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Here at last is a section where you can put all those nagging questions that have Always Bugged You about various and sundry TV shows and stuff. Found a single typo in a thousand pages of perfect grammar? Got some Fridge Logic you want to just make up? Dump it here!

From actual media

From us tropers

  • Why do half the moves in the Street Fighter games mention Ken? Do they like him that much?
    • The move Shoryuken includes the names Ryu and Ken, but who the hell is Sho?
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  • Unless it's from G Gundam, no Gundam mech should be in Super Robot Wars. They should all be in Real Robot Wars.
  • Why do they call them Sprite Comics? Most of them don't have any soda at all!
    • Why do they call it "pop art" when the most famous images of it are of soup cans?
  • Why are dramatic movies superior to the comedic, sci-fi, musical, and animated ones in the eyes of the critics? I hate dramatic movies. They're either boring, too depressing, or just plain annoying due to characters randomly screaming every 5 minutes.
    • I hate it that critics judge every movie on the same scale. Not every movie is made to be a contender for an Oscar. I hate it when critics look at an action movie for example and then talk about how the story is thin. Or, if they take a kids' movie and complain that the plot devices are old and that it's all been done before. They fail to see that the kids who should be watching the movie will have no idea that the jokes have been used a hundred times before.
  • You know what really bugs me? You, tvtropes. Fuck you.
    • The site itself is great. It's the tropers themselves who are obnoxious little shitheads. It's not about you for a reason.
      • Who constantly spout old memes.
      • You're thinking of Game FAQS.
      • Nope, TV Tropes.
      • It's both, really.
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  • Why does everybody on here hate Club Paradise? I have seen worse movies with Rick Moranis in it than that. Which ones do I speak of? Big Bully and The Wild Life. The latter half is much, much worse.
  • What's with Nevan's Godiva Hair? Is it glued to her nipples or something? (Ouch.)
  • In the earlier episodes of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, They go out in the rain all the time, yet once you get to episode 25, they can't go out when it's raining!
  • Why do I feel so sick after eating nothing but organic, low-carb bacon for a month? Oprah lied to me!
  • Why is Dawn of War called... Dawn of War? Its licensed from Warhammer 40000, which was a tabletop game that came after Warhammer. One of Warhammer 40000's taglines are "In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war."
    • It's named after a game mode from the Tabletop. It begins with only deploying scouts and working your way up. It starts at Dawn, and it's a War. Lazy Pun, but, hey, it works.
  • Even though they weren't the original names, shouldn't Proto Man, being less advanced than Mega Man, be called Kilo Man? And since X is his successor, shouldn't he be called Giga Man?
  • Why is it that, on Doctor Who, everyone acts as though the Ninth Doctor never existed? They almost never mention the regeneration or the fact that he used to have a different face (except in "The Christmas Invasion," "New Earth," and "Utopia"). It seems that the writers only want us to remember David Tennant, even though Christopher Eccleston did a FANTASTIC! job as well. Hell, the only other regeneration that the Tenth Doctor has acknowledged is the Fifth Doctor, and that's not exactly canon...
    • In fairness, the classic series never used to frequently make a big deal about the previous selves either. But I can't help but get the feeling for some reason that there's a certain rift between Christopher Eccleston and the Doctor Who production team...
      • It's worse than that from what I can see. Notice how in Journey's End, the Doctor condemned his Ninth self for the same dubious moral reasons that he condemned his clone? It's as if the writer's are retroactively smearing the Ninth Doctor's good name for whatever reason.
      • Just a question for the above troper (or anyone who reads this really): when/how in Journey's End did the Doc condemn his Ninth self? I don't recall his previous incarnation being mentioned.
