Now, fight!" Gym Ghingnham

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

  • "No way!" Miguel Aiman
  • "This is intolerable! What do your people think they're doing? Why can't they shoot down that single GINN!?" George Allster
  • "Send out the civilian shuttle immediately! I refuse to let ZAFT destroy that ship! Not after all this!" Lewis Halberton
  • "I cant pull back...Cornering them like this...This all started...We're after...The legged ship..." Zellman
  • "Cagalli...To me...You're..." Ahmed
  • "Andy!" Aisha
  • "Athrun, run!" (Last thoughts) "Mother, my piano..." Nicol Amalfi
  • "Kira!" Tolle Koenig
  • "We can't leave Orb, or this world, in the the hands of those bastards." Uzumi Nara Athha
  • "This time, you're going down!" Shani Andras
  • "Shani! Tch...!" Orga Sabnak, in response to Shani's death.
  • "DAMN YOU!" Murata Azrael
  • "Didn't I tell you I could make the impossible possible..." Mu La Flaga (but not really)
  • "Fire, Murrue Ramius!" Natarle Badgiruel
  • "You know what...? I'm gonna...!" Clotho Buer
  • "Kira..." Flay Allster
  • "You...bastard...! Ray Yuki
  • "Fire.. Genesis... so that the future... will be ours." Patrick Zala
  • "Whatever happens now, I've won! When Jachin self-destructs, GENESIS will fire! The Earth will burn! And the cries of the victims will ignite battle anew!" Rau Le Creuset

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

  • "Attacking all of us!? You cocky bastard! What!?" Heine Westenfluss
  • "What are you looking at, bastard! What!?" Auel Neider
  • "Shinn... I love you..." Stellar Louissier
  • "I just..." Sting Oakley
  • "Shut up! I..." Yuna Roma Seiran
  • "Just fire it! We'll escape while that's happening. As long as I'm still alive, there will always be alternatives. We'll fire one last shot as we surrender the base! We can make up some excuse later. You served me well. If we both escape to Arzachel or somewhere, we could once again..." Lord Djibril
  • "Lady Lacus... My song and my life... don't forget them... and I'm sorry..." Meer Campbell
  • "Give me a break..." Gilbert Durandal
  • "You did a great job. So it's alright. It's alright now." Talia Gladys
  • "Mother..." Rey Za Burrel

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

  • "If this is what they call destiny, then no amount of fighting can stop it; that's what we're born for and that's why we die. If that's what they call destiny, no amount of fighting can stop it; the ones who arrive first on this path no one can see, are those who have lost their lives. That's a result of God's guidance..." Emilio Ribisi, in the backstory.
  • "My goodness... could I be their real target?" Ralph Eifman
  • "Captain, I'm proud...of the Flags..." Howard Mason
  • "Dad.. Saji.." Kinue Crossroad
  • "He's what-" Michael Trinity
  • "We are created.. only to be Gundam Meisters.." Johann Trinity
  • "I am proud to be...a Union Flag Fighter!!!" Daryl Dodge
  • "Hey, all you people, are you satisfied with this world...? I'm not."/ "Hey, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me...I hate it... Neil "Lockon Stratos" Dylandy
  • "Yeah... you were..." Lichtendahl Tsery
  • "Please... change the world. Please!" Christina Sierra
  • "RIBBONS!!!" Alejandro Corner and Regene Regretta
  • "What the-" Barrack Zinin
  • "NOOOOOOOO!" Aber Lindt
  • "You would destroy your own kind?!" Bring Stabity
  • "I WILL AVENGE BRING!" Devine Nova before being vaporized by the Raiser Sword
  • "Unbelievable... what happened here is... this is something that can never be taken back." Pang Hercury
  • "Holly... I'm sorry..." Sergei Smirnov
  • "That's why we understood each other right? That's good to know.." Anew Returner to her lover Lyle "Lockon Stratos" Dylandy
  • "I wont let you...!" Hong Long
  • "Nena... But why!?" Wang Liu Mei
  • "DAMN IT!!!" Nena Trinity
  • "DO SOMETHING!!!" Arthur Goodman
  • "Fool!!" Ali Al-Saachez, before Lyle "Lockon Stratos" Dylandy shot him in the head.
  • "Save me, Ribbons...! " Hilling Care, moments before Doublelujah literally tore her suit in half.
  • "Now you're mine!" Revive Revival, moments before Lockon (Lyle) shoved a beam pistol up his suit's cockpit.
  • "You are nothing but a mere human!!" Ribbons Almark

