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Narrator: And don't forget the Yaoi Fangirl bait. Wait, what yaoi fangi... ooooh wait, there it is, I see it.

Ho Yay seems to be par for the course for Sunrise-produced mecha anime...especially its Flagship Franchise, Gundam.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing managed to attain a massive Periphery Demographic of Yaoi Fangirls due to the chemistry between its five (young, beautiful, male) leads.
    • The most common pairings are Heero/Duo, Trowa/Quatre, Wufei/Treize or Treize/Zechs. In most circles of the internet circa the late 90's, these were essentially fanon no matter how much basis they had in the anime.
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    • Although most of the pairings fangirls come up with have little to no basis in the anime, there's a definite argument toward 3x4. For one thing, while each pilot has their female counterpart, Trowa's is his possible sister (whether or not they're related, that's how she sees the relationship) and Quatre's is Dorothy, whom he only meets once and upon that meeting is stabbed. For another, the whole character arc between the two starting when Quatre goes crazy after his father died is proof enough. They're also the first Gundam pilots to truly cooperate, and quickly have a musical duet out of nowhere.
    • The whole character arc between Heero and Quatre starting from Wing Zero takes an entire quarter of the show focusing on them, yet is surprisingly overlooked by the fanbase. To say nothing of Quatre later claiming Heero is his much-loved and mysterious "soul of the universe".
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    • In the Blind Target manga, you have Relena and her assistant Chris. The way they constantly keep holding hands...
    • Relena and Dorothy do seem attracted to each other. Also doubles as Foe Yay since Relena is a Actual Pacifist while Dorothy is a Rich Bitch who thinks War Is Glorious.
  • In Gundam 00, there's the relationship between Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy, the original) and Tieria Erde... who are both "totally" straight as arrows! They even have private meetings where they discuss each other's feelings to prove their platonic nature. When Lockon dies, Tieria actually shows emotion due to his sheer straightness and platonic love for him. His last lines from the first season show just how much he loves girls.
    Tieria:Now I can go to where you are... Lockon...
  • Gundam SEED: You know what...let's just say Kira and Athrun are really upset about having to fight each other...
    • Dearka and Yzak too.
      • The anime seems to support this pairing. In episode 44, Dearka and Yzak see each other again for the first time in a while and Yzak's reaction to seeing Dearka with the Strike makes it sound like they were cheating on each other. Additionally, in opening sequences Kira appears on screen with Lacus and Athrun appears on screen with Cagali. Dearka and Yzak almost always appear on screen together in the openings.
    • The tendency of male characters to die tragically and serve as another male character's motive for fighting/villainy smacks of Ho Yay. Nicol and Athrun are an especially strong (and tearjerking) example of this trope.
    • Rey and Shinn manage to turn this up in SEED Destiny by not having to fight each other. Very unusually for a Gundam show, they're close roommates, Only Friends, and side-by-side the whole way through, come what may. Rey is intensely and hilariously jealous of their friend Lunamaria when she later forms a romantic relationship with Shinn.
    • Gundam SEED Character Theater ruthlessly exploits this trope, especially the third segment, which features Kira and Athrun practically proposing to each other. That the next theater focuses on Kira and Lacus only slightly lessens the effect (especially since Shinn is crossdressing as Lacus for most of the video).
  • Gundam 0083 features an episode where Federation pilot Kou Uraki helps former Zeon pilot Kelly Layzner fix a mobile armor in a display of soldierly bonding and camaraderie. Complete with a romantic ballad playing in the background.
  • For more old school Ho Yay, Mobile Suit Gundam provides more than enough subtext between Char Aznable and Garma Zabi that kept fans happy for more than thirty years. One includes a shower scene with a bit of coy banter; Char putting his hand on Garma while Garma's eyes glaze over, which is very similar to the look Lalah gives Char later on as he does the same thing to her; and Char killing Kycilia so she could keep Garma company in heaven, after stating to Sayla sometime before that he wasn't after revenge on the Zabis anymore. And the "Daily Life of Char" Omakes that show that Char's biggest regret of all is what he did to Garma. This isn't even touching on Gundam Origins, which has Ho Yay scenes between the two such as Char putting a blanket on Garma in the middle of the night when he's fast asleep on his desk. Or climbing all the way down a muddy path in the rain to pitch a tent for him until he was able to move. Does one even need to mention the scene where Char grabs a hold of Garma's hands to calm him down before they go into battle, following by an intense stare between them and sweat collecting on Garma's face?