      • Yes, exactly. Apparently, he told RTD in the beginning that he was only going to stay one year, but do they really have to punish the poor man for it? And they probably did that to appease the Ten/Rose 'shippers, who are scary beyond reason even though a lot of people agree that Nine and Rose had better chemistry. They even gave the "Other Doctor" (or maybe "10.5") a maroon-brown T-shirt to wear under his jacket and it was reminiscent of the dark red/maroon sweater that Nine wore when we first met him. And Tennant's rabid fangirls do not help. Sheesh.
      • As a shipper if not a rabid fangirl, I'm impressed. I've never been called "scary beyond reason" before. I'm almost flattered. (and for the record, I say Ten's comments were intended to be projection about how he really felt about himself...)
      • Neither shipper nor rabid fangirl, but I still don't see how either incarnation ended up so enamoured of Rose. Not an awful companion, by any means, but not One True Love material either. Human beings are all children to him-mentally, emotionally and temporally. Granted, Nine was in a pretty rough emotional patch at the time, but I suspect an Author Insert, or perhaps Producer Insert is more like it.
    • Eccleston apparently hated working on the show and everyone knew it. Unlike many of the other Doctors he also didn't participate in any of the charity events. Combined, I'm sure those are two of the most significant reasons why no one ever talks about him, even on the spinoff of the show born from his one season.
    • 'Time Crash' isn't canon?! If anyone official has implied or confirmed that, they will be found. And punished.
  • Another about Doctor Who: when Ten first met River whe supposedly told him his name and that's why he trusted her. But if "Doctor Who?" is the question that can't be answered then how did she now it?
    • She presumably read it off his crib. That's Gallifreyan writing on its sides, not just designs.
  • Every day I'm more and more certain that the writers on my favourite show are trolling. And we, as a fandom, have fallen for it big time.
  • For the last time, Xander in ''Once More, With Feeling,'' "skeezy cheeses" really is a description!
  • No matter how many times I watch The Dark Knight, it still doesn't let me see Mark Hamill's Joker in live action, with writing for an adult audience.
    • For the record, Mark Hamill's Joker and Heath Ledger's Joker are equally awesome and creepy. Hamill's Joker enhanced and confirmed my childhood fear of clowns and Ledger's Joker reawakened it.
    • This link at around 1:40 will take you to Mark Hamill saying "Why so serious" in his Joker voice, if its any consolation.
  • Private eyes suspect the most suspicious person. Romantic heroes have no idea that the First Girl Wins. Yet whenever a horror movie character shows Genre Blindness, everyone groans!
    • The detectives and the romantic heroes get smarter. The horror film victims don't. Except the Final Girl, and it still took her seeing everyone else taken out to grow a brain.
    • So basically, it's because genre blind horror characters are killed before they can learn from their mistakes. Without a chance to repent, they are condemned to be hated. Goodie.
    • Two things. First of all, horror Genre Blindness tends to come in sharp specific moments, like saying "I'll be right back," whereas the examples you gave are more spread out and subtle. Secondly, horror Genre Blindness has a tendency to fall into Too Dumb to Live. In Real Life, the most suspicious person probably did do it, and the first girl would be your mom, but if you're alone and weird shit starts happening, it's still not a good idea to brush it off the way they do in the movies.
    • Nobody expects horror movie characters to know they're in a movie. But we would like them to have the basic survival skills that could be expected of an average person in a dangerous situation.
  • Where do other people look when they don't find their socks? And what about their keys? Please, help me, I need to know.
    • For socks, just dig through the dirty laundry and find a pair that don't smell that bad. (All my socks are the same colour, if yours aren't... god help you.) If you can't find ANY socks, you may have a problem.
      • Goshdang... Can I put the old brown one and the old grey one? They've both lost their colours.
    • I don't even know when I've lost a sock, because all of mine are the same color. I get one or two dozen at a time, all the same. Hey, I wear long pants, so it's not like anyone even sees them....
      • The same colour, OK, but are they the same fabric? The same length?
      • Sock length is irrelevant. Obey the pants.
    • Ask Google.
