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    Kirie Goshima 
Voiced by: Uki Satake (JP)
Played by: Eriko Hatsune (movie), Chika Anzai (animated dub)
An average upper middle-class eighteen-year-old who would rather focus on other things, things that are not spiral-shaped and murderous. However, with the Spiral hellbent on destroying her hometown, this doesn't go well.
  • Brutal Honesty: Shown best in chapter 4. Kirie isn't afraid to tell people exactly how stupid, childish, weird, or just downright insane they're being.
  • The Caretaker: To Shuichi, as of chapter 3.
  • Character Development: She becomes significantly more understanding of other people and their plights over the course of the manga, and also grows to accept the reality of the situation her town is in.
  • Fatal Flaw: Her willful ignorance. She pays for it dearly by losing her chance to escape
  • Final Girl: In the movie, though it's implied that she might not last that long.
  • Girlish Pigtails: In the movie.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: To Shuichi, who loses both of his parents and from then on, doesn't engage with other people. It gets worse; Shuichi eventually breaks down anyway, and Kirie is clearly very upset about this.
  • Misery Builds Character: Her better understanding of others is mainly because she has to watch all her closest friends die and witness some pretty gruesome stuff.
  • Naïve Everygirl: In the movie, taken Up to Eleven.
  • Nice Girl: One of her defining traits is her kind, helpful nature, regardless of what is going on around her.
  • Ordinary High-School Student: Though she had to have graduated between chapters 8 and 9, she was this until the Spiral started killing people close to her.
  • The Quiet One: Implied to be this at school, however not quite as much in other contexts. She is uninterested in popularity or beauty, and doesn't like being thrust into the spotlight by the spiral.
  • Selective Obliviousness: To the Spiral. This ends when she's personally targeted by it for the first time.
  • Socially Awkward Hero: You can chuck all the gruesomely deformed corpses and madmen you want to at Kirie and the worst you'll get out of her is maybe a short scream. But have her become the center of her schoolmates' attention, and she'll completely break down.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Played pretty straight. She isn't receptive to the idea of the spiral curse and ignores or silences Shuichi's ravings about it, yet she's also very kind and considerate.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Kirie doesn't try to leave the town until it's been made impossible. She doesn't actually die, though; she just gets frozen in time, while conscious, presumably for centuries or millennia.
  • Unfazed Everyman: Is calm and serious despite usually being surrounded by pure undiluted spirals.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Seems to know all the best ways to survive a teen drama, but unfortunately knows absolutely nothing about being in a psychological survival horror targeted at adults.

    Shuichi Saito 
Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki (JP)
Played by: Fhi Fan (movie), Wataru Hatano (animated dub)
Kirie's put-upon psychic boyfriend, who seems to know about the Spiral—at least, more than the other characters. He desperately wants to leave the town, but refuses to do so, because he would have to leave Kirie.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: He's far more of an intentional jackass in the movie.
  • Brutal Honesty: Will tell any given character about their fate at the hands of the Spiral, whether they want to hear it or not. Given the seemingly outlandish nature of his predictions, they probably don't.
  • The Cassandra: No one ever believes his predictions.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Definitely has his moments.
    Kirie: Will the storm continue to kill people until it finds me?
    Shuichi: Why don't you go out and ask it yourself?
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: HOO BOY.
  • Extreme Doormat: Never defends himself or tries to save himself. Never.
  • Forgets to Eat: He's so busy having horrific visions of the future forced into his head by the Spiral and worrying about Kirie that Kirie has to step in and bring him food.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Constantly calls people "contaminated," "cursed," or "infected" (by the Spiral). The problem is that he also does it to their faces.
  • Love Martyr: If Kirie listened to and believed him sooner, the two would have left the town and been spared the curse. All the same, he is willing to stay with her despite it meaning they'll both be doomed.
  • Nervous Wreck: Will freak out completely at the sight of spirals.
  • Perpetual Frowner: He never smiles once during the series. Justified, considering all of the traumatic events he experiences.
  • The Quiet One: After the traumas he goes through, he speaks very little, and mostly only to Kirie.
  • Sanity Slippage: He may be immune to being driven mad directly by the Spiral, but this doesn't keep him from slowly going insane from the sheer emotional/psychological torture of knowing about it.
  • Stopped Caring: About anything aside from Kirie, whom he devotes his entire existence to. Actually played seriously, in this example.
  • Too Hungry to Be Polite: In chapter 4, at the Goshimas' house. Quite possibly the only trope Played for Laughs with Shuichi.
  • Trauma Button: Spirals. Spirally, spirally spirals.
  • Troubled Fetal Position: Often shown like this during scenes set in his house.
  • Waif Prophet: Starved, sleep-deprived, severely traumatized, and able to predict the future.
  • Wardrobe Flaw of Characterization: Dresses exclusively in obviously expensive formal wear, however he's so skinny that his clothes practically dangle off his body, which effectively ruins the whole look.
  • You Are Worth Hell: Played straight with his refusal to leave the town without Kirie, even though it's implied that he knows what's going to happen to them both if they stay.

