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"One of the things I like so much about Gundam is that the "enemy" is never treated like it's some impersonal, automatic hierarchy. On both sides are real people, with emotions and ambitions, hopes and dreams. But war is never fair, and so many of those dreams must be laid to rest with the soldiers who die on both sides."
Carlos Ross, THEM Anime Reviews 4.0 - Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team Review

Federation, Marcenas, colonizing outer space
Immigration, secret charter, Laplace is gonna blow

Zeon Deikun's heart attack, Sasro Zabi getting whacked
Degwin Zabi, Dozle Zabi, trouble in Munzo

Don Mass, Jinba Ral, Casval and Artesia
Crowley Hamon, Guntanks, Lady Roselucia
Yashima, Texas, Lunar Liner blown to bits
Dawn Uprising, Mobile Suits
Minovsky tries to defect

They'll never stop the Gundams
They'll just keep on churning
'Long as Bandai's earning

They'll never stop the Gundams
'Cause there's no denying
Otakus still are buying

Zakus, nukes, the one week war, colony on Sydney's shore
General Revil escape, "Zeon exhausted"
Side 7, Project V, Amuro re-entry
Garma Zabi kamikaze, funeral speech

Ramba Ral, Dublin
, Thunderbolt and Solomon
Alex, Apsaras, Efreet, Solar ray destroys the fleet
Brau Bro, Elmeth, Abao a Qu, Lalah's death
Gundam breaks, Char escapes

Operation Stardust

* Chorus*

AEUG, Titans gas attack, Gundam mkII painted black
Hizack, Emma Sheen, Jerid Messa, Galbaldy
Jaburo up in flames, Newtype labs invading brains
Battle of Cape Kennedy, Amuro PTSD

Haman Karn, Mineva, Reccoa's a traitor
Dakar Speech, Quattro, Paptimus Scirrocco
No more Titan fleet, The O, Yazan, Hambrabi
Biosensor's light glows, Kamille is a vegetable

* Chorus*

Task Force Alpha, New Desides, Ex-S Gundam's sacrifice
Neo-Zeon, Moon-Moon, Africa, invasion
Glemmy Toto, civil war, cloning killer lolitas
Quinn Mantha, Qubeley dismembered by Double Z

Lhasa, Londo Bell, day that Axis almost fell
Char and Ray
Blown away
What else do I have to say?!

* Chorus*

Unicorn, Foundation, Mineva Zabi back again
Laplace box unlocks, Banshee Norn
, Scharnhorst Buch
NT, Mufti, Frontier Side, Mobile Suits are downsized
Zeons hiding out on Mars, Jupiter is something worse
Victory, League Militaire, invasion of the Zanscare
Guillotine, crazy queen, Angel's Call, Shrike Team

Manhunters rule through fear, Char clone pilots Gaia Gear
What the hell's a G-Saviour?
I can't take it anymore!

They'll never stop the Gundams
They'll just keep on churning
'Long as Bandai's earning

They'll never stop the Gundams
Even when Tomino's gone
They will still go on and on and on and on and on...