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A&M Records was an American record label, founded by trumpeter Herb Alpert and executive Jerry Moss in 1962, and named after their initials. Once Alpert (accompanied by his Tijuana Brass) had his first hit with "The Lonely Bull", he established himself as one of the best-selling Easy Listening artists of The '60s and beyond, allowing A&M to expand quickly.

Within a decade of its founding, A&M grew into one of the world's largest independent record labels. Its roster came to include Bryan Adams, Janet Jackson, The Police (and later Sting's solo work), and Soundgarden, among others. It was purchased by PolyGram in 1989, and after PolyGram was absorbed into Universal Music Group in 1999, A&M was shut down.

In 2007, the A&M name was briefly resurrected under the Interscope Geffen A&M Records umbrella, before then being combined with Octone Records to form A&M Octone Records. The label operated until 2013, when it was folded into Interscope Records.


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