    • Keys are always in the refrigerator. If there are small children in the house, then both keys, socks, and anything else you lose is either in the fridge, microwave, oven, closet, sink, or any other place where it's too late.
      • If there are small children and something is missing, we all know it's shoulder-deep in the toilet.
    • That's the reason I wear Mis Matched Socks...I can't even bother keeping them together. And as for keys? Last time I spent so long looking for my keys, they turned out to be on the towel rack in the bathroom, of all places.
  • How the HELL did Niki's body not get damaged in the explosion?!
  • Why are their celebrity fragrances? Who wants to smell like them? Who tests these smells? Are they're really people obsessive enough to want to smell like their favorite celeb?
    • Yes.
    • I don't actually care about the celebrities; I just like the fragrances. I just find it strange that all of the ccelebrities that no one likes have really nice fragrances. Paris Hilton, for instance, has a few perfumes that are really sweet. My perfume of choice at the moment is Mariah Carey's Crush-Curve, and I don't actually like Mariah Carey. For some people, like me, it's the smell that counts, not the celebrity behind it.
    • I feel the same way. I find Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker incredibly irritating, but their perfumes smell great. I just buy the impostor versions.
      • Two Words: Jade. Goody.
      • She has a perfume?! Who would wear that? I mean, pork smells good and all but...
  • How do ships in Shoot Em Ups move backwards?
    • To sell them. They're basically celebrity endorsements.
    • They don't, they just move forward slower than the screen is scrolling.
  • Why is it in cartoons whenever anyone's detesting the school lunch, NOBODY ever thinks to bring their own lunch?
    • Easy: lunchboxes and bags could be hiding WEAPONS, and are thus banned. ...Hey, it worked to ban backpacks at my junior high school.
      • So could your pockets. Or orifices.
      • My elementary school now confiscates box lunches that they deem unhealthy, like diet sodas... or dare I say it... Sugar Free Candy!!! I would like to point out that my elementary school admin was staffed with complete morons.
      • Hey it's a spoiler!
      • It's not like there's going to be a school shooting on Recess.
      • That's not the point.
      • It will happen and it will be Gretchen.
    • Agreement is not reached yet. Yes, i mean "Executive Meddling meets Product Placement".
  • Why can't teachers in films and TV shows plan lessons properly? Whenever a lesson is in progress the teacher is always interrupted mid-sentence by the bell.
    • Because lessons on TV tend to be like two minutes long. Cut the poor teacher some slack.
  • Why?
    • Because.
    • 42.
    • Why not?
    • I disagree with the second poster, though; the answer is clearly Forty-two.
  • Where is the exit button frothy?
  • Why not?
    • Burden of proof lies with you, buddy. You deal with it.
  • Why is there no fetish fuel section for Fan Art?
  • The Resistance games for PS3. America joins the war in Britain with not the slightest idea the Chimera exist. A few days later, Hale, the only person the Brits have seen to been resistant to the virus, is taken back by the Americans to join the Sentinels... a unit of men resistant to the Chimera. I am having a hard time deciding whether this will be explained more in Resistance 3, as R2 seems to hint, or is simply an Ass Pull, given how different Resistance 2 was, stylistically.
    • Also: the battleships, furies, and kraken. The Chimera had to tunnel under the English Channel to invade Britain. One would think they would have brought forth the battleships and sea-going critters rather than bothering with the tunnels.
    • Speaking of style, why does the US have things that 'shouldn't be in the 50's I know it's and Alternet history but really.
  • Why didn't Square name Final Fantasy II "the fantasy after the final one", "the new fantasy" or "afterfantasy"?
    • Or We Lied?
    • Because it wouldn't make as much money. Duh. ;)
    • False advertising. They sell hope, not games.
    • Because We Lied is too close to Elfen Lied.