    • And in Wing, the resident Char Clone is paired with a very believable (female) Garma clone, of all people.
    • Char and Amuro's swordfight has its subtext too, with their momentum in low gravity making their helmets kiss.
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam was bound to have this, given just how passionate everyone is. But the most prominent example has to be between Domon Kasshu and Chibodee Crockett. Not only does the Narrator continually refer to them as destined rivals, Schwarz Bruder practically matchmakes them (to improve their fighting, of course) in Guyana. And in their final battle, Domon and Chibodee actually say things like "I can feel your dream" while Master Asia says that "Chibodee has lit a fire in Domon's soul!" Clearly, they are madly in love and too dense to realize it.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam AGE revisits the... very platonic rivalry between Kira and Athrun with its second generation protagonist and Villain Protagonist, Asemu Asuno and Zeheart Galette. It changes gears to Foe Yay pretty quickly.
    • Dosen't help in the song on episode 17, it's a song about friendship and love... with scenes of Asemu and Zeheart. Honestly, they weren't even TRYING to hide it.
  • Sei and Reiji's close and heartwarming partnership in Gundam Build Fighters can evoke this. Most of their subtext is just the side effect of a strong friendship, but some moments—such as when Sei runs down the street calling Reiji's name right after meeting him—seem intentional. Director Kenji Nagasaki also did No6, which could explain things.
  • Toniya and Ennil El in Gundam X. Toniya is the comm officer of the heroes' ship while Ennil has a serious grudge against them thanks to Garrod misunderstanding her romantic come-on and pulling a gunnote  but they meet without knowing who they other is. Ennil gifts Toniya a dress that Toniya had been admiring, and Toniya wears it to a "date" with Ennil that becomes a very heartfelt conversation (that admittedly includes a discussion of their prospective men). Toniya becomes the catalyst for Ennil's Heel–Face Turn; after Ennil betrays the crew, she tries to ensure Toniya's safety as part of the deal. In the Grand Finale, they wind up ditching their new boyfriends for being too slow and drive off together.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn it's all but stated that Angelo Sauper is in love with Full Frontal.
    • Riddhe's attitude towards Banagher throughout the series jumps between Foe Yay and Ho Yay depending on which side of the Heel–Face Revolving Door he's on. It peaks in Episode 7, especially where his desperate reaction when Banagher is trapped in a Newtype coma verges on I Want My Beloved to Be Happy.
    • More generally, the seventh episode is titled "Over the Rainbow", making the series' title seem even more obvious in its LGBT theme naming.
  • In Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Quattro says he'll take half an hour to prepare for a particular battle, to Lee's chagrin. Said "preparation" consists of Quattro taking advantage of Reccoa's feelings for him to convince her to pilot beside him in a vulnerable position. YMMV, but its pretty chaste for a seduction (with her mostly being flustered by his direct eye contact) as she's at least somewhat aware that it's an act of manipulation. Him leaving fifteen minutes earlier than he evidently planned indicates that he's only as intimate as he needs to be with a woman. It even calls into question how sincere his relationship is with all his other battle partners like Lalah.
    • When Char remarks how Amuro's outlook has rekindled, Amuro responds that Char is the one who changed him. No response from Beltorchika, who famously talks about how romance can motivate a man to change.
    • The reunion scene of Char and Amuro always had character drama to it that can read as foe-yay fodder, but the first Zeta compilation movie ups this: one of the changes (as opposed to reanimation for cosmetics' sake) is a retcon of the hyaku shiki's control scheme to look more phallic. The closeup of Char gripping his joystick [1] as he calls Amuro's name is the kind of visual normally kept to the hyper-sexual Chara Soon.

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