    Mitsuo Goshima 

Kirie's younger brother.

  • Amplified Animal Aptitude: When cornered on a cliffside while fleeing from the mad relief workers who want to eat him for being a snail, Kirie urges him to climb down the cliff and wait for her. He seems to understand.
  • Baleful Polymorph: He becomes a snail.
  • Children Are Innocent: He wants to join the gang of survivors, believing that they're able to survive because they're cool. When he and the main characters try to sneak past them while looking for food, Mitsuo gets mad at Kirie for somehow not understanding that the cool dudes are clearly cooking something good and might be willing to share if they just talk to them, so he ends up revealing themselves to the gang members.
  • Infant Immortality: Nearly averted a couple of times. At one point, he's endangered by the lighthouse, and he is also at risk as he starts to turn into a snail. In addition, the relief workers are willing to kill him for food, and his fate after separating from Kirie is unknown. Given that everyone in Kurouzu-cho is screwed no matter what, this probably goes the same for him.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: His fate after separating from Kirie, Shuichi, and Chie on the cliff is unknown. We can assume he was either eaten, possibly died of old age due to the unknown amount of years the trio spent trying to escape, somehow died to the Spiral, and/or is still alive and waiting for Kirie to come back.

    Mr. Saito 

Shuichi's father, whose growing obsession with spirals plunges his family's life into despair.

  • And I Must Scream:His spirit, along with dozens of other souls, is trapped in Mr. Goshima's clay urns when the latter uses mud from Dragonfly Pond to perfect his art. Kirie peers into the oven one night and sees their screaming,writhing faces among the flames, begging for help from the heat. Thankfully, they're presumably freed when she destroys her father's oven.
  • Collector of the Strange: He takes up collecting objects with spiral patterns and shapes. And "strange" is probably the nicest way you can describe him.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Grows insanely obsessed with the nightmarish pattern, to the point where he starts making spirals on his own body.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different:After his death, he manifests to his poor wife as a horrifying spiral spirit, trying to persuade her to join him in the spiral. Which she does after falling into insanity and death.
  • Parents as People: Taken to the worst possible extreme. Mr. Saito neglects his family in favor of his love of the Spiral, and it proves his undoing.
  • Rubber Man: Very much played for horror. As his sanity spirals out of control, Saito develops the ability to warp his body parts into spiral shapes. It ultimately leads to him contorting his whole body into a spiral shape inside a tub, which breaks his spine and kills him.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Saito dies in the first chapter, but his lingering spirit continues to haunt his family, and the tragedy of his falling to the spiral continues to drive and haunt Shuichi.


Kirie's cousin and classmate.

  • Body Horror: A mushroom-dazed doctor puts her baby back in her womb. It's not pretty.
  • Express Delivery: She and many other pregnant women get impregnated and give birth in a matter of days.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: As a result of the Spiral somehow impregnating her using male mosquitoes, she and many other afflicted women gain an insatiable thirst for blood to provide nutrients for their babies in their wombs, just as female mosquitoes suck blood so that they can have eggs. Instead of using a needle to poke holes through the skin (like mosquitoes with their probosces) or biting important arteries in the neck, they use hand drills in various places on the victim's body. At night, they seek out blood, but in the day, they act as if nothing is wrong. They give birth to their babies days after being impregnated, and let's not even get started on the babies...
  • Womb Horror: She and the other pregnant women give birth to babies who seem more like parasites — they want to go back into their mothers' wombs because it's warmer there.

    Kyoko Sekino 

A classmate of Kirie's who takes an immediate interest when the former develop strange spiral hair patterns with mysterious power. Of course, she soon develops similar gifts...

  • Always Someone Better: As she's obsessed with standing out,Sekino grows jealous of how much attention Kirie's cursed do gains her, and one-ups her by styling her own hair into similar spiral patterns.
  • Character Development: A small example. Sekino is at first an introverted girl whose curious with getting attention, but eventually devolves into a cackling, power-mad control freak when she gets a taste of the spiral's power.
  • Cursed With Awesome: Unlike Kirie, she's thrilled with her prehensile hypnotic hair and the power it gives her over others.It comes with a heavy price,though.
  • Deadly Upgrade:...Said price being her life, as the new hair eventually drains her energy completely, leaving Sekino a dessicated corpse.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Sekino really wants to stand out among her classmates. Given she's an (initally) average girl living in Kurouzo-Cho, it's a little understandable.
  • Lovecraftian Superpower: She actually makes some pretty good use of her cursed hair against a reluctant Kirie, at least until her powers take their toll.
  • Prehensile Hair: Thanks to the Spiral curse, Sekino develops living spiral locks that can entrap people and hypnotize them into a devoted trance.
  • Sanity Slippage: So very much. Sekino reaches near Supervilain levels of insanity in her mad drive for attention.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Whether it's due to the Spiral Curse or her own pathological needs taking over, Sekino is utterly over the deep end by the time she gives her last breath.


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