  • I have this question for the respective makers of The Grudge and the new horror film My Bloody Valentine 3D: Why would you cast Sarah Michelle Gellar and/or Jensen Ackles in horror films? It makes the films really hard to watch because the audiences have to tell themselves that that's not Buffy Summers or Dean Winchester fighting the monster(s). The main problem is that the shows they regularly appear in are usually better products than those films.
    • This entry. Is that Welsh?
    • It looks like a Newtonian mechanics problem that's been put through a blender.
    • I'm guessing it got translated by blind idiots.
    • My god I know exactly where that's from. Gibberish Generator, linked from the Wikipedia article on Gibberish, sample Physics, with gibberish level set to 3, right?
    • Um... I don't see what's your problem. I understand it just fine.
    • I understood it just fine too so I don't see how it's gibberish. It's standard English to me. I have to agree also on the casting of actors that are so strongly associated with a t.v. show that is superior to the crap movie. It just doesn't work a lot of the time.
    • You're absolutely right. Anyone that has ever starred in a successful movie or television franchise should never be able to work in the entertainment industry ever again in order to grow their career, try new things, or just to make money doing what they love, so that they don't tarnish their standing with their fans. Actors must be pigeonholed forever.
  • Where do babies come from?
  • Why do teenage girls love Gossip Girl? High school is nothing like that, so that show should not be used as guidance.
    • You just answered your own question.
  • Markov Jump Processes. Fuck you Mr. Markov. You and your infinitesimal generator.
  • What is up with Princesses and PINK?! This is SO annoying!
    • Blame Aurora. I always liked the blue dress better.
    • Explains, in part, why the only Princess I really like is Belle. Blue and gold-what's not to like?
  • If Batman has two rules he will never break (never kill and never use a firearm), why doesn't he just cut off all of the Joker's limbs to make him harmless without breaking either rule?
    • Because A) Doing that would make him no better than the Joker (something he feels the need to prove since that's pretty much what the Joker is trying to do to him), B) taking him one step closer to breaking the first rule and C) Blood is just so damn hard to get out of his cape.
      • He did something similar once. And we all know how that turned out... Batman breaks The Joker's neck, thus paralyzing him. The Joker then finishes the job himself.
  • Since Firefly is now extremely popular, why don't FOX resurrect it? Or is there some kind of rule against that?
    • Because Joss Whedon doesn't want to resurrect it.
      • Because he knows that he'll be Screwed by the Network yet again. He's good at pattern regonition.
      • Because there's a difference between the internet liking something and having good enough TV ratings to justify a second season. Also, the movie tanked, hard, so maybe Extremely Popular isn't the right way to put it.
  • Where is our Zeerust Home, Our Flying Car, Our Human-like Robot, Food Pills, and our Frickin' Laser Beams??? We Want Our Jet Pack!!!!
    • People can't even drive in two dimensions. Want to try three? Human robots are being worked on. Food Pills are unnecessary and stupid. Frickin' Laser Beams are being worked on too. Jet Packs have too poor mileage.
    • We have the flying car, but it's classified as personal aircraft, so I hope you've been logging your pilot hours. You can get a Zeerust home right now, but it'll cost you.
    • Technology does improve, you just have to look a bit closer. Seriously, take a time machine back to 1999 and prepare to be shocked at the primitiveness. In fact, the more 'advanced' something is the less likely it is you will notice it. Or as Douglas Adams said: "Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet."
  • Why did Battlestar Galactica crash and burn so horrifically in its finale?
    • Because "It has all happened before. It will all happen again." In about twenty years they're going to make another BSG revival series to correct the problems with the last one. And its ending will also suck. So twenty years after that, etc. etc. etc.
  • Why must the future constantly be pictured with nearly everything in white, gray, or silver? Why can't the future be purple?
    • Cause Purple isn't Real. But Why can't the future be Brown?
      • Peak Oil, shrinking arable land and dwindling water supplies.
  • How the Hell is 1 + 1 = 3?
    • It isn't. 1 + 1 = 10 IN BINARY, I'M FINE!!!!
