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Famous Last Words / GoLion

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  • "Damn you, Galra! Galra bastards!" Slaves slaughtered by the Deathblack Beastman
  • "The wicked will someday perish, and the righteous will triumph!" King Raimon before he and the Queen are beheaded by Sadak on Emperor Daibazzal's orders.
  • "It's too bad...I wanted to see Castle Gradham fully restored with my own eyes..." Takashi "Quiet" Shirogane
  • "Defeat Golion, Brother! That's the way!" Lisa
  • "Spare me!" Viceroy of Planet Jarre before he is killed by Sadak
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  • "Son of a..." Sadak
  • "Damn you, Sincline!" King Heracles
  • "We need to work too." woman in the vehicle in episode "Go Lion Hunting" before they are slaughtered by Galra's Death Commandos
  • "Damn!" Death Commandos
  • "So what! Keep going!" Leader of the Death Commandos
  • "Yeah." man in that same vehicle
  • "Hooray!" everyone else in the vehicle
  • "I'm not...going to make it. The thing I regret...I wish I...could have seen...the Princess on her wedding day..." Hys
  • "Well, four hours ago, we stopped receiving transmissions from the reconnaissance unit." Sincline's henchman responding to the order to contact the recon unit about the Blue Lion and Princess Fala's status
  • "I won't let it end here! I'm...I'm the best saboteur in all of Galra...I'm"Saint the Galran saboteur who impersonated Raible's dead son
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  • "Die!" Emperor Daibazaal
  • "You're the son of Altean scum!" Honerva the Witch
  • "Damn you!" Prince Sincline
  • "I did it, bro!" Ryu Shirogane after he and Sincline hit the ground falling from Castle Galra.

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