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  • Author's Saving Throw: For the anime adaptation. A previous Junji Ito-based anthology anime, the Junji Ito Collection, was criticized for poorly adapting his distinctively detailed art style and losing a lot of its scariness in the process. Possibly as a response to these criticisms, the Uzumaki adaptation seems to be a nearly straight one-to-one translation from the manga, including being Deliberately Monochrome.
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  • Awesome Music: Among the Sef, the haunting piece used in the teaser for the mini series.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Chie Maruyama. Some fans find her to be a poor replacement for Shuichi as he steadily falls Out of Focus.
  • Broken Base: Just check the fan lore wiki page for this fandom; it has three opposing sides, two of which frequently argue with each other.
  • Crazy Awesome: The orphans who create tornadoes by breathing or whipping their limbs, and the gangs who do the same thing, but also ride them like motorcycles and skateboards.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Reviewers of the manga have some very... interesting interpretations of some of the chapters. And whatever you do, don't mention Chie Maruyama.
  • Idiot Plot: We know, it's horror, but there's so much crazy shit happening that is obviously localized to the immediate area that you wonder why Shuichi is the only person that seems to consider moving away. It doesn't help that everyone is blissfully oblivious to the paranormal.
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  • Iron Woobie: Shuichi loses both his parents in gruesome ways, is ridiculed by the townspeople, stops eating and sleeping, is severely mentally ill, has only Kirie for support, is constantly forced to fight various supernatural Spirally things, and yet still keeps trying to help.
  • Memetic Mutation: Captioning screencaps from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "I Was A Teenage Gary" (where SpongeBob, and later, Squidward, slowly and horrifically turn into snails after accidentally receiving injections of snail plasma meant for Gary the Snail) as being from Uzumaki.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Prior to their transformation to a mass of hedgerows, the refugees kicked out Kirie's family out of their very own place to make space.
  • Narm:
    • The entirety of Chapter 6. It's a giant hair battle!
    • That's it, unless you've played Guilty Gear or Skullgirls before!
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    • The delinquents who create mini-tornadoes and ride them like skateboards. They're actually a constant threat from their introduction.
    • The film adaptation is all of this, although most times it can be Narm Charm: From very awkward and surreal editing tricks such as Shuichi's mother's freak out (complete with editing to make her face distort), the strange cut transitions between Kirie and Shuichi witnessing Jack-in-the-Box's death, to even a moment where one of Kirie's classmates puts out her cigarette, which causes it to emit a small explosion. No really, the film comes off more as a narmy fever dream than an actual adaptation of Uzumaki.
  • Nausea Fuel:
    • You'll be sick of looking at spirals after reading this.
    • The giant snails. They used to be people, and we get to see this beautiful transformation numerous times. Not only that but when things go From Bad to Worse, some of the human survivors start turning to eating the snails. At least they want it cooked at first (while comparing it to normal escargot, no less)... but then another group decides they want to try them raw (comparing it to how insects do the same to snails) and they try crawling inside a hiding human snail's shell to eat them.
  • Paranoia Fuel: You may not want to eat cinnamon buns for a long time!
    • Which highlights another bit of paranoia: After a few chapters of Uzumaki, you'll start noticing the spirals all around you, which is exactly how most of the characters start their "spiral obsession", which inevitably leads to madness, deformity, or death.
    • There is also a chance that if you used to be fond of snails, that fondness will stop. And if you, by accident, step on a snail or hurt it in any other way, prepare to slightly panic the following days if you see or feel an irregularity on your back (or just if you for some reason feel very slow or thirsty).
  • Ron the Death Eater: Shuichi is often depicted as a very standoffish and even abusive boyfriend towards Kirie, even in reviews of the manga, when in reality, he was just about the opposite. It also doesn't help that in the film, that's exactly what he is.
  • Signature Scene: The spiral scar, having taken over about a third of Azami's head as her left eye begins to bulge out.
  • Squick: The abundance of Body Horror can be really unsettling to look at.
    • You could probably buy a nice TV if you had a dollar for each time a human body contorts in ways that they shouldn't.
    • What seems to really take the cake for people besides the unnatural body twisting is the Snail chapter. A classmate of Kirie and Keiko clearly looks sick and his state worsens throughout the week until he finally shows up one day as a human-sized snail climbing on the school building. After the school throws him in a makeshift cage until they can resolve the issue, his bully also turns into a snail and gets put in the cage. And because snails are hermaphrodites, they start sexually reproducing. Their eggs are later found and destroyed, but one can only wonder what would have hatched from them.
  • Tear Jerker: The end of the movie. Kirie finally agrees to leave with Shuichi, only to find that her father is missing. As she and Shuichi search for him, Shuichi sees his legs twist together. He only has enough time to warn Kirie before he twists up completely and dies. Kirie is left sobbing and completely messed up, having lost the only two people she had left. And then Shuichi wakes up, apparently possessed by the spiral and now trying to harm her. In the manga, Shuichi's entire character arc.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: For some, the fact that the series spends most of its time in a chapter-by-chapter format with little or no continuity is a point of frustration.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Arguably, Kirie could be seen as this. She stayed until it was too late despite the overwhelming evidence that something was clearly very wrong. Shuichi's father twisted himself to death into a spiral, the smoke from the cremation spiraled unnaturally, Azami was consumed by a spiral, her father's twisted pottery, the two lovers who elongated and intertwined themselves to escape and the fact that she was chased by Mitsuru's corpse as it bounced around, to name a few major instances. Honestly, any one of those would have been enough to make any sane person get the hell out of there. Although to be fair to her, it might not have mattered whether they got out or not, and her caring nature keeps her trying to help, especially with her family.
  • Values Dissonance: In western culture, burying a body in the ground as opposed to cremation is very common. But in Uzumaki, it plays with the Japanese thought of walking on top of dead bodies directly beneath your feet in graveyards to be deeply unsettling.
  • What an Idiot!: Of course, this could be excused as the Spiral possibly subtly influencing the people of Kurouzu-cho, even the more saner ones, into making poor and illogical choices.
    • Jack-in-the-Box. "That's it! I saw something like this on TV! My love for you will STOP THIS CAR!"
    • In the Snail chapter, as one student's health seems to be worsening throughout the week to the point that he clearly has trouble performing everyday activities and clearly stops acting like a normal human being as well as looking like one too, nobody thinks to check him into a hospital and/or tell his parents. Only until he comes to school fully transformed into a giant snail do they call his parents, and by then, his parents don't recognize it as their son and dismiss the school's concerns and leave.
  • Win the Crowd: The news that Uzumaki is getting an anime adaptation was greeted with much enthusiasm, especially since it was revealed that it was not only helmed by Hiroshi Nakahama but scored by Colin Stetson.
  • The Woobie: Kirie, Shuichi, Kirie's family. Really, just about every named character who isn't a Jerkass. This is a Cosmic Horror Story, after all.


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