    • Rounding errors- "1" consists of a possible range of values between 0.5 and 1.5 (actually, an infinitesimal above 0.5, but meh). So 1+1=1 is just as valid as 1+1=3 and 1+1=2 (the average).
      • Because Big Brother said so.
  • I can't read the Darth Wiki without my eyes burning.
    • You can fix that: in the part of the URL where it says DarthWiki/ThisExists, replace the slash with a dot. It works for any of the other namespaces; I only found this out by accident.
    • And now it doesn't work anymore. Boo.
  • Total Drama: The bear's vote off. What kind of a stupid reason to vote someone off was that?note 
  • I found some MAJOR Butt Pulls that show up EVERYWHERE
  • How does Bleach keep from getting canceled despite doing the exact same things that made other manga get canceled?
    • Easy; Bleach is incredibly popular, has some fantastic art and has some likable characters. Besides, do you really want to see the Ichigo/Rukia fans duke it out with the Ichigo/Orihime fans forever?
      • Are you seriously implying they're not going to anyway? I mean, have you even seen the Digimon fandom (although Fan Dumb describes a larger majority...)? They're still bitching about ships from the first two seasons.
    • What "thing" that make "other manga" get canceled? It sells well, and baring something like the author falling ill or a suffering a Creator Breakdown poor sales are all that would get a series canceled before the author wants to end it.
  • Why do religious and political opinions different from my own exist? Can't you see that you are all fools? Fools I say, FOOLS!!!
  • Think of the following:
    1. The Hills showed up in The Simpsons, meaning that Simpsons and KotH are in the same universe.
    2. Homer was in Family Guy (During the intro of "PTV") for a bit, meaning that Simpsons and FG are in the same universe.
    3. Take the above, which means that KotH and FG are in the same universe.
    4. Brian is in the FG universe, and he is always right. Even about religion.
    5. Hank is from the KotH universe, and he is always right. Possibly even about religion.
    6. Brian is an atheist.
    7. Hank is a... not an atheistnote .
    8. Since both where in the same 'verse, and both are right, yet both contradict eachother, what happend if Hank and Brian met?
    • The link is via the Simpsons, which has a... relaxed attitude to continuity. So KotH and FG aren't necessarily in the same universe.
    • Hank would kick Brian's ass.
    • Obviously, Brian is God. Dog, God, let's call the whole thing off
    • Hank is a Methodist.
  • Why are girls almost always the Damsel in Distress in most books and not James Bondage, even though this is the 21st century?
    • Because Most Writers Are Male and even the female writers feel the need to make their characters weak and helpless?
  • On that note, why do people like the Blue Blood or the House of Night series, when the main characters are whiny sluts who doesn't know right from wrong and can't think logically to save their lives?
  • You know what irks me? Anime. Well, not so much anime specifically, since in the end, they are just cartoons and not really worth getting aggro about, but it's the fans of said cartoons that are what irk me. My girl runs a bookstore and it's just constant complaints about why she stocks this one and not that one, or this version and not that version, about whether it's in Japanese or not. The time and trouble this small niche market causes her is all out of proportion to it's actual worth. She had to call the cops on one guy because he harassed her staff to the point where he made one girl cry and wouldn't leave when she told him to. A thirty-year old man, and someone had to call the cops on him over a cartoon. Sad. She finally decided to quit stocking it.
    • You might as well just say "obsessive fans bug me." It happens with religion, television, books, politics, sports, and yes, anime. It's often a small subset of a larger group who act like asshats, rather than the entire group. ...But you probably already knew that.
  • You know what bugs me ? Those stupid nightmare fuel entries. Some are legitimate fears but others make me think this site is written by three year old girls
    • I agree and disagree. It may sound like this site is written by three year olds, but that is because Nightmare Fuel talks about things that scared you as a child. I agree though that some of the things weren't scary at all for me when I was a child and sound just like pure Wangst. Either that or I'm just de-sensitized to that stuff.