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

  • "I can't accept that this is reality!" Kim
  • "You bastard!" Descartes Shaman
  • "I am a soldier of the Federation forces, serving to protect the people!!" Andrei Smirnov
  • "Young man! Do you need a beacon to the future? I, Graham Aker will gladly oblige! This is not death... (Activates Self-Destruct Sequence) It's for humankind to live on!!" Graham Aker, presumably

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

  • "Flit... life is hard... isn't it?" Yurin L'Ciel
  • "At least our souls can return to Earth. Isn't it so, Sir Ezelcant? Now I too can... return to earth..." Yark Dore
  • "Asemu...become a super pilot. More amazing than anybody... More than me... The best pilot in space. I'm expec...great thin..." Woolf Enneacle
  • "Why? I can't lose! It's impossible!" Desil Galette
  • "I can finally take a long vacation..." Seric Abis
  • "DAMN IT!" Jonathan Gistab
  • "No way...I can't...not like...not like this!" Leil Light
  • "Kio..." Deen Anon
  • "I've finally caught you! I'll make you pay for humiliating me! I'm gonna crush you!" Godom Tyneham
  • "Zeheart! You bastard!" Zanald Beihart
  • "Remi...I'm finally going to see you again..." Obright Lorain
  • "Master Zeheart..." Fram Nara
  • "Thank you, Asemu..." Zeheart Galette

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

  • "The base! Stop it, my comrades are there." Danji Eirei
  • "Wait! What?" Haeda Gunnel
  • "Thank-" Crank Zent
  • "Impossible! That Graze—" Coral Conrad
  • "Whether I'll be reborn... I'll soon find out if that's true or not. I'll go first to check it out, Bro... My brother..." Masahiro Altland
  • "For goodness sake, just die! Won't you just die?!" Kudel Cadel
  • "It's just smoke?" Navona Mingo
  • "I hated them... Those ignorant... and just honest... eyes of yours. When you saw the reality, I thought they would cloud up. But you... You never lost your sparkle and came this far... Like in that book... Like that young girl..." Fumitan Admoss
  • "Orga... we will make Tekkadan..." Biscuit Griffon
  • "Thank... Thank you... McGillis." Carta Issue
  • "You monster! Lieutenant Crank! Specialist Major Bauduin! My righteousness—" Ein Dalton
  • "Wait-" Allium Gyojan
  • "I wish I never met you all. Because... Because I don't want to lose such a life while I have to die now. But... thanks." Aston Altland
  • "Thanks for the compliment, little nameless youngster. I know you'll end up dying like me, this oldster, sometime in the future. Farewell! Forgive me, Rustal." Galan Mossa
  • "Mr. Takaki!" Radice Riloto
  • "Naze, I'll show you the most brilliant light ever." Amida Arca
  • "I see you, Amida. I won't let you go alone. Right, Amida? Women are the sun. The sun has to keep shining or we men would wither up. Always smile for me, Amida. Strongly, boldly. Flash your brilliant smile for me. And I'll be able to keep my head up at all times. As long as I stay in your sunlight. I..." Naze Turbine
  • "Excuse me, I'd like this please." Lafter Frankland
  • "Wait! If it isn't money, what is it? An apology? I'll cut off all my fingers or even a hundred of them. So please—" Jasley Donomikols
  • "Dang it! You planned this... Rustal Elion." Liza Enza
  • "Shit! Damn it! No!" Norba Shino
  • "Even if it meant bloodshed... I was able to dream when I was with the General. Even if I was a member of Gjallarhorn, I was from the colonies with no one to back me up. I have no dreams for tomorrow. That's what kind of world this is. You, born under the name of Bauduin, would never understand. To me, the General is..." Isurugi Camice
  • "I'm not stopping. As long as you all don't stop, I'll be there at the end waiting for you. So hear me well. Don't you ever stop." Orga Itsuka
  • "Mr. Mikazuki... Go... I got it here. I'll catch up to you, no matter what. So don't stop... Keep going..." Hush Middy
  • "Why are you crying? Gaelio, to me, you have been—" McGillis Fareed. Gaelio cuts him off before he can finish the sentence with "a friend."
  • "I cannot die here!" Iok Kujan
  • "Good things come to you if you live long enough. To think I was able to crush you with my own hands. I now have a great story to tell when I meet them there..." Akihiro Altland
  • "I've gotten it dirty again. Atra's going to be mad at me. I wonder if Kudelia will help me apologize to her." Mikazuki Augus
  • "Who the heck is that? And who are—" Nobliss Gordon

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE

  • "Even after this, I hope you'll be a person who can do your best for others." Eve
  • "I see... so here is... the promised..." Alus

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