      • Different people have different fear factors. Just because some are wimpier than you doesn't mean their fears are invalid. Besides as the above commentor said: it's about age sometimes too. The pilot episodes for My Little Pony scared the crap out off me as a six year old. Now I kinda wish the whole series had been like that...
    • Doctor Who is the out-and-out worse example. I'm fairly sure if half the contributions made about it are true, the people who wrote them would have an epileptic fit if they cut their finger. Don't believe me?
    • I think High Octane Nightmare Fuel is the worse of two evils. Nightmare Fuel is what scares you and isn't supposed to, and HONF is something terrifying. It's a wonder people even leave their houses if they're that honestly scared of everything. It's difficult to not go through the Mass Effect HONF and not start serial editing.
      • The entire Nightmare Fuel entry isn't written by the same person or just a few people, therefore I doubt the people posting there are all a bunch of phobics scared of everything that breathes. Different people have different fears. I agree however that High Octane Nightmare Fuel could probably do with some preening. It's hard to see how some examples could compare to others but that could just be my opinion talking there. Something that's scary to someone else may seem dumb to another, is all.
      • They've been mushed together now — point moot.
  • Why must Morrissey lie and constantly contradict himself? He hates his former band mates WAIT they've always been pals! Celibate, oh, nevermind. Yes, actually... Make up your goddamn mind.
  • Why do they put regular TV commercials on movie reels? I go to the movies to watch trailers and then the movie; if I wanted to watch commercials, I WOULD'VE STAYED HOME!
    • Just do what I do, in the short quiet lull between commercials, loudly quip "Man, I love paying XX dollars to watch COMMERCIALS!!!" This has never failed to spark agreeing laughter.
  • How exactly do you kill two birds with one stone anyway?
    • You tie the birds together, of course. :)
      • More specifically, you buy two budgies from a pet shop, tie them both to a large stone, and casually drop them in a river. This is, however, considered by many experts to be taking the easy way out. A more complex method, but much more gratifying, is to hire a microlight and fit it with a laser-guided stone cannon. Flying into a flock of starlings, wait until you have two or more birds lined up in your targeting system, one behind the other, and fire.
    • Simple you had a rock to a wizard and let them take care of it.
Alternatively, get a very large stone, go to Trafalgar Square, and drop it on a bunch of pigeons.
  • Hit one bird with the stone so that it gets knocked into the other bird with lethal force.
    • OR... you throw a stone, kill a bird, pick same stone up afterwards, kill a bird. Simples!
  • The key is two small birds and one big stone.
  • Accelerate the stone to a large fraction of lightspeed. When it hits Bird A, its immense kinetic energy will convert to heat, vaporizing stone, birds, and much of the surrounding landscape.

  • What kind of name is Ed Begley Jr? Not only does it misspell "Bagel", that word is not an adjective, so how they fuck can it be an adverb?
    • What kind of a name is "Ed Begley Junior"? Why, an anagram for "I boned ugly jeer", of course!
  • Why are tropers so tropy? On many of the pages, you can see a lot of the same examples of bad cliches, like:
    • "I can't believe no one mentioned x yet..."
    • Using periods between words to Emphasize. Their. Point.
      • Relatedly, people using the "This is Sparta" trope and punctuating every damn word even when it's clear that it's not done like that.
    • Repeating the same thing twice with "just" in the middle, such as "Batman. Just Batman."
    • Using profanity instead of coming up with something witty (like the example above What the fuck happened to...).
    • Using several of these in combination is particularly annoying. Like this: Batman. Just Batman. Every. Fucking. Time.1
    • I can't believe no one mentioned adding "I can't believe no one mentioned" to the part about using several of these in combination.
  • Miracle Whip. Even if you don't find it disgusting like I do, its commercials just reek of aging corporate advertisers sitting around in an office trying desperately to appear "hip." It's sandwich spread, people! I have never had friends who were embarrassed to be seen with me because I like mayo!
  • Did Harry and Co. have to make up their seventh year because they didn't go to Hogwarts that year or did they let it slide considering they just killed Voldemort?
    • I always figured Hermoinie went back to Hogwarts to finish up her education. Harry just walked up to the auror's office and said, 'Hey, you know, I always wanted to be an auror...' and they were all 'TAKE COMMAND OF THE ENTIRE DIVISION PLEASE MR.POTTER'
  • Since the page it was originally on is gone, what the hell is with people using the term "tropette" when they're female? As pointed out, all it is is saying "I AM ON THE INTERNET AND I HAVE A VAGINA." The term "troper" is unisex and is so for a reason, because like the guy at the top of this page pointed out, it's not about you. The wiki and the users don't give a flying squirrel what gender you are. Also, "tropette" sounds like a miniature trope. So you sound stupid.
    • "Troperette" would have been better. Actually, no - "I" would have been better. Why, back in troper tales, did no one ever use "I"? All the third person was just pointless and silly.
  • Where RPG elements are concerned - would hot lasers hurt fire elementals?
  • I can't think of a ne example, but that would depend on what game it was. I imagine it's all down to programming (for example, Game Freak decided in the most recent pokemon games that electric types can't be paralyzed. I would imagine lasers would count more as "energy".
  • Why is Rainbow Dash so Celestiadamned popular? She's narcissistic and annoying. What the hell is the appeal?
    • It must be that she's 20% cooler than the other ponies.
    • What's the big deal with the My Little Pony fad in general? I don't get it. It's a show meant to teach 3 to 9 year-old girls the importance of friendship, sharing, and caring, it's not something that 20 to 40 year-old men should be jacking off to.
    • Why do people think everyone who likes My Little Pony jacks off to it? And why do they think that TV shows exist solely for wank material?
      • See the Rule 34/Paheal page. I won't link to it here because I can't be bothered to look at it for a second to copy the URL, but its about 57 jillion pages of one-hand-drawn porn.
    • Here's a video that might help.
    • Maybe those Rainbow Dash admirers are themselves narcissistic.
  • Why are most of the pages on T Vtropes having the medium type added to them? What I mean by this, is that nearly every single page now has to have "Film", "Western Animation", "Video Game", "Anime", etc. added to the beginning of its URL. What exactly is the point of this?
    • This is actually to differentiate two different works that have the same name but are of different mediums. Like Teen Titans, which has seperate Western Animation and Comic Book pages due to differences between the two.
  • What is the deal with fighting games and button combinations?
  • How come jerks and schoolyard bullies always get away with their shit? Wouldn't it be fair if victims can at least be allowed to fight back just once without getting in trouble?
    • And why doesn't The Nostalgia Critic want us to have simple, one-dimensional bully characters we can unabashedly hate for all they've done to us in the past?
      • He explained it in his video "top 10 worst cliches". He doesn't like them because you know they'll get punished by the end of the movie. He'd prefer bullies who have fun with their role.
  • Why is Gaston from Beauty and the Beast so friggin popular? He's narcissistic, annoying, and a blowhard.
  • If you are riding around on a drunk horse, could you get arrested for a DUI?
    • And conversely, could you get a DUI for being drunk on a horse that's completely sober, even if you didn't have any reins in hand?
  • How come Pokémon Trainers like Hilda, Rosa and Bianca aren't in crossover fan arts that often? IMHO, there is a lot of potential there!
  • If Artha's mount is called Invincible, why can I still see him?
  • It just...scratches my head, or something, that this long-since-renamed trope doesn't allow for an amusing way to start off an entry, in the same way that It Just Bugs Me allowed.
  • Why do Disney villain Fans love the disney bad guys cuz most other people hate them are they Satan's children?
  • Why doesn’t Mario just shoot Peach and save himself the trouble of rescuing her over and over and over?!


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